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For digital marketing in Omagh, we’re proud to combine local know-how with world-class results.

We know your business will want a digital marketing approach designed to perform, and designed to help reach your specific business goals.

That’s why we’ve tested and proven our strategies, knowledge and techniques in-house FIRST to create the perfect package of high-performance digital marketing support for local companies.

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We love working with local businesses because we love helping businesses like to grow using great digital marketing. Just as we have grown our own company the same way. Our clients in County Tyrone, and across Northern Ireland, often tell us about digital marketing mistakes they have made in the past..and look to us for the right fixes.

How do we help? This tends to focus on some common areas…

Sales, not traffic

Local businesses often tell us that by finding their own way into digital marketing, by trial and error, they have a popular social post here and perhaps even the odd email with a spike in open rates. But that, in itself, doesn’t equate to sales. In fact, even when it does it will only work for so long and then dwindle away.

Our fix: we’ll help the business to have a plan for digital marketing, designed with real outcomes instead. So, no more ‘hit and hope’ efforts but a strategy designed to account for change, for individual audiences, for considering WHERE traffic and engagement goes – and why – rather than digital marketing efforts working in isolation.

No Journey? No Dice

Or wasted sales at the very least. Not considering where your potential buyer will go next, or how they can stay engaged without buying, is a lost opportunity. Few customers in a physical shop will respond well if immediately asked ‘do you want to buy, yes or no?’. And, of course, a ‘no’ response is a lost chance to have a relationship going forward with that person.

Our fix: We’ll help our customers connect their digital marketing efforts together to give customers a way to stay with your company until they are ready to buy. A sense of community, with useful and engaging content, also has the benefit of helping previous buyers to stick with – and even advocate for – your company.

Failing to Plan…

You know the saying about ‘planning to fail’. That’s why one-off digital marketing investments, a social advert here and a video there, will only drive results for so long. If a plan hasn’t been made for where the traffic will go, how they will convert, how the activity will adapt to change or how to make sure the right segment sees the right message? It will be, at least partly, a wasted investment.

Our fix: While some agencies may be trying to promote products, we’ll spend time listening to, and understanding, your company and audiences and the things you want to achieve. This broader view means digital marketing activity designed for lasting value.


‘Nothing in life worth having comes easy’ is VERY true for digital marketing. Because change happens, activity should be part of a bigger plan and set up to deliver real outcomes for the investment you’ve made.

Online results, without the right foundations, can be a missed opportunity. Let’s do better.


Your online world isn’t a ‘fix and forget’ item, as your audience and technology will shift very quickly and leave your efforts standing…while your competitors move ahead. A broad strategy will help take advantage of this.

We can help with digital marketing designed to take advantage of change, not just react to change.


Looking at your digital marketing in terms of – for example – social post reach is a ‘vanity metric’. That’s because you can’t pay the bills with ‘reach’. Instead, well-designed digital marketing with have real measures of value.

We’ll steer you through the jargon of digital marketing with a clear bath to results.


Lots of people will offer you advice, but few people understand your specific business. Meaning third-hand tips don’t take account of your company, your audience or your goals. Think strategy, and work to your plan, to avoid this.

Digital marketing should be tailored for you and not just a ‘product’. Ask us how we do this.