SEMRush Alternatives: What Else Is Out There?

SEMRush is an SEO software used for keyword research and looks for back-link opportunities. There are SEMRush alternatives serving the same purpose with different features. A company uses keyword research to enhance their digital footprint and to further understand their target audience.

SEMRush Alternatives


Why Should You Care about SEMRush Alternatives?

If you’re starting a new company and you want to gain exposure, then you’ll need to understand what your audience thinks of what you’re selling. Using keywords that are linked to your product or service will give you an insight on the feedback of your audience.

Keyword research also gains the exposure of the company and provides your business with a closer look at your competitors.

Whether you’re a start-up or a major corporation, the best way to improve a company’s digital reputation is by understanding SEO.

The search engine optimization will help any firm – from tracking the company’s rankings to accurate analyses. All kinds of businesses use SEMRush alternatives to utilize SEO and analyze of raw data.

This article will provide you with other sites that are SEMRush alternatives and it’ll even show you what they’re worth. You’ll be able to understand the benefits of free sites similar to SEMRush and learn how to use them for your company.

This article will give you all the information on these SEMRush alternatives, so you’ll know exactly what you’re getting yourself into.

A software that tracks Search Engine Optimization is what you need to kick-start your business. First, you’ll have to ask yourself, what is Search Engine Optimization?


What Is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and How Can That Help Your Business?

According to Neil Patel, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is “the process of optimizing your online content so that a search engine likes to show it as a top result for searches of a certain keyword”.

SEO is the tool a company needs for their digital footprint to reach the top of any search engine. Whenever someone searches for the keyword that is associated with a company, SEO guarantees efficient exploration on a product.

SEO is an internet marketing strategy that understands how search engines work. It also analyzes the algorithms that report search engine behavior, including the actual keywords typed into search engines. SEO also provides raw data of search engines and their target audiences.

In order to optimize a website, it involves the task of editing and adding content.

SEO also offers website optimization by removing barriers that are relevant to the specific keywords provided. Another tactic or strategy for Search Engine Optimization is the promotion of a site through the increase of the number of inbound links, or back-links.

Companies have been relying on Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, to give a business its advantage against its competitors. However, SEO isn’t an appropriate strategy for every website; other marketing strategies are more efficient like pay-per-click advertisements (PPC).

Search engine marketing, also known as SEM, is the practice of designing and optimizing search engine advertising campaigns. SEO and SEM are two different aspects; the difference is that SEM is paid priority ranking and SEO is unpaid priority ranking in search results.

semrush alternatives


What Is SEMRush?

SEMRush is a software service company that provides marketing analytics and is used as a SEO tool. The software offers its clients essential information of website traffic information, analyses of keywords, and topic research. It also offers site audits, lead generations and other services of SEO-related data.

The tool is a content marketing one that most companies use. It’s considered as a trusted service by internet marketers worldwide. Many major corporations include Paypal, Forbes, eBay and Quora.

SEMRush is known for its monumental database with over 120 million keywords; it uses the keywords to track the original position of a website on Google searches and competitor analyses.

This software also offers cost-per-click advertisements, AdWords ads and their positions.

It’s used by digital marketers to create and distribute quality content. The content is an effective and efficient way to attract potential customers and clients. Websites such as SEMRush and SEMRush alternatives allow marketers to hold on to customers, grab leads and sell products successfully.

SEMRush helps with content marketing and improves the job of a digital marketer. As a digital marketer, your job will be much easier and achieve better results. There are so many benefits and drawbacks concerning SEMRush and its merits.

Before you decide to use SEMRush or alternatives as tools for your company, experts suggest you allocate a specific budget for it.


Benefits and Drawbacks of SEMRush and SEMRush Alternatives

There are many benefits of SEMRush alternatives, or SEMRush itseld; it all depends on your outlook of this software. There are three main benefits concerning SEMRush and SEMRush alternatives.

The first advantage is that you’d be able to utilize the SEM research tools and analytical reports; it will help rank your website higher on search engine results pages, or SERPs.

The value of the software is based on its competitive business intelligence and its use of data. SEMRush and its alternatives access the best long-tail keywords for your website and business, especially in Pay-Per-Click.

SEMRush avoids any assumptions and guesswork because it offers you clear and concise analytical reports. It also provides the opportunity to view top performing ads within your industry or business; you’ll have a comparative advantage against your competitors.

Finally, SEMRush and SEMRush alternatives will suggest long-tail keywords with lower volume and thus increase your ROI.

As for the disadvantages of SEMRush and SEMRush alternatives, there are two vital aspects. SEMRush and its alternatives have a big database on keywords; this makes it harder to specify the keywords you need. SEMRush doesn’t permit saving a search or revision of the data at a later time.

The second aspect is the SEMRush and SEMRush alternatives are pretty direct and user-friendly. However they are not user-friendly to business owners. This means that only SEO professionals can deal with
SEMRush and SEMRush alternatives.


SEMRush Alternatives: What are they and how can you find them?

SEMRush Alternatives


There are free tools like SEMRush that you can choose from; there is no monopoly in Search Engine Marketing. There is a large variety of software solutions that are utilized for search engine marketing.

SEMRush and SEMRush alternatives have the same purpose, to help you gain insight on your competitors and reach your audience. It is essential for your website to rank high on a Google search; a high rank of your website will lead to more views and more exposure as a quality product or service.

These SEMRush alternatives have the same benefits as SEMRush, yet there are unique features to them. There are different software solutions that will give you the same results as SEMRush. Here’s a list of SEMRush alternatives that will help your business skyrocket. These SEMRush alternatives include well-known brands like: Moz, BuzzSumo, UpCity and Word Tracker.

SEMRush alternatives include features like full technology integration, historical data of a keyword per region and a daily accurate tracker. However, despite the distinctive features in each website, all the SEMRush alternatives are not user-friendly to business owners.

In order to optimize the use of these free tools, one suggests having an SEO professional beforehand.

SEMRush alternatives are tools that are used to help make your digital footprint more obvious and helpful to you. As a company, SEO tools are the main tool of enhancing your virtual reputation.
These SEMRush alternatives will help you get there.


Moz is a software solution that provides basic tools to improve SEO campaigns. It offers a keyword generator, research tools and link analyses; these instruments give information on link quality and inbound links. Moz also presents tips to improve SEO strategies.

This software presents with knowledge and resources needed to make the most efficient use of SEO tools. Start-up companies can use this solution to get more traffic to their website. Also, the price packages are affordable and pretty flexible for any business.

Its key aspects are: rank tracking, open-site explorer, on page recommendations and weekly crawls.
Moz will help you keep a close track of your competitors; it will also track any important metrics and continually observe your progress. This SEM alternative provides detailed analytic reports about the top ranking website pages of your website.

However, Moz doesn’t show the competitor’s ranking, unfortunately. This SEMRush alternative doesn’t provide detailed reports on advertisement campaigns accurate, in-depth data.

Moz helps both small and large companies with their extensive database and their continual monitoring of progress. You will know exactly how your website is improving and what your target audience is expecting.

It will also track your competitors and offer you analytic reports on your website page.


Exponea is a cloud-based advertising platform that combines engagement automation and analytics to emphasize the consumer’s experience. With this app, you could make accurate predictions and carry out superior purchaser analyses. You don’t want to take the help of your IT team to execute great campaigns.

Exponea has pinnacle capabilities that include: custom funnels, CRM, computerized income funnel operations, revenue analyses, and web layers.

The excellent element is Exponea’s neat interface is simple to grasp and enables marketers supply accurate outcomes in a short time. Further, they could increase their campaigns with synthetic intelligence and make clever use of high-intensity client data.

Plus, you can customise hints and target prospects on a couple of structures. In the end, you could effortlessly understand your customers and cater to their choices in real time.

Exponea gives plug-and-play accessibility; it helps full generation integration from the ground up. With this SEMRush alternative, you may seamlessly combine statistics collection, analytics, and execution.

However, the pricing plans are not as flexible and cheap as other SEMRush alternatives. Another disadvantage is that Exponea doesn’t evaluate keywords and domains of competitors.


Serpstat is a full-featured search engine optimization solution. You can use it to enhance your SEO overall performance in areas consisting of pay-per-click ads, content advertising, search analytics, and marketing.

The app tells you who are ranking high on seek engine result pages (SERP) and offers you the tools you want to get in advance of your competition. It provides business intelligence and up-to-date data at the promotion spending techniques of your competitors and tells you the way they completed their SERP scores.

Plus, you may find out the keywords competitors use for their campaigns. With this information, you may devise and enforce effective search engine optimization strategies to conquer the competition and increase your enterprise.

Top functions encompass: reports and info graphics, on-page audit, market intelligence, rank monitoring, and advertising analysis.

It offers all the details of the top 100 search effects for a specific keyword. This SEMRush alternative also gives the old statistics of a key-word according to place or town. With Serpstat, you get a detailed back link analysis report that does not exclude referring pages and domains.

However, Serpstat doesn’t offer customizable reports that reveal historic overall performance and traits. It also doesn’t have a lot of databases to work with and isn’t accessible in certain regions.

Agency Analytics

With the gear to monitor and report on all your clients’ marketing campaigns in a single location, Agency Analytics takes digital advertising campaigns to the subsequent level.

Its dashboards empower corporations and customers, supplying a one login technique to apprehend campaign performance across SEO, AdWords, social media platforms and more.

Agency Analytics helps you to connect to all principal advertising and marketing channels and combine with more than 30 structures to construct a whole marketing dashboard, which includes Facebook, Google, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Bing commercials, Google AdWords and more.

Agency Analytics provides a correct rank tracker that’s up to date with daily progress.
With this SEMRush alternative, you could monitor Google My Business with listings on Google Maps; it also gives help for Bing and Google with their localized variations.

However, Agency Analytics doesn’t provide domain keyword rating; you will also not be able to view your competitors’ natural positions. This SEMRush alternative will not give you an assessment your competitors’ commercials texts.

Raven Tools

Raven Tools is designed to manage social media platforms, online marketing campaigns, and SEO work. You may use this precise tool to collaborate with team members, generate sophisticated campaign reviews, create and manage advert campaigns.

m Raven Tools can also help you manage and reveal social networks, manage hyperlink building, tune search engine tendencies, and conduct studies and evaluation.

This software solution integrates facts from distinctive resources to allow you to make powerful campaign decisions. It dissects information from SEMRush, Majestic Search Engine Optimization, and SEOMoz for distinct social, key-word, hyperlink, and competitor intelligence.

Fundamental functions consist of: marketing methods, search engine optimization equipment, social media strategies, and customer care.

This SEMRush alternative has real-time Social Stream tool that permits you to monitor and participate in a couple of social conversations straight away. You could also generate precise advertising reports. Its web site Auditor tool can go through your website to get information on technical search engine optimization areas.

However, with Raven Tools, you cannot compare various search engine optimization metrics. You won’t be able to discover good lengthy-tail key phrases or compare numerous websites together.


BrightEdge gives efficient and effective content marketing equipment to empower groups to win their content material battles inside the digital world. You may use this gear to investigate your SEO efforts and enhance your content material performance.

With BrightEdge, you can optimize your content material for increased ROI. It offers state-of-the-art reporting and analysis features that will help you measure content material performance. BrightEdge devises effective campaigns to reinforce your attain, as well.

As a result, you could make certain your content material is broadly discovered and enables to generate great sales.

Foremost functions include: tasks and workflow control, website online audit, share of Voice Report, keyword and pay-per-click discovery, and search engine optimization suggestions.

BrightEdge can identify which channels are perfect for content shipping; it also makes your content search engine pleasant and smooth to discover on the Internet. This SEMRush alternative creates professional landing pages which might be superior than the ones of your competitors.

Unfortunately, BrightEdge doesn’t reveal how your key phrases stacks up towards your competitors on search engine outcomes pages.

It also doesn’t provide tools that analyze web pages; nor does it notify you about issues which include duplicate content, broken hyperlinks, and so forth.


UpCity helps you to save money spent on paid internet advertisements as you need to only pay its subscription charge to boost your SEO campaigns and efforts. Start with just five key phrases and discover the links you are getting, their development, and their position compared to the opposition.

Setup is simple and also you simply need to offer information about your business, industry, web site, and competition. You will then need to upload your desired key phrases for tracking.

Start with six commercial enterprise categories and UpCity will give you the key phrases to track. Then, you can view the quantity of month-to-month searches for the key phrases; your web page’s ranking position. You will also be able to track the effect on your competition, and each keyword’s overall rating that is used to decide your website’s rank.

Top capabilities cover: sales strategies, white labeling, hyperlink analysis, SEO record card, and consumer reporting.

The main advantages of this SEMRush alternative are that it lets you install your website correctly and entice the attention of leading social networks; you can also create custom social media posts and time table them. Finally, it assists you with social media audit and setup.

The downside to UpCity is that it doesn’t provide competitive intelligence on your virtual marketing campaigns.

It also doesn’t utilize digital marketing campaigns for search engine optimization and pay per click strategies, and location audits.


Optimizely enables you to personalize your business website and enhance traffic customer experience. You may optimize your site in accordance with what your visitors and prospects like. The pricing programs are completely quote-based and you get to pay only for the selected tools you need.

With Optimizely, you could track changing customer behaviors and lay out your platform to be flexible, interactive, and efficient. This software program has created over 30 billion optimized interactions for its users.

You may make use of the tool kit to make yourself familiar with its unique functions and specs. Plus, you could join up for the free trial to test power the capabilities before you invest your savings.

Fundamental features include: multi-domain assist, enterprise-grade security, campaign management, multi-page trials, and multi-variant testing.

It also provides efficient analytics to help you track user experiences to your internet site; you may lower the bounce fee, appeal to more site visitors and enhance on-site time. finally, it helps you to arrange webinars for your clients.

However, this SEMRush alternative cannot afford customized reports that imply historical overall performance and traits. It also cannot give domain precise keyword ranking; it cannot permit you to examine various SEO metrics.


BrightInfo is an automatic content personalized platform that analyzes your internet site content material. It is familiar with its semantics, and studies how your audience interacts with it.

This SEMRush alternative makes use of a proprietary set of rules to configure your website content to in harmony with your visitors’ response. It ensures your visitors get relevant content material at the proper times in order that they preserve their browsing flow without interruption.

With BrightInfo, you can improve consumer engagement together with your content and enhance conversion rates. Major capabilities include: personalized emails, native advertisements, exit pop-ups, templates, and widgets.

BrightInfo enables corporations to apply their content to drive sales and grow your commercial enterprise. It offers each website visitor with content material that best matches their search and actions; BrightInfo also defines the precise needs of your website traffic and offers a unique consumer experience.

However, you won’t be able to look at your competitors’ natural positions; it also doesn’t assist you to find precise long-tail key phrases.


Luminate is beneficial if you’re trying to attract more website visitors, retain organic site visitors, and enhance your internet site ranking. This AI-powered content material optimization tool enables you to quickly discover the trending topics and tendencies; this way you can create and share relate-able and applicable content material to your audiences.

This is made possible through the platform’s machine learning and semantic searching equipment; it determines a way to serve a tremendous experience on your audiences. Luminate uses diverse methods to connect website visitors onto your web site.

That includes contextual facts records, pop-up notifications, micro surveys, and plenty more.

It allows you to discover the right content that suits the pastimes of your goal audiences. Luminate also encourages website visitors to spend more time for your website through various audience engagement capabilities.

Finally, it modifies the content of your website primarily based on developments that hobby your goal audiences.

However, it doesn’t equip customers with statistics to better understand their enterprise and competition. It also doesn’t enable customers to compare the keywords used by competition.


SpyFu, previously known as GoogSpy, is a search analytics company. This SEMRush alternative suggests the key phrases that web sites purchase on Google Adwords; it also provides the key phrases that web sites are showing up for inside search effects.

The providers also offers cost per click click and search volume statistics on key phrases; it makes use of that records to approximate what web sites are spending on marketing.

Historic marketing budgets offered with the aid of SpyFu additionally help advertisers task what a marketing campaign will value for the future. The principle task or proposition is to look or to “spy on” the key phrases that competition use and improve SEM and SEO techniques. SpyFu also can find top trending or area of niche markets.

SpyFu’s information is received via web scraping, based on technological enhancements developed through VelocityScape. VelocityScape is an enterprise that makes web scraping software. The accuracy of its facts, in particular marketing budgets, was discovered to be rather dependent on the size of the website in question.

SpyFu refreshes its data on a month-to-month foundation, and as such is used as a manual to what’s happening with larger tendencies in SEM or SEO rather than as a actual time monitoring engine.


Buzzsumo is a software solution on Search Engine Marketing; it is a tool for researching and monitoring keywords. This SEMRush alternative has a fair few benefits.

You can find content material that is maximally shared on social media channels; there is also the option of inputting your own domain or another domain, and notice what has been shared socially. You can find influencers related to precise topics.

Buzzsumo will provide alerts based totally on keywords, brand call, links, author name or area. It will track competition and report an analysis based on their content. BuzzSumo has even created a search mainly for locating brilliant authors.

It doesn’t only display you the maximum-shared content material for a topic. Buzzsumo is able to also show you the top-performing content on your area or, even better, your competitor’s domain. One of the pro capabilities of BuzzSumo is their content signals; you may also set up content alerts for competing campaigns.

Buzzsumo is considered the best SEMRush alternative, due to its quality service and accurate analyses. Accuracy in SEM is a hard thing to guarantee, but Buzzsumo is fulfilling their promise.


WordTracker is a software solution that has developed some of the core concepts of Keyword Research, such as KEI. They continue to contribute to the industry of keyword research and digital marketing through their online resources.

The sole purpose of WordTracker is for the internet to be a mediator for effective engagement between businesses and their audiences. Their aim to facilitate this mediation is by uncovering the true language of the market. They understand how your audience talks and how you can communicate with them better.

Their core focus, and best asset, is offering the best keyword data possible. This data can be accessed directly via their Application Programming Interface, or API, keyword research tools and Reports.

All of these resources have been redesigned with the latest web technologies, making them quicker and more stable than ever before.

Conclusion: SEMRush Alternatives Are Just As Useful!

Search Engine Optimization is the procedure of optimizing your online content material; it is the tool an enterprise needs for their virtual footprint to reach the top of any search engine.

Search engine marketing is the practice of designing and optimizing search engine advertising campaigns. SEO and SEM are two distinctive factors; the difference is that SEM is paid precedence ranking and SEO is unpaid precedence rating in search effects.

SEMRush avoids any assumptions and guesswork because it gives you clear and concise analytical reports. It additionally offers the opportunity to view pinnacle performing ads within your enterprise or industry; you’ll have a comparative gain against your competition.

Finally, SEMRush and SEMRush options will suggest long-tail key phrases with decrease volume and as a result increase your Return On Investment (ROI).

SEMRush options include features like complete technology integration, historic information of a key-word in keeping with place and an everyday tracker. But, regardless of the exclusive capabilities in every internet site, all of the SEMRush options aren’t user-friendly to enterprise proprietors.

On the way to optimize the usage of this recent technology, experts advise for having a search engine optimization professional ahead.

This article provides you with a list of the top trending SEMRush alternatives. There are currently conglomerates who use these software solutions to maintain their digital footprints. You’ll find that whether you’re a start- up company or a major firm, SEM is an essential tool for you, regardless the cost.

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