Why ProfileTree for digital training in Omagh?

Well, for us digital training isn’t a ‘service’, it isn’t an off-the-shelf resource we take into businesses and it doesn’t use generic resources so limited they’d leave your team with more questions than answers.

Instead, it’s a partnership where we pass on the methods we used to build our own digital agency through the professional tutoring and teaching expertise of our Directors Ciaran and Michelle Connolly.

Our business had an office with two team members in 2018. Just months later we have well over a dozen specialists working from our offices, and video studio, in Belfast.

We’ll show you what worked AND how you can use digital training for business success.

Read on to find out how we can grow together…

As a digital training provider covering Northern Ireland, including Omagh and County Tyrone, one of our favourite things is to see a client grow with us as a local business, harnessing digital know-how to find and convert new customers and new markets.

That’s because we don’t see digital training as a ‘purchase’ as much as a partnership where we share the techniques we used ourselves to grow our own NI-based business.

What makes us different?

We listen: We want to hear about your business, your marketing, things that have gone well and your goals for the future. Our digital training is shaped around your answers. That’s because we don’t reach for a clipboard of pre-packaged courses, we listen – and listen well – to what’s needed and THEN start creating the right solution.

We use results to grow your results: Digital vanity will pay no bills and wastes your resources. Instead, we’ll tap into our own work with SEO, web, social, marketing, content and strategy to share genuine ROI and build your own results-driven training solution based on the quality metrics from existing work for clients and from our in-house brands.

We’re always a call away: Our training isn’t an online transaction and neither is our training relationship. Want to know in the future how technology chatbots or voice search or professional videos or an SEO review could produce ROI for your company? Just ask, we’re a local business like you and we’re only a phone call away.


Here’s an example: what’s the use in teaching your team to how to build reach on social media without training to create, manage and convert the traffic it can create? What’s the use of using video marketing without creating a customer journey to move your audience towards purchasing?

The elements of your online world can’t be seen in isolation and the behaviour of your audience online doesn’t happen in isolation. Quality digital training takes a broader view of your business, your potential buyers and the things you want to achieve in order to make the very best of your digital training investment.


A pro AND a con of the digital world? Digital know-how begins to date almost immediately as online technology and behaviour changes constantly. But this can be a good thing as designing in emerging technology when digital training is being drawn up can mean your business is poised to take advantage of everything your digital presence is capable of.

At ProfileTree we LOVE trying, testing and using the latest digital methods to achieve business growth. Let’s discuss how proven digital know-how can help unlock your digital success.


Yes, there’s a place for textbook knowledge and well-established textbook thinking (including in our training). But our tried and tested digital training is much more: it means sharing years of hands-on SEO, content, marketing, social and strategy know-how including the lessons from methods that worked in your sector and local area.

We’ll even show you LIVE results from previous work, examples of success delivered for businesses like yours and a clear strategy for how our tailored digital training can be build around the results you need.


You’ll have seen the same presentations circulating at business events, talking about things like social media basics, why you should be using video marketing or what digital channels you should be using.

A question to ask a training company: how many miles does their training have ‘on the clock’ and how many competitor businesses have been training using the same resources? Ask us first about customised digital training to find out how fresh, proven, current-day, forward-looking knowledge can reignite your business.