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Researching SEO services for your business in Bangor? Some good news…our local company specialises in helping businesses like yours to grow through services including high-performance SEO.

AND we do things a bit differently.

That’s because we believe in using tried and tested expertise we’ve tested ourselves in our own company….we’ll even show you our live results. PLUS our specialist know-how includes search engine optimisation as well as web development, content marketing, social strategy and much more. In this way, we understand how SEO fits into the jigsaw of your online presence, and how to make ALL the pieces work together for real results.

Find out more below and discover tips exploring how to use SEO as a sales process…

One question: when you’ve decided that your business needs help with SEO, have you considered SEO as part of your sales process or just as something that ‘needs done’ for more traffic?

It’s easy to imagine SEO – delivered through website changes or through great content (many agencies won’t want to put hard work into the latter!) – as something you do to improve traffic, then tick a box on your ‘to do’ list and move on.

But this is like improving visits to a physical shop without making sure they’re the right customers and that they’ll see the right things when they walk through the door.

And, of course, the moves you make with the online the content they do see needs to form part of a customer journey, a sales process. That’s because you wouldn’t walk up to a customer in a shop and try to close them immediately.

The customer’s journey with you online is no different. So, if you’re looking for SEO companies or services in Bangor, a working ‘big picture’ relationship built around sales and results will be vital.

We recommend…

Choose carefully:

SEO agencies covering the Bangor area who treat SEO n as a ‘tickbox’ service and bury their results in raw traffic won’t drive the kind of conversions we’ve described above. Your online customer journey is as import as the layout, displays and signage in your physical shop. Choose an agency who’ll leverage this.

Invest time for results:

Time taken, with an SEO specialist, to understand your online world, your customers and the content they’ll see is time invested in building new customer relationships that last. Our goal? Customers who go from being strangers online to being advocates for your brand online, creating a cycle of new business.

Don’t be a stranger!

The key to staying on your toes as a business online, and profiting from changes like new devices and new customer behaviour, is a great relationship with your agency too. A professional SEO company will work hard to stay ahead of changes – such as voice search – as they happen to put your business on the right side of new developments, rather than reacting to change.

Ultimately, SEO isn’t a product. A professional SEO firm covering Bangor, or anywhere in NI, will show that SEO is an ongoing way of thinking about web set-up and content and customer journey, a best practice and a foundation for your digital word.

Most of all, ProfileTree built our own company on SEO and content marketing so we understand how to incorporate great SEO into the very roots of the online presence where your customer interacts with your brand.


You might be thinking ‘I want more traffic to my website’. Always a good idea. But what will the visitor have searched for? What will they be expecting when they click through? What would make them convert or begin a journey to become a customer? The good news is that ProfileTree can help connect the answers to these vital questions. ‘Off the shelf’ SEO solutions can’t do this.


Asking the questions in Step One means a great start to making SEO work hard for your business. But taking a broader view of what your potential buyers see online – your website, your social media, your emails and more – is a building block to creating online visits that turn into customer relationships. Ask us how to discover how ProfileTree can help.


SEO – both SEO involving website set-up and content-based SEO – isn’t a ‘fix and forget’ process as any change in performance needs the right response to keep your website and digital presence working at its best for your business. We love building lasting relationships with our customers to drive results not just today, but to find new ways to leverage change to achieve even more results in the future.


Competitors who treat online opportunities like SEO as something on their ‘to do’ list, as opposed to an ongoing process, leave the door open for your company to react to those changes in customer behaviour more quickly. ProfileTree’s SEO work is based on the latest and forthcoming changes – not on reacting to the past – putting you one step ahead.

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