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Been searching for the right approach to content marketing in Bangor? We know choosing the best path for your business can be daunting.

That’s because content marketing advice is everywhere, but tailored answers for your specific business are harder to find. After all, a generic approach to content won’t drive the results you need.

We’re proud to offer a complete service – from strategy to delivery – for our clients based on years of tested and proven techniques. We’ll even show you amazing results from past projects!

Find our more below PLUS some essential content marketing tips including a guide to using content as a sales process…

The good news about approaching content marketing as a sale process? You already know how. Simply think of the way you’d want your products or services to be sold in ‘real life’, such as during a face to face meeting with a customer or in a physical shop in Bangor or elsewhere.

You’d be upset if a sales colleague jumped straight to a hard sell? Well, content marketing works in the same way.

In common with the reason why a salesperson gives – for example – a test drive in a car for a reason, through an understanding of customer journey content marketing helps a potential customer through stages like ‘awareness’, ‘interest’ and ‘consideration’ when it comes to your business.

Let’s take a closer look….

Step 1:

A person searching for, say, a shoe shop in Bangor could discover your article explaining an essential new product, or latest fashion news or amazing fashion advice.

By providing useful content, the person can be drawn closer to your business – and away from competitors – through a website visit thanks to offering the right content in your Google search result against the keywords they used.

Step 2:

Your potential buyer’s interest in your business can be maintained using great content they’ll want to engage with. They’ll be more receptive to, without a hard sell, discovering your products. Not just this, but their positive association with your business and useful content creates fertile ground for…

Step 3:

Exposure to the right website, social, email content and more while retaining the potential buyer within the ‘loop’ gives time for the ‘consideration’ stage to occur and keeps your brand to hand when the person is ready to buy. There are further stages in the customer journey including, of course, ‘purchase’.

But some more good news about content marketing? It’s perfect for the ‘retention’ and ‘advocacy’ stages of customer journey as you can keep talking to your loyal customers and encouraging them to share their experience with others through great content.

So, content marketing can be a way to attract, engage, retain and win recommendations from your potential and existing customers.

What’s not to like!


Creating conversations, rather than pushing a ‘hard sell’, keeps potential buyers engaged with your business for longer and supports a more effective customer journey by keeping in touch until someone is ready to buy.

Think about how a great sales process in a physical shop works: why settle for less online? Ask us how we build customer journeys online.


Great content can be customised to a huge degree, including in the right way to draw niche customers into your business online.

Talk to the audience about the things they love, and they’ll love you for it!

ProfileTree specialises in strategy built around the right audience segments and finding the right methods to engage these potential buyers in your brand.


What’s a conversation without conversion? And that doesn’t mean a sale.

A product enquiry or an email subscription can open a dialogue leading towards an actual purchase when the person is ready.

This can be much easier to do ‘in person’ than online without the right tools and the right foundations. We’ll show you what works…and why.


Adapt to new technology and new platforms online PLUS new interests among your audience to leave the competition in your wake.

Not sure how? ProfileTree will design a content strategy build on the latest expertise.

Our strategies keep one eye on changes around the corner to help you profit from new developments, not just simply react as change happens.

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