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We’re proud to be a marketing agency in Derry with a difference, offering a straight forward, results driven service using tried and tested digital, content and SEO techniques.

We love to help local companies grow, so read on to find about more about our services; plus FREE digital marketing tips for your business.

Because we’re a digital marketing agency, focusing on content marketing and business growth, we’re often asked to share advice for meeting business goals online. In fact, we love helping other local companies so much we invest a lot of our time publishing the free guides, covering a vast number of digital subjects, you’ll find in our blog section.

If we were asked for an overall, headline piece of digital marketing advice? Working with a great local agency and building a relationship, rather than seeking out digital ‘products’, is the way to superb online Return on Investment.

Why? Whether you are looking for web design in Derry, graphic design in Derry or broader marketing support anywhere in the North West, an agency with a large in-house team covering web, video, written content, social and more can make a powerful partner for your company.

Our tips for finding the right agency for you….

An agency who’ll listen to you:

Rather than try to present you with a list of digital products, the right agency will want to really understand your company to build your digital marketing investment around actual goals.

An agency who’ll learn with you:

The right agency constantly tests, trials and measures digital activity to discover what works for your audiences. PLUS they’ll want to respond quickly when there’s any change in response.

An agency who’ll grow with you:

Have you ever, in the past, invested in – say – a website to discover that more and more of your potential customers are viewing it on a device it isn’t optimised for. Instead, an agency with a sense of how your business is changing and how your audience will change in the future can save a huge amount of time and expense.


Digital marketing based on strategy, not piecemeal ‘vanity’ activity, means digital marketing built around your business goals and your marketing goals.

It means digital marketing built on a foundation of Return on Investment. The right agency for you will be the agency who’ll reflect this in their approach.

Ask us how our bigger picture view of your online world can help your business growth.


Instead of thinking about how you want to be seen online, think about how you want your customers – or segments of customers – too see your brand. AND what their customer journey to purchase looks like.

Keeping these things in view is a key to engaging, profitable digital marketing.

How? We’ll show you how this has worked for local businesses like yours…and how this local know-how can be turned into business results for you.


When you’re a hard-working local business, you don’t have time for call centres and email support tickets and generic assistance.

Instead, look for an agency who’ll match your culture by being on the end of the phone line with support designed around you and your business needs.

As a local business, we know you can’t afford to waste time and effort. Matching your business culture means a partnership for real results.


Don’t forget: your business will change and so will your audience. By planning for this, with the right agency, you profit from this happening.

The alternative is the expense of going back over previous efforts online to bring your digital world back up to speed. The right agency will avoid this.

In fact, ProfileTree specialises in making our clients’ online presence benefit from change rather than react to change. A simple factor that could move you ahead of your competition.