Marketing Strategy: Don’t Have a Strategy? Read This Today

Marketing Strategy you need one

How important is marketing strategy? Put simply, it should be the starting point of everything you do online as it will guide, justify and add purpose to all your marketing efforts. A marketing strategy is so essential we’d recommend making it an immediate, urgent priority if you don’t already have one in place. Read on […]

AI Strategy: Preparing Your Business for the Artificial Intelligence Era

Artificial Intelligence Era and Strategy

Is it the right time to consider an AI strategy for your business? Large corporations are investing in AI right now, raising one question: will you starting planning for the AI era before, or after, your competitors? Read on for our AI strategy overview…   What is AI Strategy? According to MIT Sloan Review, the definition […]

Business Social Media Sites: An Insider’s Guide to Real Results

List of social media sites

There’s one great reason to take a deep dive into the business social media sites available today: time and money invested in your business social needs to produce results in return. The good news? Our social media pros have compiled a simple guide to the social platforms you need to know about. PLUS quick takeaways on making each perform […]

LearningMole Launches Alexa Educational Resource – a Northern Ireland First

LearningMole Launches Alexa Educational Resource – a Northern Ireland First

LearningMole – a ProfileTree project – recently celebrated the launch of the first educational Alexa ‘skill’ to be produced in Northern Ireland. LearningMole is already an established publisher of learning resources thanks to the expertise of director and educational consultant Michelle Connolly.    A Northern Ireland First The High Five Maths skill, an interactive learning tool for young children using voice commands, focuses on […]

Hiring a Marketing Person: A Blunt Guide

Hiring a marketing person guide

A (Very) Blunt Guide to Your First Marketer If you’re thinking about hiring a marketing person for your business, we have some (very!) blunt tips you won’t hear elsewhere. Why? We’re a professional content marketing agency with a multi-discipline team, many of whom started out as in-house newbies. We asked for their gloves-off advice for employers. The […] VS Which Should I Use? VS Which Should I Use?

You may have heard of WordPress, but do you know that there are two versions of this web builder? One is called and the other is called and there are a number of key differences you should know, especially if you are looking to build a website or blog. Choosing the right platform […]

Chatbot Definition: Our QUICK READ Chatbot 101 for Business

Chatbot definition. Quick read guide

Why did we decide to help our clients with a simple, no-nonsense chatbot definition? Because two things are currently happening for our customers.  Firstly, chatbots are becoming a digital consideration businesses can no longer ignore.  And, as always, this simple – but relatively new – term is often misunderstood.  Read on for our essential overview…    Chatbot Definition: […]

Types of Business Strategy: A Great Business Planning Essential

business strategy - business strategies - types of business strategy - notebook

When it comes to business, there are a number of different areas that require a business strategy to ensure a company runs smoothly. What is Business Strategy? Before creating a business strategy, it’s best to have a complete understanding of the business strategy definition. A business strategy is a long term plan of action created by […]

Learn Online Marketing: How to Study from Home

Learn Online Marketing

In today’s market every business owner, no matter how small needs to be adept enough with online digital marketing. The internet is the best way to reach as many potential customers as possible. Think about it. How much do you rely on the internet to purchase the things you want the most? And if not […]

Best Free SEO Tools for Your Business

SEO tools for business

If there’s one constant in marketing over the past few years, it’s that relying on tools and tech is king. With the increasing number of businesses in every field, chances are you have fierce competition. Even if you’re brilliant enough to find virgin territories, there’s no doubt that you’ll need every competitive edge you can […]

Paid Online Surveys: Too Good to Be True?

Paid Online Surveys: Too Good to Be True? 2

Whenever you’re sitting around scrolling through TV channels, wasting time, you could be turning this time into money! Through online paid surveys you can earn up to $200 by simply partaking in paid online surveys. If you’re an individual looking to gain some extra pocket money, or if you’re a business owner looking at how […]

Transformational Leadership: The Complete Guide

Transformational Leadership

What makes someone a great leader? Is it the ability to make plans? Or perhaps it’s just a mixture of charisma and brains? The fact is, across many industries, there are many great leaders in their respective fields with very little in common. In other words, it’s difficult to single out a skill or trait […]

SEO for Beginners: Everything You Need to Know

SEO for Beginners: Everything You Need to Know 3

Search engines, in general, are considered by many the modern day yellow pages. We rely on Google and other search engines for every little and big task, these days. This fact, of course, cannot go unnoticed to marketers. No matter how big or small your business is, there is no doubt that your online presence […]

How to Stop Procrastinating? Stop Wasting Time!

How to stop procrastinating

  It’s just after your lunch break, you’re back at your desk motivated to get back to work. The report your boss asked you about this morning is due in 2 hours but you believe it will take you less time. You decide to kill sometime, return some emails, text a friend or two and […]

Video Presentation Made Easy: Inform and Entertain

Future of Digital and Video Content

When presenting new ideas, you need to use the most captivating means of sending your message. Video presentations have become one of the most effective ways of presenting, and better yet, it has never been easier. Now through the online means available for creating video presentations, and the simple accessibility of it all, anyone can make […]

What To Do When You Feel Like a Failure: Overcoming Self-Doubt

What to do when you feel like a failure

Life is all about ups and downs; sometimes things go well and you feel right on track. Unfortunately, what goes up, must come down. Feeling like a failure is a very common occurrence when life isn’t going as planned. It happens to everyone at some point in life. Here’s how to deal with it and […]

What Is The Internet? An Online Guide for Beginners

What is the Internet

The internet has become an essential part of our everyday life. We use it personally to catch up on the latest news, our relatives, and friends. Additionally, the internet has become a major constituent of any successful business. Using the internet, you can expand your business’s reach to a global audience while also establishing your […]

Google Advanced Image Search: A Guide

What is Google Advanced Image Search? Find images online

Today, Google is about more than searching words and phrases and satisfying yourself with what comes up. Today’s Google features have made it easier to find exactly what you’re looking for. With options like the Google Advanced Image Search, you are a hundred times closer to finding the image you’ve been looking for. The search […]