Revenue Tube: Online Video Marketing Simplified

Chances are you’ve grown up watching an alarming amount of television, watching reruns of your favourite cartoons and the occasional movie. And in between everything you’ve seen, there was bound to be a commercial or two. An attractive and loud collection of visuals and sounds that drag you by the feet over to a vendor. Or maybe one of those corny direct response advertisements trying to sell you strange mops and stranger chemicals to wipe away last week’s “lasagna.” And you’ve probably bought into a lot of it within a short amount of time of being exposed to it. The power of audiovisual marketing has always been one of the strongest vertebrae in the backbone of any business for over half a century now. And thanks to the leaps and bounds the Internet has made over the past couple of decades, industrious marketers are starting to tap into the massive marketing power of online video marketing. And with a bit of research and dedication, so can you. So pull up a chair and learn you a thing or two.


Why Bother with Online Video Marketing?

You might be sceptical about online video marketing, and that’s OK. It’s a massive investment of your time and resources, especially if you’re an aspiring up-and-comer. But according to these nifty Internet video statistics from Hubspot, it is by no means a waste of any entrepreneur’s time. But here are a few points worth checking out if you need even more convincing:

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Seeing Is Believing

It’s no major surprise that people prefer to get everything from news to reviews to tutorials on how to cross-stitch in video form. We, humans, prefer to digest our info as easily as possible and with enough entertainment on the side to keep us engaged. And there’s no better way to capture people’s attention and spread your content than with well made and well thought out video content. How many times have you been convinced by any semblance of an idea, be it a product or a service, from merely watching a video about it? How many times have you shared it? And how many dozens of times do you think your friends, acquaintances and others have spread it around like wildfire? The kind of pull online video marketing possesses is something a wise entrepreneur should look into.


Here to Stay

Not too long ago, the top bulls in the industry used to scoff at the idea of online video marketing. People tend to take time to change, stick to their guns, keep a good thing “good.” It wasn’t until a few adventurous souls decided to pool their efforts into it and carved a niche for all to engage in. It’s no longer a hip new fad or an up-and-coming phenomenon. Video is and has always been, a well-established medium of captivating the masses and using their hunger for easily digestible info. And with the advent of the Internet and the nonstop fast paced advancement of tech, everyone has easy access to all sorts of video content right at their fingertips. Becoming more and more influential with each passing year.


Pocket Marketing

Back before smart phones were a staple of most everyone’s pocket contents, online video marketing already had a strong foothold on personal and portable computers, already gathering steam and massive revenue from people’s idle scrolling and site hopping, be it on social media or simple blogs. But now that people are walking around with tiny super computers in their palms, and with social media investing in apps and business giving their websites and blogs the mobile-friendly treatment, video marketing has never had a better time to thrive. Bearing in mind that well over 40% of video content is viewed on mobile devices, having people share your online video content around and around with just a few swipes and taps is a veritable goldmine of exposure that you’d be wise to pour your efforts into.


SEO on the Go

In the competitive world of online content creation and online video marketing, search engine optimization is your bread and butter. Besides proper keyword and tag selection along with attractive metadata, adding high-quality video content to your blog or website would show in Google’s search engine result pages or SERPS. This naturally appeals to people searching for relevant topics to your field and provides abundant click through rates and increasing conversions, owing to the innate engagement video content provides to the would-be lead.  Appeasing Google is, of course, a top priority for the smart online marketer, but it’s just as important to have a strong presence on Youtube. It’s second in line after Google when it comes to search engines, with Vimeo being somewhere up there in the race. A well fleshed out channel full of engaging, entertaining and educational video content relevant to your business would serve to dramatically boost your brand awareness, and in turn, your sales.


Word to The Wise

The impact of online video marketing has on businesses and consumers alike is undeniably strong. But one would be wise to understand the facets and conditions when it comes to video content in order to fully harness its potential. For starters, weighing the pros and cons of whether or not you should convey your message in video form over standard text and image format. Both have their strengths and weaknesses: Video content, when done properly, provokes immediate emotional response and engagement, offering the viewer a passive and enticing experience. Bearing in mind that if your video fails to captivate its audience within the first few seconds with an interesting enough approach, the audience will simply stop watching it and move on, some might even be put off entirely, meaning a loss of valuable potential leads. With text and image formats, this is less of a problem. People generally enjoy watching things as opposed to reading them. But with text, it’s always an option to skim through vast swathes of text to find the relevant snippets of info the reader is looking for. It’s a more active process, demanding a certain level of dedication and investment to reach a satisfying emotional payoff from the viewer if done well enough of course. Different strokes for different folks all in all, so when approaching online video marketing, decide on whether or not your idea, product, service or what have you should be conveyed through attractive video content or tried and true text format.


Sage Advice : Tips and Tricks on Video Marketing

Now that we’ve glossed over the pro’s, the con’s and the prelude, why don’t we dig into the virtual meat and potatoes on how to get you started with online video marketing? All it takes is an open mind and a hunger for success:


Don’t Push it

Before even attempting to draw up a script for your online video marketing campaign, take a moment to breathe and ask yourself whether or not the idea you’re trying to deliver is going to translate well into video form. Speaking of form, that’s what video content should focus on: form and function intertwine here. A video is an amalgamation of images, sounds and text working together to deliver your point. Complimenting each other organically, as opposed to cramming wrong pieces of a rewarding puzzle together just for the sake of maybe getting a stray lead or two. Avoid forcing your content into a mould it’s not compatible with. If it doesn’t all come together naturally in the creative process, then it wasn’t meant to be. Your audience should be enthralled by whatever it is you’re conveying through online video marketing, taking an active stance as opposed to a passive one.


Avoid Being a “Salesman”

Put yourself in the consumers’ shoes for a moment. You’ll be lying to yourself if you’re OK with somebody pelting you with their brand hard and fast. Potential clients don’t enjoy sales clutter, it’s contrived and more of a nuisance than a boon. You’d do well not to pester people and, instead, utilize emotional response through conveying your brand in a riveting fashion. Tell stories and relevant yet entertaining and captivating info, adding value to your brand and cultivating an air of trust and comfort for people to easily respond and wade into it with an easy head. Appeal to their requirements in an organic manner rather than forcing your message on them. It might seem like a risky approach given your newcomer nature, but don’t worry about potentially losing leads with this kind of process. It’ll pay off more often than not.


Reel Them In

According to this handy dandy collection of Internet video statistics, the first ten seconds of your video is the deciding factor on whether or not you’ll garner more leads. You want to entice the viewer enough for them to consider continuing to watch your video content. Avoid padding and dive right in with appealing approaches. Engage the audience with attractive techniques such as questions or teasers. People have access to plenty of other options, so you need to make sure that yours is going to tickle their fancy and stay long enough for the conversion process to take its course. Work towards inspiring them with your story, educating them about something they never thought interesting, or even making them chuckle. This approach works even more efficiently with mobile viewers, so you’d be wise to take this all into consideration.


Social Media and You

Your online video marketing content shouldn’t just rest comfortably on your blog or a dedicated website. Investing in social media is a pillar of any successful marketing strategy. And you’d be wise beyond your years to spread your video content on as many relevant and rewarding social media sites. Most notably would be Facebook, owing to its massive user base and viral nature when it comes to the content of any shape or form. How many times have you shared that neat video about that one mildly useful yet entertaining product? and how many times has it bounced between hundreds of thousands of people before you? It’s even more advantageous to spread your video content on Facebook due to the extremely user-friendly controls built into both the site and the apps. Ensuring that your online video marketing content spreads around, generating thousands of budding leads and satisfying established patrons.


Get on Top

Proper online marketing strategy and well thought out online video marketing not only boasts your brand awareness and exposure, but it also allows you to establish a foothold as a thought leader. Structuring your content around education pertaining to your product and your niche gives you leeway to flex your marketing muscle, garnering dedication and support from your burgeoning clientele. not only does it add to your market value, but also adds to theirs as well. Incorporate user testimonials and success stories to further your relationship with your viewers and generate lasting leads. Having people look up to you as a go-to rather than an option among many is a key component to your success in online video marketing.


That Simple, Huh?

While these few insights into online video marketing are as strong a foundation as any, It’d only do you good to do a fair bit more research into the matter and maybe take up a course or two in order to further your online marketing strategy and get your hands on that untold amount of profit just waiting for you. But know that this is an endeavour that takes time, dedication, and loads of patience in order to reach fruition. Don’t be discouraged though, Rome wasn’t built in a day. And your empire will surely grow.

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