Building a Squarespace Ecommerce Website

To get started with Squarespace, you first need to have a Squarespace login. Once you create an account or sign in, it is time to make a start on building your Squarespace Ecommerce Website. You can easily login using a Facebook or Twitter account as well as  using your own Gmail.

Once you log in, you will be taken straight to the Squarespace dashboard. Here you can visit any previous Squarespace sites you’ve created and start creating a new site.

Starting Your Squarespace Ecommerce Website

Once you have logged into your builder and start to create a new site, Squarespace will show you a range of website templates that are ideal for a range of websites. Within the templates dashboard there are multiple categories, many of which are single industry or business field. These templates are created to target individual sites. Some of the categories include health and fitness and Photography templates. This doesn’t mean you need to use a photography template for a photography website.

Find the right template for you from this dashboard. A great feature is that you can preview the templates before starting your site build. This allows you to see the template and if it suits your brand or business. It also means that a new website won’t show up in your created websites that you need to delete as you don’t like that template.

As soon as you choose your template to use, it will open up. If you’re familiar with WIX in anyway, it works in a very similar way. When on your site, to change elements, simply just click and options will appear to the left. The first thing to edit should be the site title, by clicking on the edit title within the header. You can also add a site logo here.

Squarespace also offer a logo maker. Be sure to check this out for a quick and easy logo for your site. At ProfileTree we have also compared the Squarespace logo maker VS the WIX logo maker.

Designing on Squarespace

With Squarespace there is a lot of design flexibility. Within the design navigation there are options to change your template, change site styles as well as creating a 404 error page, a checkout page and a lock screen. Within the styles options, you can change most of the design, look and feel of the site including the colours, fonts, the navigation and header of the site. Here you can edit the width of the site and spacing between elements.

All elements within the 404 page, checkout page and a lock screen page can be edited similar to the rest of the site. The site logo can be added as well as text information. Different widgets can be easily added to the 4040 page, to make it as personal and friendly as possible. Most users will feel uncomfortable with a 404 error page, therefore by added a comfortable design to it, you can hopefully bring that use to the rest if your site.

Users can also add custom CSS to their site on Squarespace (Cascading Style-sheets). This gives users the ability to change the design of the site as well as creating movable functions. To add CSS to different blocks of the site, which are the different sections, we will need to use the Squarespace block identifier, which is an extension used on your browser. To get this head to the extension store of your browser and add it to your browser. You will then click on the extension while on your site and you will see the names of all the different blocks on your site. Click on the block you wish to edit and it will copy the name to your clipboard. With this name we want to add it to the CSS. The CSS is code to make an image in the block float up and down.

Try it out yourself;

animation-name: floating;
animation-duration: 5s;
animation-iteration-count: infinite;
animation-timing-function: ease-in-out;
margin-top: 5px;
@keyframes floating {
from { transform: translate(0, 0px); }
65% { transform: translate(0, 15px); }
to { transform: translate(0, 0px); }

Squarespace Upgraded Plans

When you first start to design your site on Squarespace, you have a 14 day free trail. This means the website is published for the world to see. After the fourteen days, you will need to upgrade your Squarespace site to a premium plan otherwise the site will be taken down from being published and be marked to be deleted. This is a massive negative of Squarespace, as it forces you to pay for a premium plan otherwise you site could possibly be deleted.

Overall there are two Squarespace Ecommerce website plans. These are the Basic and Advanced plan. The basic plan costs £20 a month when billed yearly, otherwise the plan will cost £24 a month when billed on a monthly basis. The advanced plan is a bit more expensive, which is expected. The cheapest plan costs £30 a month when billed yearly and £37 a month when billed on a month by month basis.

With each plan, you get access to many similar features including security, support, a free domain if you buy an annual plan and many selling features. With Ecommerce plans these selling features are essential to a website succeeding. There are no transaction fees, therefore all revenue generated by the website is yours, you can sell how many products you want or need, there is a commerce metric feature,a feature for customer accounts, a checkout and more. You can even sell products on Instagram with the Ecommerce plans. A must feature with these plans is the mobile optimised website and checkout. This feature is essential as over half of the searches online are made on a mobile/tablet device.

With the advanced plan, you will receive additional features. One of these additional features is subscriptions. This will allow you to start selling a subscription based service on your site. Examples of these would be Spotify and Netflix. Users will also be able to recover their cart on your site if they abandon it. You can also calculate advanced shipping options such as the costs for using couriers such as FedEx and UPS. You will also get full control over your store and its discounts due to an additional flexible discount feature. Lastly users of this advanced plan can sell digital gift cards than can be redeemed within the checkout area of the site and also a feature to handle all the orders of the site more efficiently called Order API.

If you would like to check our more of our Squarespace tutorials, check out our playlist on our Youtube channel. There are, of course, agencies out there who specialise in eCommerce web development. Check them out!

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Have you ever used Squarespace to design a website? Let us know in the comments below.

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