Online Marketing Tips : A Few Things to Get You Up to Speed

Online Marketing Tips _ A Few Things to Get You Up to Snuff

It’s the 21st century, phone books are door stops, landlines are almost a relic of the past, and computers are the size of your palm and they’re all connected to almost every other piece of technology people have at their disposal via this thing they call “the Internet.” And here you are, an aspiring business owner still stuck in the past, relying on flyers and limited word of mouth to get your revenue going. But don’t be discouraged, with just a few of these simple online marketing tips, some time and a respectable amount of dedication, you can have your voice heard and your brand in everyone’s peripheral vision.

So ditch the print shop and the radio ads, open up your ears and clean out your eyes so you can fully grasp the online marketing tips you need to boost your Internet marketing strategy.


What’s the Point?

People generally do what they do, regardless of what it is, to fill a specific need. They identify a problem and work towards making it cease to exist in one form or another. Similarly, your online marketing strategy should consist of goals relevant to your endgame. But don’t go trying to get everything done in one go; take it easy and set your goals one by one. Your end goal is obviously to drive more business up your way and boost revenue, but that’s a multifaceted process. Start small; say you want to increase your social media presence: start a business Facebook page and start reaching out. Do you want your venue recognized? Invest in Google Places, Bing or Yelp and get your business on the map. Maybe you want to set yourself apart from the rest: put in the hours into making your web presence unique through blogging and setting up a website. These are all investments that require a bit of starting capital to lift off but a little bit at first can definitely go a long way.

So relax, take a deep breath and draw up your online marketing strategy one goal at a time, and you’ll be well on your way to success.


Blogging for the Blind

“But I have more important things to do than write a blog!” says the initiate entrepreneur, oblivious to the fact that a simple, high-quality blog can amplify your online presence, and in turn, your figures, far more effectively than most other online marketing tips. Whether you’d like to admit it or not, you’ve been writing blogs for a while now, you just haven’t realized that’s what they are.

Hopefully, you’re not wondering what a blog even is, but to put it simply: a blog is a website where an individual or a group can publish their content to a wide audience in a more lax manner, think less suit and tie and more shirt and jeans. With a well kept and properly fleshed out the blog, you can convey your services, connect with your clientele and control inbound traffic with periodically updated, high-quality content relevant to your industry, or utilize guest blogging and blogger outreach to garner some attention from peers and more influential figures. It’s a great platform for a business owner to get in touch with their customers, socialize and build lasting bridges, share humorous or insightful content, and ultimately humanize your brand and presence, and it goes without saying that you’ll establish a sort of leadership by commanding the thoughts of your fan base.

Blogging is only the first and more rewarding entries when it comes to online marketing tips, they pay off long-term but a castle is only built on a strong foundation.


Social Media 101

Think back on all the times you’ve scrolled endlessly up and down your Facebook or Instagram and stumbled upon a restaurant your friends went to or an entertaining knick knack or video posted from a YouTube personality. Think about all the times you’ve been taken to other spots on the Internet as a result of random, yet convenient ads or places you’ve actually decided to check out as a result of a few reviews from your friends and family.

Notice anything? A subtle pattern?

That’s the power that social media can have over you and many other consumers, a prime example of online marketing tips. So many well established and flourishing businesses and individuals have used all sorts of social media to more than double their incoming traffic and lead generations, and it’s not that much different from blogging. Setting up a presence on social media platforms, while extremely lucrative, can be a somewhat of a drag at first, so consider going slow. Study your demographic, the potential leads relevant to your trade, figure out where they go the most. Kinda sounds like hunting deer, doesn’t it? Once you factor in all the variables, establish your brand where it’ll thrive the most. You have many options at your disposal, but let’s get into some of the big leagues:



A more professional environment, free of cat videos and fidget spinners, LinkedIn aims to bring in anyone from aspiring fresh grad to big shot industry pioneer to connect, share insights, seek rewarding opportunities and spread their message and content to relevant peers in their respective industries. So it only makes sense that a fresh and motivated entrepreneur such as yourself to establish a foothold there and start networking.



One of the best online marketing tips anyone can give you is that a strong and well-maintained presence on Facebook can be the deciding factor between barely breaking even and raking in the big bucks. As much as it is a theme park of memes and amusing animal videos, it’s prime and fertile soul for any online marketing strategy, allowing you to reach out to unimaginable amounts of people with your content and valuable service. Starting a professional page and using Facebook’s targeted advertisement options allows an industrious business owner to garner thousands of potential leads.



Putting yourself in your consumers’ shoes is a theme you’ll no doubt have probably noticed reading this article. and it’s safe to assume that most people prefer to get their information or entertainment these days in video form; it’s much more easily digestible than reading an article and the audio-visual aspect stimulates the viewer in a way that traditional online marketing tips just can’t. Setting up a presence on YouTube is somewhat of an investment, what with the equipment involved and the commitment to producing quality content in video form, but it’s a surefire way of getting far more exposure and awareness for your brand.



A picture is worth a thousand words, and investing in Instagram is sure to net you thousands of potential leads. Instagram allows people to capture their moments and post them for all to see, but it’s not exclusively about mountaintop selfies and gym gains; it almost does your work for you. You see countless images of people with food and beverages, various products, random venues, each consecutive post boosting the traffic the establishments’ responsible receive. A clever marketer can take advantage of this.


Phone It In: Online Marketing Tips on the Go

Technology tends to get smaller the more it advances, and you’d be hard pressed to find people out there without tiny computers in their pockets. Smartphones are most people’s go-to when it comes to entertainment and convenience on the fly, and they are a massive opportunity to claim for the budding entrepreneur to optimize their Internet marketing strategy. Investing a sizeable amount of your time and capital into designing mobile friendly websites can give more people easier access to your content, and content pretty much sells itself if it makes the consumers’ lives easier, making sure to optimize your sites, blogs and general content for Android, iOS and Windows OS to ensure you’re well represented on any mobile platform. Take advantage of SMS marketing and exploit the fact that most people use text as their preferred means of communication. And it goes without saying that having an App for your services is a massive boon to your conversion rates and product exposure, allowing people to rest assured that they can reach your services whenever the need arises, allowing you to be a solution to their problems with a few taps and swipes. This is one of your most trusted online marketing tips.


Engage the Masses

Two of the more underrated online marketing tips you should be studying to fortify your Internet marketing strategy are press releases and webinars. They allow you to captivate people’s attention in a more engaging way than more traditional methods, and since you’re doing it online, it has the potential to reach and attract untold numbers of potential patrons. So let’s briefly dip into both.


Press Releases

Back before the Internet was a thing, press releases were the premiere option for industries and business to spread awareness when it comes to their brand, but that necessitated an arduous process of planning and green lights for both approval and publishing, not to mention you had to have some pretty decent ties with publishing agencies for proper circulation. Doing it all online allows you to forego a lot of the red tape and save you a bunch of pretty pennies, in addition to allowing your news to reach far more people thanks to the innate ease of access and viral nature of the Internet. That doesn’t mean that it works itself out though, you have to make sure that your news is worth people’s time. Try pitching your ideas to friends and family first to see the impact your ideas have on them and get a feel to how you’re going to approach this. Be smart about your keyword placements and do your best to avoid stuffing; nobody likes reading a clumped up mess of the same words. Put in some effort when it comes to media; people generally appreciate a picture of either you, your logo or anything relevant to your business. A video would be a massive plus since it delivers your message in a more entertaining fashion. And make sure you use professional writing techniques such as only writing in the third person and avoiding industry-specific terminology so you don’t confuse your burgeoning fan base. Consider looking into PRWeb as one of your options for your online press release needs.



One of the best ways to reel in potential followers and build a veritable boatload of trust with your audience is through utilizing webinars. Think of it as a presentation, one you’d usually give to colleagues at your workplace or university, except it’s online and allows you to reach out farther and boost your brand awareness. Of course, your ultimate goal would be to boost revenue by building strong bridges with potential and current clientele. So to make sure that actually happens, you have to keep a few things in mind. Dedicate a decent amount of time to figuring out your target audience, what you want out of them and how you can tap into them appropriately. Don’t be too much of a “salesman” and more of a fun teacher; you’re there to motivate and capture attention, not be a drone. Stories work wonders in these situations, be they about your personal experiences or testimonials about your wares. Include a fair amount of pictures to keep your audience interested, the bigger the better. Talk about interesting and up-to-date topics to keep your audience engaged and always dedicate at least 15 minutes for Q&A. And remember to record your webinar, the vast majority of people you’re going to attract with it are going to be watching it later if they’re not attending for whatever reason. Try looking into Fuze or Webinars On Air, two of many bits of software that will help you establish your webinar.


Am I An Industry Leader Now?

With enough dedication and understanding of the way the online marketing world works with just these few online marketing tips, you should be well on your way to becoming a virtual marketing mogul with a strong Internet marketing strategy. but these are just a few of the online marketing tips you’re going to need to build your empire. Do your homework, put in the hours and cultivate a massive amount of patience and fortitude and you’ll surely be standing head and shoulders above your peers.

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