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Years of industry-leading expertise have taught us that the purchasing decisions of consumers are increasingly influenced by the stability and security of the site they are visiting. Our in-house team of web design and web development experts offer a comprehensive range of services which prioritise core features such as user experience (UX) and search engine optimisation (SEO). Our award-winning team drive increased online engagement and sales to your business. Why wait to bring your Omagh business to wider audiences?

Technology is in a constant state of evolution, and the ways in which consumers decide to engage with their favourite brands is constantly changing. For instance, whilst a majority of web users may have used PCs and home computers to access the web, the vast majority today choose to browse the online world using smart devices such as smartphones and tablets. This has led to transforming expectations, and consumers now expect to use a website that is secure, flowing and user-friendly. As we move into our second decade in business, our web design work has become celebrated for its special focus on functionality and visual appeal, for clients in Omagh and across Northern Ireland.

Any successful brand depends upon a responsive web design that caters to the needs of your customers. Our team of web designers and developers work in tandem to produce a true digital showcase for your brand, displaying your site to its true potential on the digital channels that truly matter. Throughout each step of our web design process, all projects are subject to stringent usability testing inspired by the latest trends in UX research.

Get in touch with our expert team and find out why our web design continues to be praised in Omagh and beyond.

Why Choose ProfileTree?

For web design in Omagh, we know you’ll want your website investment to perform for your business. We know you’ll want your site to work hand in hand with your business goals and we know your site needs to impress your potential – and existing – customers.

Find out how we deliver this, and more, PLUS free business web design tips…

Because we build lasting relationships with our clients, we love hearing their feedback and hearing how great web design has helped their business. After all, with clients across NI and beyond, we have some straight-taking SME customers who can’t afford to waste time – or money – on their website investment. These customers, in particular, have given us some great thoughts on what has worked well for them.

Here’s some that have really struck a chord…

Don’t Cut Corners

We know, whether you are in Omagh or wider County Tyrone or elsewhere in NI, you’ll be bombarded with opinions and people offering web services. That’s why we built our company on content and digital marketing FIRST, so we can show you what worked for us in a ‘bigger picture’ way before helping to understand your needs broader digital needs.

Beware Agencies Who Talk More Than They Listen!

Be it a web design studio, a graphic design company or digital agency, we’ve all been offered products ‘off the peg’ by companies who don’t listen and understand with the same energy they put into sales. That’s why we have two unique approaches to how we help our customers: we don’t waste time with meetings about meetings, BUT we also put great importance on listening and understanding your business, your marketing, your geographical area and your people. Why? Because doing so adds up to lasting results instead of superficial web design.

Build a relationship with an agency

Proud of your new custom website, the creative work behind it and your online presence? Great! The challenge now is the fact that customers are always changing how they search for and use your website! From evolving search algorithms to new kinds of devices to changing social media behaviour, keep in touch with your agency to keep ahead of capitalising on the latest developments. This means being ahead of the curve to seek sales conversions before your competitors have reacted – a real digital marketing sweet spot!


Too often, businesses invest in a website because ‘they need a website’ without digging deeper to the WHY. Not identifying how the site should perfect, to make it an asset for your company, is a costly mistake and will wipe out any hope of ROI.

We’ll help you find a better foundation for your website and help your new site work at the heart of your business and truly perform.


The goals in your businesses strategy should be supported by your marketing strategy and both should be helped by a results-driven website design. Otherwise each element is pulling in a different direction. Need help? Just ask!

We love helping clients to see their bigger picture and to draw the elements of their online world together. We’ll even show you proven results from past work and our own in-house brands.


Expecting many older customers to – say – use a webform instead of calling your business, or giving people on their mobiles pages of text, are two ways of making life more difficult for your potential buyers. A focus on the end user can help stop this from happening.

For help understanding your online customers, we can guide you through the tools needed for a deeper view of your potential buyers.


Delivering your new website ‘from the top’ instead of involving all your team is a sure way to keep the website remote from your daily work instead of an active, helpful part of the daily work of your company. Talking to ALL colleagues as early as possible can help with this.

Then, we’ll help take their ideas and requirements and shape these into the DNA of your new site. Ask us how!

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