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What You Should Ask In an Interview

Unlock your imagination

You might have been placed in the same situation million times and asked the same kinds of questions for a numerous amount of candidates, or you might have been placed in this situation for the first time covering up an emergency at the place you are working in; in both cases, you should try to ask some new questions and be imaginative in the way that you would bring out the information from the interviewee. Asking questions at an interview takes several steps or follows different types of questions that vary between the ordinary and the extraordinary.

Interview questions to ask candidates:

We have handled the questions that are mostly

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10 Reasons Why You Feel Tired All the Time


You are just making your way out of the bed after long eight hours of sleeping, but you are still feeling tired as if you only napped for one hour. Recently, we have all been that exact person, who kind of sleeps well but still goes to the office every morning with a huge cup of coffee trying to get out of that sleepy mood and be ready to welcome the pile of files coming his/her way. Actually, there are other reasons than sleeping that makes you feel tired all the time.

What can make you feel tired all the time?

We all feel exhausted and tired all the time which makes us appreciate the days that bring along some energy and consider them

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How to Write a Cover Letter

Cover letter

Until these days, some people are still confused between what exactly is a cover letter and how does it differ from the resume or CV. There is a fine line between both, although you should always understand that your cover letter should always backup your CV. Cover letters are usually the documents which the job applicants sends over with their resumes in order to give some additional information about their skills as well as explain the contents of their resume.

What is a cover letter?

The cover letter usually takes the bulk-format rather than following the rule of the subheadings and bullets, because they are written in a way as if t

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How to Write a Successful CV

CV Help

A lot of people – actually we are included – have been through that stage of life where they wanted to write down their CVs in a neat and successful way but just didn’t know exactly how does that look like. The CV (curriculum vitae) is the window through which the employer sees clearly who you are. The CV, which is also known as the resume, is the historical background about your education and your profession. That’s why you should always care about the way you are trying to deliver it to the people.

CV writing was never a hard task, we just fail to put our information down at the beginning because we are new to th

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What’s Better: Books Or E-Books?

Print books vs. E-Books

We know that the answer for this question will mainly depend on your age, because probably those people who are over their 40s already and have passed a long road in their reading journey, will always prefer the smell that comes along with the print books, while the millennial generation who are glued to their smart phones and iPads will always prefer the electrical books such as the Nook books. But just as we can’t judge the book by its cover, we can’t judge the tendencies of people according to their ages.

What are E-Books? The word E-Books literally stands for “electrical books” and although this might be referr

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