Free Twitter Analytics

Free Twitter Analytics

Tweets, retweets, followers and more! This is a list of some of the most useful free Twitter analytics tools that help Twitter users to understand their Twitter reach and drill down to what works to get more attention on Twitter.

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1. Twitonomy

This tool comes in both a free version and paid premium version with enhanced features. It is easy to get started, simply sign in with your Twitter account.

Twitonomy allows a Twitter user to learn more about their tweets and which ones are retweeted.  It tracks replies, mentions, and gives information about the popularity of hashtags.

The browsing, search and filter functions help to learn more about the people who are someone’s Twitter followers and the people being followed in Twitter. A convenient export function allows one to capture and catalogue tweets, mentions, and retweets. The backup feature creates either an excel or pdf file for convenient offline use or for import into other analytical programs.

Twitonomy has an easy-to-use interface that helps monitor Twitter activity. This makes it super easy to monitor Tweets from favourite users, preferred lists, and keywords that are a priority.

These search analytics are available:

  • Popular Tweets
  • Most Retweeted
  • @users
  • URLs
  • Keywords
  • #hashtags

One very nice feature of this tool makes it easy to browse, filter, search, and sort lists. It allows batch adding or removing of people. Recommended actions come from a “Followers Report,” which includes a list of followers that are not followed back. The followers’ list is also available to download as an excel file.

A nice feature for this tool is the ability to track clicks on the links in Tweets and to have statistics on the growth of Twitter followers over time.

An interesting recent use of Twitonomy was by Burson-Marsteller. Twitonomy provided the data for the 4th edition of Twiplomacy, which is a study about how world-leaders use Twitter to connect with their supporters and others.


2. Tweetchup

Alex Kaul is one of the world’s coolest software developers. He almost single-handedly created one of the best Twitter analytics tools and gave it away free.  Why do software developers do this? It is very hard work to create a useful tool and it takes many hours of effort. Alex says on his website, that he “loves making cool things.” Well, Alex we are very grateful because Tweetchup is very cool.

Here are a few things a Twitter user can do with Tweetchup to get free Twitter analytics:

  • Get data on connections including mention and retweets.
  • Understand which users have the highest engagement.
  • View an interactive map of the geographical locations of the Twitter users that are making connections and mentions.
  • Get in-depth data on any Twitter user.
  • Search for a Twitter user’s activity based on a date range.
  • Drill down to what other Twitter users are mentioned, replied to, or Tweets that are retweeted the most.
  • Find out which hashtags and keywords are used most frequently.
  • Track the time of day and the days of the week with the most Twitter activity.
  • Capture the free Twitter analytics on any device from anywhere.

3. Twitter Analytics

Twitter itself offers a nice set of free analytical tools to help Twitter users get more out of the Twitter system. The reason why this tool is not on the top of the list of the free Twitter analytics tools is simply that this is a very thinly disguised ploy by Twitter to get more paid advertisers.

Google does this with Adwords, Twitter does this with “Twitter Cards.” Twitter cards track how many apps are installed, how many clicks happen, and how many tweets are retweeted.

In general, the third-party free Twitter analytics tools are vastly superior to the official Twitter tools and they are more focused on information and less focused on selling advertising.


4. Hootsuite

This tool is both free for the simple version and paid for the advanced version. The free version allows management of up to five Twitter accounts. For more than that number of Twitter accounts, a Twitter user needs to pay for using the Hootsuite tools. Nevertheless, even the free version of Hootsuite is awesome.

Here are some of the exceptional features of Hootsuite:

  • Marketing campaigns are easy to launch
  • Twitter posts can be scheduled in advance
  • Audience parameters are identifiable
  • Custom reports are available based on specific searches
  • Tracking of posts, mentions, tweets, retweets, and Twitter lists are available

One thing that makes Hootsuite stand way above the rest of the social media tools it that is can be used to track engagement across all social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+.

Hootsuite allows a user to create a separate listening stream for each of the social media networks based on user-selected parameters.


5. Followerwonk

Followerwonk is a tool for Twitter users to analyse Twitter activity and to see how to increase Twitter exposure. Followerwonk helps Twitter users to dig down deeper into the analytics of Twitter followers to learn where they are located and what are the most interesting things they like.

Followerwonk helps to analyze these things:

  • Search the bios of Twitter users to find those to connect with, who have similar likes and make connections easily.
  • Organize Twitter accounts to find the most influential Twitter postings.
  • Track followers by geophysical location, biographical information, and whom they follow.
  • Compare relationships between friends and competitors.
  • Follow and un-follow others with extreme accuracy.
  • Optimize efforts for the most impact.
  • Track the influencers and get their attention.
  • Take advantage of the visual social graphs to see the big picture of Twitter influence.
  • Share reports of Twitter activity with everyone else.

6. Buffer

Buffer controls the sharing and posting times for Tweets to achieve maximum impact. Schedule Tweets for posting well in advance and have the postings come out at the best times. Buffer automates postings to come out at a set period at intervals that make them most effective.

Buffer gives smart analytics, which includes the timing of the postings for the best results.


7. MentionMapp

This service allows a Twitter user to map the interactivity of other Twitter users and see where they are physically located in the world. With Mentionmapp, there is a map available of followers in any network. The Mentionmapp network shows the usage of hashtags and mentions by users based on the most recent engagement with a Twitter user. This helps discover new people that may be relevant and part of a niche of supporters.


8. Tweet reach

This tool shows a Twitter account holder how far tweets have traveled by being retweeted by other users. Just enter the URL of the last Tweet and see how many followers are out there.

Information available from Tweetreach includes:

  • A density graph of followers
  • Hashtag popularity
  • Number of impressions
  • The extent of retweets
  • Accounts that are engaged
  • Contributors and timelines of the contribution



These are some of the best free Twitter analytics tools out there, which give the most helpful information and make it easier for Twitter users to track the analytics to see what impact their Twitter postings are having on a global basis.

Using these tools help Twitter users to know their reach, how many followers they have, where they are physically located, and what is the overall impact of their tweets.

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