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Are You Looking for Social Media Marketing in Northern Ireland?

Before you invest in a social media marketing in Northern Ireland, it pays to take a step back and look at what this can potentially offer your business.

Improved branding through social media marketing: The impact of social media marketing on brand awareness shouldn’t be underestimated. One of the strongest advantages of social media marketing lies in how it can bring a brand from its infancy to nearly immediate prominence. One of the advantages of social media marketing over traditional marketing lies in how brands can share their messages instantaneously to thousands of users – something which is achievable with a relatively low budget and a dash of creativity. Carrying out social media marketing to increase brand awareness has become one of the most common promotional techniques in the world of business. Your business should aim to do the same.

Increased traffic and sales conversions: By increasing your brand awareness through social media marketing, you are simultaneously boosting web traffic to your page; meaning more recognition, more engagement and more sales for your business. Without following a social marketing media plan, your brand will struggle to engage with customers outside of its local circle. Sharing appropriate content on as many platforms as possible allows consumers to organically reach your business, opening your brand to a wider variety of individuals across the digital world.

Better search engine rankings: In today’s digital marketplace, search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo! reign supreme. Indeed, the most successful and reputable online brands can regularly be seen creating content for social media marketing. By optimising such content with high-performance keywords, you can revolutionise your traffic and generate wholly positive results for your brand. Content such as blogs, GIFs and photos can make your social presence more credible – so get online and get social.

Improved customer service: Your social media presence should act as more than a mere showcase for your brand or business. Rather, your social platforms should act as an extension of your customer service facilities. One of the strongest advantages of social media marketing for business lies in how brands use platforms to engage with consumers across the entire customer lifecycle. It is now expected that brands should communicate with their customers on social – so choose your tone of voice, choose your platforms and get your business online. Do this right and reap the benefits of the impact of social media marketing on brand loyalty.

Stay relevant, stay competitive: The world of social media often dictates what is ‘relevant’; from bars and restaurants to musicians and retail brands, social content plays a key role in influencing the decisions of online consumers. The battle for relevance primarily takes place on social – so use your digital marketing and social media strategy to keep tabs on your competitors. Watch their tactics, campaigns and styles of interaction and gauge their performance, gathering your own recommendations as to how you may adapt your own ways of using social media to increase advertising and improve marketing.

As can be seen, the advantages of social media marketing for business are broad and subject to continuous change. However, understanding the benefits of social media marketing for business and understanding how to do social media marketing are two very different things. Follow the rest of our guide to discover more about the world of social, including social media film marketing; how to run a successful social media marketing campaign, how to measure social media marketing performance and more.

How to Use Social Media Marketing to Grow Your Northern Ireland Business

The next stage of our guide will explain how to create a social media marketing strategy. When considering how to start a social media marketing campaign, it pays to take a step back, review the market and consider the following recommendations:

Define your social media marketing target audience: The very first step in your social media marketing plan outline should aim to refine who, and where you should be focusing your resources. Think about the people you are trying to reach, targeting their needs and interests with relevant and engaging content. Social media target marketing is highly effective – so maximise your marketing impact by refining and tailoring your efforts towards the needs of your audience. No two campaigns should be the same, and your campaign should make efforts to relate to the lives of potential buyers. Follow these steps and your brand can discover the truly powerful influence of social media marketing on customer engagement.

Choose from the best social media platforms for marketing: In 2019, the digital world is saturated with a huge choice of social media platforms, with the most popular amongst these being Facebook; Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn. However, this does not mean that they are appropriate for your business. Different social media marketing platforms offer different features, and your marketing strategy should refine which platform would maximise your brand’s message. For example, a recruitment agency may choose to allocate more of their resources to LinkedIn; whereas a youthful streetwear brand may choose to market on Instagram.

Create valuable content: Whilst business generally understand the importance of digital, few understand how to manage content creation for social media marketing. Content writing for social media marketing should aim to engage, inform and inspire whilst driving traffic to your brand’s website. Across a range of sectors, the digital market is saturated with competition, with many producing generic, boring or even duplicated content. With that in mind, your social media marketing content ideas should separate your brand from its rivals. Boost your impact by sharing content in a range of formats (think GIFs, memes, videos and infographics). Encourage users to share content, and use your platform’s unique features to highlight your brand or product in a way which truly appeals to your target audience.

Organise, plan and schedule: How best to utilize social media for marketing often depends on how organised and well resourced your strategy is or isn’t. One of the most efficient ways to share your content efficiently and effectively is to opt for a social media marketing manager tool – and there are lots of choices out there. Tools such as HubSpot, SproutSocial and Hootsuite can swiftly identify the best time of day for social media marketing, as well as offering useful features such as social media marketing measurement tools. These allow you to write captions, prepare images and content and schedule posts in advance, automatically sharing content and monitoring all post interactions. This is a really useful, and often cheap tool, again highlighting the cost effectiveness of social media marketing.

Measure your social media marketing performance metrics: When it comes to marketing your brand or product, knowing how to measure social media marketing success is essential.

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