Project Manager Interview Questions: How to Get the Job

Project Manager Interview Questions How to Get the JobDoes having the proper background and experience qualify you for a job? Yes, but that doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed to get it. There is still the final test in the screening process, the Interview. There is more to job interviews than being well spoken and confident, it’s a skill that requires preparation. For most prestigious jobs, like say for a project manager position, the interviewer has an evaluation sheet. The evaluation sheet is used to measure certain qualities by asking specific questions from a list. They ask a question or two from every category then grade you in each quality according to your answers. Although there is no one answer the interviewer is looking for, there is a core idea they want to hear. The questions vary according to the job. Project manager interview questions are mostly directed to measuring leadership skills and crisis management skills. Knowing the questions beforehand gives you time to prepare and a huge advantage over the other applicants for the position.

Project Manager interview questions

What Is a Project Manager?

Before getting familiar with project manager interview questions it’s important to know what the job will require from you. A project manager is responsible for overlooking projects within a company. This includes managing everything within the project from planning, to execution. Companies in every field can hire project managers. It’s important to research the company first and make sure your experience and credentials match the task. It can vary from a construction project to software and IT to expansion marketing. Every project management job requires certain tasks but there are some things that are more or less always in common.

Project Manager interview questions


  • Planning the project from start to finish.
  • Recruiting the right people for the right jobs.
  • Budgeting the project and making plans as to where and when these funds will be spent.
  • Communication between everyone working on the project and those in higher positions.
  • Motivating the project team and making sure everyone knows their role and is satisfied by it.
  • Conflict resolution if there is an issue between team members.
  • Crisis management should any problem in the project arise, it should be dealt with internally.

This huge responsibility is why project managers are well paid by companies. In other words, a project manager can’t keep the team motivated unless he or she is properly motivated. It’s vital to know these roles clearly and to picture what each means because this is one of the most important project manager interview questions.


Project Manager Interview Questions

As mentioned earlier, the interviewer isn’t asking questions at random. Every question is only a tool to evaluate you on a personal and professional level. To be able to provide a satisfying answer you should be able to associate the question with the skill it measures and answer accordingly. The interviewer will have a grill of preset questions to ask from, every few under a skill category. Here are the most important qualities and some related questions.


Background and Experience

The interview process can be stressful and stress can throw off the applicant and give unreliable results. That’s why the first line of project manager interview questions right after ice breaking is usually personal. Project management is a crucial high responsibility job. For this reason, your background must be rich in the profession and you must have a minimum experience set by the employers.



  • What are your previous job experiences? This is a must ask a question, because it directly tells them if you have the proper experience, as well as if project management is your main focus or not.
  • Why did you choose this line of work? It’s important to know what forces drive you professionally. Is it money? Ambition? Is it lack of other options?
  • What supply chain training do you have? Questions about your project management training can be general but they can also be specific. Always prepare your relevant training credentials.

When answering undocumented personal questions, it’s okay to exaggerate a little. However, you should never lie when it comes to experience and previous jobs because this is checkable and may put you in a bad position.


Technical Skills

This is where the project manager interview questions turn specific. Project management is a broad profession and every company has specific skill requirements they’re looking for.


  • What qualifies you for this job? This question is asked in any career path. The interviewer is looking for certain skills and lets you list them in your own words.
  • What software have you used in previous project management jobs? This is a technical question that shows them how updated you are with the software.
  • How do you approach a new project? The most important thing this type of question establishes is whether or not you have a system or a checklist.
  • How do you prioritize resource spending? Every project has an initial plan or an outline, even before hiring a project manager. The interviewer needs to know if your vision goes along with theirs.

When answering all job-related questions it’s best to be as thorough as possible. Using examples from previous work shows them how organized and experienced you are. Having a pre-existing system indicates professionalism, but you have to make it clear that you’re flexible as well. Adaptability is a major aspect in the screening process, make sure to make that clear.


Social Skills

Communication is a major aspect of project management. It’s important for the interview to tell how well you play with others as well as your leadership potential.


  • How do you manage conflict between two team members? Conflict resolution skills are always part of the project manager interview questions.
  • What kind of leader are you? Or Are you a strict leader? Project management is leadership, it’s important to see if you are the leader they need.
  • What communication problems have you dealt with in the past? Nearly all interviews have specific questions about your jobs. You should prepare possible problems and how you solved them, even if you have to make some up.


Preparing for an Interview

There is no way to hack an interview, but preparation is as close as it gets. Your background and experience are only as good as what you learned from them. It’s always important to prepare scenarios of hardships from previous jobs and how you overcame them. There are certain key features the interviewer will be looking for. Project managers have to be leaders, they have to work well with others and be able to motivate their team. Most of all, Project managers need to be competent; that means answering technical questions with ease and familiarity. Brushing up on the latest software and new methodology is always advisable. There are many project management tools that make the job easier.

Preparing project manager interview questions aren’t everything because the position itself requires an interpersonal skill. This means that you have to be well spoken and witty in the interview itself. There are Interview Tips available that help with interviews in general and could come in handy.

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