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How to find the right digital training in Derry?

Three simple things can make a BIG difference to the results of your training: the location of the training provider, the ability of the company to understand and customise training for your business AND the capability of the training agency to base the teaching on current, working, specialist expertise.

At ProfileTree we take a different approach to training because we teach our clients the know-how, tried and tested over the years in our own company, we use to drive our own results.

We know what works, we understand business in NI (and beyond) and we never stop learning about the very latest techniques.

Ask us how we can help grow your business online through excellence in tailored digital training.

We specialise in helping local companies, like yours, to achieve better results online through expert digital training made specifically for individual needs. 

This means, as well as our working know-how across web, digital marketing, social, content and much more (we’re also a digital agency so we can practise what we preach!), we’ve been experts in one key thing: building great client relationships. We believe this is the key to superb digital training. 

Most new customers will tell us that, in the past, they have bought digital training online and been disappointed with the results. 

Why? Take, for example, using an online course to train staff in using Facebook. Does the course take account of your business goals? Does the course cover the latest and crucial algorithm changes? Does the course include guidance appropriate to your audience? Is there any focus on converting traffic to sales/ enquiries or does the course promote ‘hard selling’ and mere reach?

Instead, working with a local digital training company means partnering with a company who’ll listen to the needs of your company…even help bring the needs of your company into focus. It means working with a business who use the skills being taught in day-to-day business and means working with a company who’ll be a phone call away for advice and support. 

It also means you’ll have the benefit of a company invested in seeing your business grow online. 

After all, doing business in Derry and NI means operating in a rapidly evolving environment. The best way to respond? By working with a digital training partner with knowledge of the same trading conditions. 

Ultimately, allowing sporadic advice, training and ideas to shape your online presence is like – say – picking up tips on LinkedIn for how to run a physical store. That advice will be out of context and have no connection to your brand, your customers or your business goals. 

That’s why the right digital training will take into account these factors, and many more, to help shape your digital world rather than make piecemeal, generic changes. 

We love helping businesses grow online in this way, and would love to show you – using proven techniques – how we can help your business too.


Unpicking the reasons for your digital training investment means linking your reasoning back to an outcome with real value for your business. Connect to your overall business aims and plans to move from ‘nice to do’ training to a learning investment connected to the heart of your company.

Ask ProfileTree how to form a better foundation for digital training in Derry through specialist strategy and delivery.


Training colleagues who don’t normally come into contact with, say, social media or content creation has two benefits: resilience you can call upon in an emergency and more input across the business into strategy. A greater understanding of online and digital activity across departments can mean a more digitally invested workforce.

We’ll adapt your digital training to the needs of individual groups of people AND take account of considerations like how often they’ll be using the tools taught and why.


A common mistake in digital training is to invest in learning ‘old’ technology without including help with emerging trends. Taking a look into the future now means thinking ahead to where your audience will be engaging with your brand in the future. ProfileTree can help draw up the right training balance between existing and emerging tech.

We do this by using our day-and-daily working knowledge to keep companies ahead of change.


No generic training course could fully respond to the specific needs of your brand, your audience and your business plans. That’s why train designed around your company is the best way to unlock the power of your online presence. That’s why ProfileTree specialises in helping local companies to grow through customised digital training.

We start by listening and understanding your business, then applying our expertise to help find the right approach for you.

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