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Understanding how to evaluate your current digital marketing performance is essential for securing long-term success. We can show you the tools to use to perform website and social media analysis, ensuring that you have a good picture of your current digital performance.

At ProfileTree, we use performance analytics in order to plan strategic data-driven decisions. This is a crucial step in designing a digital strategy that will provide real results and tangible benefits for your marketing campaign.

We believe that harnessing your efforts into a strategic focus will provide the best outcome, because that’s exactly what we do. Whether you’re interested in pursuing SEO, social media marketing, PPC or any other digital marketing tactic, we have created a range of resources to help you make sense of it all below.

Resources for Digital Strategy

Digital Marketing Services On A Budget: Amazing Actionable Tips For Start-Ups

Digital marketing services on a budget: actionable tips for start-ups

Digital marketing services are a lifeline for start-ups. Whether you’re a small scale business or have some experience under your belt, investing into your presence online has explosive potential. Here at Profile Tree we have been offering a range of Digital Marketing Services to our clients from across the sector since 2010.  We have gathered […]

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The Vital Digital Marketing Skills for Business Growth

Image of someone coming up with a caption idea for an Instagram story.

Digital marketing skills are more important than ever for businesses and marketers to master. With increasing internet and mobile device usage, more customer journeys are starting online. As more businesses build an online presence, this will inevitably lead to more intense competition. Therefore digital marketing skills will be invaluable for your business to develop.  This […]

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Powerful Digital Marketing Tools to Elevate Your Business

Digital marketing tools to elevate your business

Digital marketing tools… Where to begin? The landscape is jam packed with platforms, apps, strategies, ideologies, best practices, tips and tricks… Feeling overwhelmed? Seeking the best tools for your business can take a lot of trial, research and effort. In this blog we save you valuable time by breaking down some of the absolutely essential […]

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How a Winning Digital Marketing Plan Can Fuel Your Business Growth

Digital marketing plan: image of instagram app download on app store

Implementing a strategic digital marketing plan is essential for any business looking to grow and succeed. With the right combination of audience targeting, goals, content creation and channel management, small businesses can generate impressive results. 

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Your Insider Guide to Conduct a Marketing Strategy to Launch a Website to WIN

a Marketing Strategy to Launch a Website

Building a marketing strategy to launch a website can be a team’s mega project for a reasonable amount of time. However, it’s certainly easy to feel that this big project is done once the website is running or updated. But the truth is that it’s just the beginning. Launching, relaunching, or rebuilding a website is […]

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How to Create a Marketing Strategy: All You Need to Know

How to Create a Marketing Strategy All You Need to Know

The truth about creating a marketing strategy is that you need to keep up with marketing trends all the time, and just doing so could be considered a full-time job.  Yes, effective marketing can bring an entire host of benefits to your business. And a well-tuned marketing strategy can set your brand up for success.  […]

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The Beginner’s Guide To Digital Marketing for Small Businesses

Image of multiple social media platform icons including instagram, twitter, tiktok, discord There are many social media platforms within digital marketing for small businesses; this, however, can make it difficult to manage for small businesses

Digital marketing for small businesses has become an essential component in today’s highly digital world. Implementing an effective digital strategy can help small businesses reach new customers; increase brand awareness; generate leads; and ultimately drive sales and revenue. This thorough overview discusses the basics of digital marketing for small businesses, including defining what digital marketing […]

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7 Digital Marketing KPIs to Track

7 digital marketing KPIs to track

Digital Marketing KPIs: Marketing is built on creativity, but the other vital component is data. Demonstrating that your campaign is doing well demands tracking the correct metrics to confirm you aren’t simply spending money without thought or cause. Knowing what marketing KPIs to track will help you make streamlined campaigns and evaluate valuable data. While […]

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Digital Marketing Analysis: How to Do Research for a Digital Strategy and Make Successful Decisions

Digital marketing analysis featured image.

In this article, you will find out why you need a digital marketing analysis, and learn how to understand your business’s position from a digital marketing point of view. All of this research undertaken will pave the path to success for your strategy, as opposed to taking a shot in the dark.

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Types of Digital Marketing: Your Essential Guide to Understanding the Digital Marketing

Types of digital marketing featured image

Many businesses don’t have a coherent digital marketing strategy. Image credit: Media Valet

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What Is Influencer Marketing? The 2024 Guide to Successful Campaigns

What is influencer marketing featured image

What is influencer marketing? Influencer marketing is popular for good reasons and, if done right, it may end up having unparalleled growth, sales and results for a brand. It helps you to reach new audiences, without having to build them yourself. This naturally saves time, as professional influencers already have highly developed and specific audiences. […]

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9 Essential Digital Marketing Tools

essential digital marketing tools featured image

Digital marketing tools provide critical capabilities for businesses looking to connect with audiences and grow online. In this comprehensive guide, we will examine the essential categories of digital marketing tools and how they can be leveraged for success. If you run any business, understanding the different digital marketing tools available is essential. Every move must […]

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