Digital Training Newry

Choosing digital training in Newry is now much simpler thanks to ProfileTree’s specialist training.

We’re no ordinary training provider because we’re a local, commercially-minded company with one eye on the results you need online.

Also, we’ve grown our own digital marketing agency using the in-house expertise we use to help training customers.

PLUS our ‘Expect More’ promise means we set high standards for the no fuss service we provide and the knowledge we use to build your training.

Read on to find out how we can help your business to grow online…

One simple reason to invest in digital training?

Because it means taking control of your company’s online presence, instead of your business being controlled by your online world. You might find that you are limited by the things you can do online due to budget or expertise, that keeping on top of change is a challenge or that some things drive sales online for a time and then stop.

Doing business in Newry, like in every town and city in Northern Ireland, is competitive. Doing business online is no different, except the digital world moves at a frightening pace.So, how to switch from trying to keep on top of your business online to taking charge of your online world? Digital training can be the key.

That’s because….

Strategy counts: Investing time and money into, say, a new social platform or a type of content online to keep ahead of the competition simply means playing catch-up instead of turning the tables. Great digital strategy means the right activities at the right time.

Performance counts:  You’ll have discovered, through trial and error, that some digital activities produce results for your business. But do those results end in actual sales? And how long do they last? Specialist training can help drive better outcomes.

Every platform counts: Many businesses consider what a potential customer will see on, say, the business Facebook page or website. But real-world buyers move between parts of your online presence. Digital training can show you how to produce a customer journey built around the way YOUR actual buyers behave online.

Our Quality Methodology

The success of your digital training project begins with a team who understand your requirements fully. There are very clear, understood project standards and monitoring systems in place to ensure effective delivery, every time.

ProfileTree’s methodology allows for flexibility as requirements evolve through excellent communications and contingency plans for every eventually. We believe in an agile delivery method that ensures rapid delivery of all projects and ensure the client is fully engaged in all aspects of planning, editing and delivery of projects.

Our communications will keep you informed and adapt to feedback throughout the process.

What Makes ProfileTree Different?

We’re a different kind of digital training provider because we’re also a successful, experienced content and digital marketing agency. We share the tried and tested knowledge we have developed and proven in-house. ProfileTree are experts in growing online traffic – helping sites grow from launch to 10 million annual visits using content marketing.

ProfileTree is one of the leading video marketing companies in NI and has over 1.6 million views on its own Youtube channels in a 12 month period. including one million views on its own tourism channel promoting tourism experiences and events across Northern Ireland.

Our social campaigns to promote video content have gained fans locally and internationally. Instead of trying to keep ahead online, we’ll help you take control of your digital world with proven expertise.


While your competitors are thinking ‘social training’, ‘video training’ or ‘content training’, go further – to drive better results – by making sure your training covers the platform you need PLUS covers conversions, end-to-end customer journey and other aspects of the complete digital picture.

By thinking about your business, and your customers, in a much broader way you’ll be planning to succeed. ProfileTree will show you how.


Your business is unique, your needs are unique and your customers are unique.

Using a training package designed without your company in mind can be a lost opportunity due to advice in the course being out of sync with your business and your strategies.

ProfileTree start with a focus on your business and shape your digital training around your needs. One of the reasons why our clients can ‘Expect More’.


Like us, you’re busy growing your local business. That’s why your time is too important for anything less than a direct line to the person you need with the answers you need…and fast.

We’re a small business with a team of 11 specialists, so we’re small enough to maintain the superb standards of customer service you’d expect from your own company.

Our ethos: ‘Questions? Just ask!’


We love hearing from our returning clients who want to discuss how new technologies, the arrival of new staff or plans to target a new market could be shaped by digital training.

We believe in a trusting partnership where you can drop us a line at any time…after all, we’re passionate about helping local companies like yours to grow online.

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