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Are you searching for web design Lisburn? Here at ProfileTree, we have been delivering top-class websites for clients in Lisburn and beyond.

In today’s digital marketplace, how we decided to engage, interact and communicate with our favourite brands is changing. Customers now expect websites to serve as a full extension of your shop window and customer service offering. How can businesses in Lisburn meet this need? The answer lies in web design that is fully responsive, secure, stable and visually appealing. Fortunately for businesses across Lisburn, ProfileTree are a full-service digital agency specialising in web design that reacts to the needs and desires of your target audience.

We offer website design and development services that have been praised in Lisburn and beyond for their creative focus on visual flow and robust stability. We realise that every second of downtime results in lost business. For this reason, we are proud to say that each and every one of our web design projects are subject to the most thorough usability testing methods, informed by the latest findings in user experience (UX) research.

For our clients in Lisburn and across Northern Ireland, we follow a holistic approach that makes the very most out of on-site efforts such as infographics and multimedia embedding. Through each stage of your web design project, our team is available to identify the most appropriate channels for your brand, maximising your digital marketing efforts.

Let us build your site while you run your business – it’s what we do.

Why Choose ProfileTree?

For web design in Lisburn, we’re no ordinary agency. That’s because we design websites with performance for your business built into their DNA.

How? By making sure we understand your business goals to make sure your investment isn’t ‘just’ a website. Instead, we’ll want to understand your business needs and make sure your website is at the heart of your company.

We’re also a specialist content marketing and SEO agency, meaning we can help your new website to be seen by the right potential customers and help with driving the right traffic and the right conversions.

Read on to discover FREE tips covering how web design can help your business and how to go about making the right web design project for you happen.

When it comes to web design, there are two types of websites launched by local companies: ‘quick fix websites’ just giving temporary a temporary digital scaffold to the business, and big picture sites giving a creative solution designed to support the company’s entire online world with real results.

Let’s take a closer look….

The Digital Scaffold

This type of website might answer the statement ‘we need a website’ but doesn’t meet the company’s goals (for example, by driving enquiries), doesn’t meet the companies needs (such as, being simple to edit when changes are needed) and takes a patchy approach to being seen prominently by customers searching Google. The ‘cheap and cheerful’ website will also quickly fall by the wayside when technology and customers change. For example, when customers move towards voice searching or want to view the site on new types of devices. In short, a website doing the wrong things in the wrong way in a non-adaptable way simply drains your investment.

The Creative, Results-Driven Solution

We know that local companies in Lisburn don’t have the time and funds to waste on a website unless it is built around delivering on that investment. That’s why we start with the goal of the website and how that fits in with the goal of your business, then understand how the functions of your website can pull together your marketing and digital marketing efforts. This way, your online world is working FOR your business rather than simply being a cost for your business in a genuinely results-orientated way.


If you run a local business in Lisburn or further afield, your company will have a clear goal. Make your new site design work towards those goals too. Want more leads? Want a better understanding of your brand or service?

We love to understand our clients’ businesses and, most of all, where they need to be in the future. After all, your new site can be part of your business success. Ask us how!


Because your business strategy will already be closely linked with your marketing strategy (if it isn’t, ask us for help!), your new website can be the creative link holding your online world and company goals together. A great site is built around your big picture.

If you’ve been dealing with any digital company who didn’t take the time to see your company, and its online presence as a whole, it may be a sign to think again.


You wouldn’t do a top-to-bottom review of customer experience at your business by following piecemeal advice. For the same reason, making Google love your site (remember: better visibility means more quality traffic means more potential leads) should be a specialist area, built into the DNA of everything you do online, and following the latest SEO knowledge.

We’re local SEO specialists who can demonstrate how great SEO can work for you.


The one thing that’s certain in the online world? Your customers will change their behaviour…and soon. Browsing from new devices, searching in new ways and changing expectations from a website means keeping ahead of the trends also keeps you ahead of the competition.

We’ll explain how forward-looking web design can do much better.

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