Online Leadership Courses: Learning To Lead Starts Here

Some theories say that the qualities of a great leader are inherent, meaning some are born with it as a skill and some unfortunately aren’t. This is where online leadership courses can help.

We may not have the charisma of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, or the effective public appearance of Barack Obama, but there are certain qualities we can take away from these great examples.

Prof. Richard Wiseman of the University of Hertfordshire told Forbes that charisma is ‘50 percent innate and 50 percent trained’, meaning that with the right leadership courses, training and practice, you can be at least half as good as the greatest leaders of all time!

In the digital age, it is easier than ever to look online and find leadership courses to help unlock your abilities and start benefiting in your workplace…


Online Leadership Courses Is Leadership A Transferable Skill


Breaking Down Leadership

Leadership consists of different specs put together to make one an effective leader. As we look through successful business leaders across history, we can acknowledge some qualities that most of them have in common. While each quality is expressed differently depending on the leadership style and personality, focusing on these characteristics will help you become a better leader.

Online leadership courses can be specific enough to help you focus on a certain characteristic you lack. As a leader, you should be able to  communicate eloquently and powerfully. You need public speaking skills, and to become a good public speaker you need confidence and self awareness. These are only a couple examples of the leadership skills and qualities you should be focusing on. 

Here are a few leadership qualities and skills to keep in mind as you as applying for online leadership courses. To ensure that you are choosing the right online leadership course, ask yourself if you’re going to achieve or improve any of these traits through the workshop or course. If yes, then it is definitely one to go for.

Leadership Qualities

  • Passionate Motivation

Motivate yourself and the people around you.  The same motivation applies to you on a day-to-day basis. You can  motivate those around you through bonuses and rewards for your teammates when they’ve exceeded expectations. recognition for a job well done and Offering other kinds of encouragement will provide motivation to work harder.

  • Honesty and Trustworthiness

Be a leader they can trust. Through your words, your actions and personality your followers should trust you and the decisions you make in relation to the business. When something goes wrong, you go to the boss for help. Be the figure that they can count on the ensure that things wrong smoothly even when they go terribly wrong. You need your employees to be able to come to you with struggles and concerns for the sake of the business’ success.

  • Delegating and Assigning

Delegating is more than just throwing tasks at your subordinates. It’s about knowing their strengths and weaknesses and placing them best where they belong. This will ensure your team’s engagement the success of the project. Some believe that delegating is a sign of weakness. A leader should take charge of everything themselves, when in fact, delegating is a sign of strength and power.

  • Positive Spirit

Maintain a happy spirit and an affirmative vibe to your work and to the atmosphere around you. Maintaining a positive attitude can be done through simple acts like asking about one’s vacation plans. Taking the time to engage with them on a personal level creates a positive working environment. This way, when an employee needs longer hours, he/she wouldn’t mind putting them in.

Leadership Skills

  • Powerful Communication

Verbal and nonverbal communication is extremely essential in any leadership position. You need to be able to clearly illustrate long term goals, short term goals and any tasks in between. Being in a senior position has its perks but it also has a couple downsides. in order to appear as professional as possible, the work produced by you and the people you supervise needs to up to standards. For that to be possible, they need to know exactly what you want and exactly how to go about it.

Communication takes place through countless means; one-on-one conversations, emails  or team meetings. Being a good leader entitles you to be great at all forms of communication. You can find an online leadership course on public speaking and don’t overlook the power of good public speaking skills and the impact it could have on your communication skills.

Being innovative is a skill essential to every leader. When your workmates come to you with an issue, you’re in charge of finding ways to solve it. Sometimes the answer isn’t as clear. Try to revert to non-traditional ways of approaching a problem in order to solve it. That way you’ve solved the problem at hand and also inspired your workmates to not always choose the easy way.

  • Commitment and Responsibility

Being a leader comes with immense responsibility and commitment. Commitment to your people and to the tasks at hand. Your followers will take you as an example. So you must be willing to put in extra effort and work to complete tasks and commit to what you’ve agreed to do. Commitment and responsibility also falls under your ability to take the blame for your teammates and accept the mistakes of your workmates.

Leadership Styles

Leaders lead in their own way, but we can categorize every leader into a leadership style. Many online leadership courses will offer specific leadership styles, but it all depends on the situation and your own circumstances. Many leaders like to place themselves above the rest. Others prefer to blend in with the crowd. all these types of leaders and everything in between is split up into:

  • Coercive – ‘do as I say’
  • Pace-setting – ‘do as I do, right now’
  • Authoritative – ‘come with me’
  • Affiliative – ‘people come first’
  • Democratic – ‘what do you think?’
  • Coaching – ‘try it and see’

Moreover, leadership styles can be categorized into other types of leadership. When looking for leadership training, look for the leadership style that the course is advocating and assess whether or not it fits you and your environment. 

Different Leadership Techniques

  • Autocratic leadership: while this type of leadership may not be the most favorable one, in many cases it gets the job done. Autocratic leadership occurs when a team is lead by a single individual or organization, the team members have no say in decision making and only do as they’re told. In autocratic leadership systems, there is usually little or flexibility, guidelines and rules are strict and policies are in place to support the decisions of the leader.
  • Democratic leadership: Unlike autocratic leadership, in democracies everyone is involved in the decision making process. The leader usually hold the final responsibility, however tasks determining the decision are delegated amongst team members. Democracy is based on fairness, competence, courage and honesty, and that is why it is one of the most preferred styles of leadership.
  • Strategic leadership: A strategic leadership style involves someone who acts as the leader of a group. Strategic leadership is not limited to those of a high rank of their organization, but intended for a wider audience at any position in their team. This leadership style bridges gaps that can develop between what is possible and what is practical. A strategic leader is perhaps most often most leaned upon in times of change. Well over half of the skills required for this style, are heavily related to strategic thinking.
  • Transformational leadership: In contrast to most leadership styles, transformational leadership is mostly about the establishment of change. Transformational leaders often take on a motivation role. Where they encourage others to do the best they can, and on rare occasions. More than they imagine they would be able to do. They often set even more challenging goals, but are usually rewarded with even greater results. A transformational leader often empower people under them, and tend to have more inspired followers.

Leadership in the Workplace

In business, it’s important to know where you stand. Sometimes, overstepping your boundaries can lead you to trouble, but if it’s done right it will take you to great places. In the workplace, online leadership courses will help you make the right leadership moves to make yourself stand out amongst your peers.

The benefits this will bring you in the workplace are endless, they vary from social to financial benefits and it all depends on how you plan it out. Even if you are not specifically assigned as supervisional role, showing that you have the power to lead a team will put at an advantage when looking for a team leader.

There hundreds of online leadership courses available to help you enhance your business leadership skills through online leadership training. Although, here are three key steps to become a leader in the workplace.

Keys to Becoming an Effective Leader

  • Understand leadership

Through online leadership courses or through any kind of leadership training, you should be able to gather the appropriate information to understand leadership. Knowing what leadership is, what its made up of and how to apply is the first step to becoming a great leader.

While it may seem that this step is a short and concise one, learning about leadership never actually stops. Taking one leadership course may not be enough to fulfill your potential as a leader. You should be looking to always improve your skills, hone your leadership qualities and develop your own leadership style.

  • Work on your leadership skills

Referring back to the leadership skills and qualities mentioned earlier, they also require practice. Work on your communication skills on a day to day basis, try new techniques with your workmates and see how it all unravels. From one encounter to the next, you will learn more about your own leadership style and how your leadership impacts others.

Try looking at online leadership courses that focus on a leadership quality you feel that you lack. For example, if your strong suit is innovation and you feel comfortable creating things and making ideas, but you lack the skill of public speaking your creations may not always be awarded the credit you deserve. Again, this step is eternal and you should always strive to be the best leader you can.

  • Be proactive

It goes without saying that all this requires effort. The time and effort you choose to put in your role as a leader will determine how good of a leader you are. Be positive and engage with your workmates to influence a better work environment and to portray yourself in a positive light.

Another aspect that is highly essential and goes without saying is your dedication and reliability. It’s not enough to show that you are proactive, but you also have to prove it. Stay dedicated to your work and position as a leader, do what you say you’re going to do and make it a priority to not let your people down.

Leadership Outside the Workplace

Investing in an online leadership course is bound to lead to benefits outside the workplace as well. You might not be directly assigned a leadership role. However, learning how to manage a group of people and understanding the steps needed to complete a task is essential. Whether it is at home or in a sports game, you should be able to communicate a message across effectively and lead your team to a home run.

Why Should I Pay for Online Leadership Courses?

Now you know most of what you need to about becoming a good leader. So you’re probably wondering why spend your money on online leadership courses. Aside from the psychology in subconsciously working harder at something you’ve paid money for, there are a many concrete reasons why online leadership courses are beneficial.

First of all, the certificate granted at the completion of the course or the workshop will have its place on your CV. This will prove on paper that you are capable of handling leadership positions. Alongside that, seeking the help of professionals in the field to help improve your own skills will benefit you in the short and long run. At the end of the day, paying for an online leadership course means that you are paying for the instruction more than the information itself.

Online Leadership Courses 

Knowing what leadership is and its different kinds is not enough on the business playing field. For employees and business owners, online leadership courses are bound to benefit your own performance and your business’ revenue. Here are some examples of online leadership courses you may choose to enrol in.

HBX Becoming a Better Manager from Harvard Business School

This online leadership course is one of the HBX certificate programs. These types of programs usually focus on one specific to aspect of business management. The approach to HBX programs combines the rigor and quality of Harvard education, as well as the flexibility of it being an online leadership course.

Becoming a Better Manager takes course over a six-week period, the flexibility of the online leadership courses allows you to log in at any time to complete the required 30 – 35 hours and meet the set deadlines. By the end of the course the skills developed will include, recognizing the advantages of taking a ‘process perspective’ towards managerial work, leading learning initiative in order for your organization to develop, and managing teams of varying sizes.

Leadership: Practical Leadership Skills from Udemy

Take advantage of Udemy’s attractive prices through their online leadership courses on leadership and other business tips and tricks. Their course on practical leadership skills guides and trains you through mastering leadership skills and techniques.

The online leadership course package includes 2.5 hours of on-demand video and 15 supplemental resources.  The Croft’s course targets any person who manages at least two people in any context. 

How to be a Great Manager and Great Leader from Master Class Management

Master Class Management offers a set of online leadership courses under the theme of management. Through several courses available on the website, you will learn the fundamentals of leadership and its effect in management.

How to be a Great Manager and Great Leader is one of the courses available on the website. It tackles the means of becoming a great leader from a great manager by addressing the characteristics and skills needed to achieve that. Each topic is divided into parts that include a quiz at the end to ensure your learning.

Inspirational Leadership: Leading with Sense Specialization from Coursera

Through Coursera you can register for an online leadership course offered by the HEC Paris. The specialization entails four courses and projects. Learners receive a certificate at the completion of the course. The final project of this course allows you to apply the skills you learned to overcome a personal leadership challenge.

The course offers flexibility to match everyone’s own commitments. however it does require around 2-4 hours per week for three weeks. The course is taught by leaders from different sectors of the HEC Paris. The experts will help guide you through the course, even with no prior experience. The content of the course revolves around raising self-awareness and confidence. These skills enable you to act as a leader and develop your own relational skills and leadership style.

Think Like a Leader with Brian Tracy from Udemy

As the title gives it away, learn to think like a leader through the online leadership course with Brian Tracy. Through this course you will be able to tackle the root of cognition in order to become a leader. The course includes 3 hours of on-demand video and 9 supplemental resources.  However, having some background ideas on leadership from books or articles will be helpful.

You work in an organization and wish to excel in your managerial position. Learn to think like a leader in order to become one. Brian Tracy will help you create and manage personal and organizational goals. The course helps establish effective relational skills and comes up with more developed strategies of approach within your leadership role.

Leadership: Leading When You Are Not in Charge! From Udemy

Even though leadership is highly essential for any person in an authoritative position, anyone can lead at anytime. Through another course from Udemy, you can learn to be a leader so that when the time comes. you have the capability to lead anytime and anywhere. Through the course you will be able to learn about the skills needed to engage with your peers. 

Online leadership courses from Udemy are usually at relatively attractive prices and come with great deals. This course includes 3 hours of on-demand video content which you can have access to all your life. Much like many online leadership courses we’ve discussed previously, you don’t need prior knowledge. The only thing you need is the desire to learn about leadership and put it in to action.

Leadership in Business from Alison

Narrowing it down into the business field, Alison provides a free online leadership course on leadership in business. Over the course of 2-3 hours, this course will take you through the basic business ideas and the skills needed to become a leader through your entrepreneurship or your business venture.

At the end of the course, you will have to take a test that will determine your completion of it.  The best part about this online leadership course is that it is offered for free!

What is Leadership? from Future Learn

Future Learn partnered with Deakin University to create a free online leadership course. The course explains leadership and the role of a person in a leadership position. Through this course, you will understand the meaning of leadership, investigate leader role models and identify how leadership changed over the years. The course also gives you the opportunity to observe the effect of individual differences on leadership.

If you’re willing to dedicate 3 hours per week for two weeks, then is the course for you. Alongside that fact that it’s completely free, learners recieve certificates at the end of the course. The course will cover various topics on leadership in order to improve your effectiveness as a leader.

Ryan Holmes on Social Leadership from Lynda

Online leadership courses don’t always have to last hours or days or even weeks. In 15 minutes, Ryan Holmes,  CEO  of Hootsuite shared his insights on what is means to be a social leader. Social leadership entails your social media presence and the follower base you produce as a business leader.

Ryan Holmes walks you through the importance of social leadership in two parts. He speaks from experience while explaining the reason social media is extremely important. He illustrates why any business leader should also aim to become a social leader. Online leadership courses don’t award a certificate of completion. However, by the end of the course you would have gained a skill not many business leaders are aware of.

Is this right for me?

Ultimately, it is hard to imagine a working situation where you couldn’t benefit from unlocking the skills involved in becoming a better leader. An online course means a simple way to self-improvement at your convenience.

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