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Are you searching for ‘Social Media Marketing Bangor’? Look no further – we’ve been driving successful social media campaigns for Bangor businesses since 2011. 

Here at ProfileTree, we realise that the world around us is changing – fast. How we choose to browse the web has changed, along with how we choose to engage, interact and communicate with our brands of choice. Now more than ever, holding a strong and rewarding social media presence isn’t just important – it’s crucial. 

Consider this fact: less than 10 years ago, much of our purchasing decisions were influenced by the world of traditional advertising, encompassing radio, television and print advertising. However, the advent of modern technology, such as smartphones and tablets has transformed how we shop. Consumers now expect social media to double up as the virtual shopping window of your business. The onus is therefore on business owners to meet the needs of the digital shopper, creating and maintaining relationships that are both long lasting and credible. At ProfileTree, we can teach you how to achieve just that.

Your Choice for Social Media Marketing Bangor

We believe that establishing a social media presence only represents the beginning. Driving increased sales and engagement to your online business through strong social media marketing requires an ongoing effort, as well as skills, expertise and data-informed research. Our team of digital content experts and social media strategists can assist your business in not only identifying which channels appeal to your audience, but also in identifying content which informs, engages and inspires.

We believe in a multi-disciplined approach to social media marketing, establishing presences that act as a true digital showcase for your brand. As part of our actionable social strategies, we will undertake an extensive audit of your existing social media and content strategy, highlighting what works and what doesn’t.

For social media marketing in Bangor, choose ProfileTree. 

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