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How we engage with the online world is changing. Web search engine platforms such as Google and Yahoo! hold considerable influence, with our buying and browsing decisions increasingly dictated by how businesses and brands are positioned on the world’s most popular search engines. Google searches are now the most popular way of discovering businesses and brands, and Google rankings are now recognised as a key indicator of a brand’s credibility. 

But how do small businesses and less prominent brands hope to compete in a market dominated by huge brands and established businesses? The answer lies in a practice known as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – a series of tactics and strategies which allow a business to position on the first page of Google. Fortunately for small and medium sized businesses, search engine optimisation allows businesses to increase sales and their overall market share using marketing efforts that are relatively affordable compared to other strategies. 

ProfileTree: Your Choice for SEO Services in Belfast

ProfileTree are a Belfast-based professional SEO agency, offering a comprehensive range of services designed to position your brand in the most important of places. We have built our own brand by combining local SEO and international SEO strategy as part of a wider content marketing plan, bringing our content to millions of viewers in Northern Ireland and beyond. Our approach to quality content and user experience has paid dividends, with our brand positioning alongside some of the most prominent SEO specialists in Belfast and beyond. 

At ProfileTree, we offer more than just SEO services. We are a full digital agency specialising in content marketing strategy, web design and video production, driving campaigns that generate real results for our clients. Whilst we have been praised for our role as an SEO agency in Belfast, our comprehensive range of marketing services have been recognised by some of the most prominent awarding bodies in the UK. Indeed, ProfileTree was recognised with the Best Content Marketing Award at the Irish Content Marketing Awards, adding to a collection of trophies that highlight our industry-leading expertise.

SEO Explained

Search Engine Optimisation is one of the most in-demand services in the field of digital marketing. But how do we describe SEO? According to Moz, SEO is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results. You may ask yourself, “What do I need to know about SEO?”. For the benefit of our readers, we have broken this description down into three points, which we hope can explain SEO in short:

  • Traffic Quantity: This is essentially the amount of people clicking through to your site through organic results on search engine result pages (SERPs). More traffic means more sales for your business.
  • Traffic Quality: Traffic Quality is all about bringing relevant web users to your business. By ensuring that your website responds to relevant search queries, you can enhance the quality (ie. relevance) of your visitors, significantly improving sales and lead generation.
  • Organic results: These are the results that really matter in the world’s leading search engines. Essentially, organic traffic is any result that isn’t a ‘paid’ ad.

Search Engine Optimisation efforts target all available search types, including web search terms; image search, video search, news search and more. The inner workings of SEO are highly complex, subject to constant change with updated algorithms, standards and technologies. Search engines use online bots known as ‘spiders’ to systematically ‘crawl’ the web, indexing every single page in the online world. By following this process, search engines including Google allow web users to browse more effectively.

Understanding this process often hinges on how well a business understands basic SEO features. 

Why Choose ProfileTree?

We know there are almost too many options for SEO services in Belfast. Some good news…

We also know how to help local companies with HIGH-PERFORMING SEO in Belfast because we built our own local business, over many years, on search engine optimisation and content marketing. AND we use the methods we’ll show you in our own business every day.

This means we don’t just help your business be seen, but can help make sure you are found online by the right target customers and that they can explore, engage and convert to help your business grow.

You’ll have seen social posts and ads, and more, offering an ‘SEO review’ for your business and – we hope – realised that SEO is essential to drive potential customers to your business. Why? Because quality traffic (ie, containing genuinely interested buyers) brought to your online ‘shop front’ is the lifeblood of keeping your sales team supplied with great leads.

But what happens next? Taking an SEO review then approaching the next step in the wrong could be a huge missed opportunity.

That’s because if SEO, connected carefully to your business strategies, isn’t being treated an ongoing process your business will be missing out on the competitive benefits of being seen, and staying seen, ahead of others in your market as changes happen.

Our SEO Belfast Recommendations?

Have an SEO Strategy

It is very important to create an SEO strategy. An SEO Strategy can be based on a business or website strategy as SEO will be trying to push the objectives of the website. This can lead to more website traffic and depending on the type of website, lead to more sales and customers.

Many sites with massive traffic don’t need an SEO strategy as much as they already have a large online presence, traffic and authority. For sites to be as big as their competitors, who have a large chunk of the traffic in a particular niche, they need to have an SEO strategy to do so, unless they get lucky.

Don’t believe the hype:

Companies offering fast results and easy traffic could be glossing over two things….1, That great, lasting search engine optimisation takes time and, 2, That quality traffic designed to fit into a customer journey built around conversions is the goal for actual ROI.

Make it a team effort:

Involve your team in understanding the keywords (we’ll work on the research for you) you’ll be targeting, talk to colleagues about targeting and content ideas, make your digital world a living, breathing part of your business.

If your team doesn’t understand SEO, a lot of opportunities could be missed for ranking in search engines. For example, in-house, our own web designers and developers know about SEO. This is due to different web builds not being ideal for SEO.

Keep in touch:

There’s a phrase in running training that “nothing keeps working”, this means the moment you achieve the right results is exactly the time to start planning to maintain that performance instead of waiting for the results curve to drop. We LOVE working ahead of time with clients for changes like voice search to help their company start to enjoy the benefits of inevitable change long before their competitors start to react.

Ultimately, SEO isn’t a product. A professional SEO firm in Belfast, or anywhere in NI, will show that SEO is an ongoing way of thinking about web set-up and content and customer journey, a best practice and a foundation for your digital word.

Most of all, ProfileTree built our own company on SEO and content marketing so we understand how to incorporate great SEO into the very roots of the online presence where your customer interacts with your brand.

The SEO Belfast Process

Working with an SEO agency will always work for your business. We will help your business understand the importance of Search Engine Optimisation. Once you understand SEO, the essentials for your business will be understood from our point, and an SEO strategy will be created. The SEO strategy will be designed around your goals.

Other essentials for SEO include the likes of website building, social media and content. Content is one of the essentials for SEO. Without content search engines and Google will not be able to rank a website. Social media is another aspect of content that can help your business be successful online.

SEO will create better online results for your business which also means better ROI for you.


A professional SEO firm will want to take time to genuinely understand your business, your online presence, your goals, your social channels, your content and more. Tip: companies, often from outside NI, offering a ‘one size fits all’ solution after a quick meeting are unlikely to achieve lasting outcomes.

We’re proud to do things differently. Let’s get on top of your SEO and Search Rankings. Let’s chat about smarter SEO.


‘More traffic’ isn’t enough! More traffic from where? Are they likely to convert? Where can they begin a journey to become a customer? Does your content start a relationship or show them the door? Expert planning helps create the brand ambassadors of the future. A simple ‘more traffic’ goal means wasted traffic and wasted sales.

We’ll with a broader view designed specifically for your business.


Understanding how customers, including customer segments, can engage with your brand online – and offline – is the secret to building a community of loyal buyers who draw in other people to your business. This clear, effective ‘big picture’ view means SEO can then drive the right traffic to the right location for the right results.

Our ProfileTree specialists take a step back to lay the RIGHT foundations for great SEO.


In short? Don’t quit while you’re ahead! It can be tempting to see SEO as a ‘fix and forget’ investment. But customer behaviour – such as using smart speakers to search – can change fast. Businesses who stay ahead of change can profit from digital change while competitors are catching up.

How can we help with this? We use these methods in our business every day. We call it Tried and Tested SEO.

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