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For SEO in Ballymena, we make things happen by working in a very different way. We know you might have wasted time, or worse…budget, trying different things to grow online. And that it’s now time to step up to a truly results-based SEO partnership.

Our service is based around the results you need from your SEO investment with the support of our web development and content marketing expertise.

These elements work hand in hand to create search engine optimisation that’s designed to perform.

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We know Ballymena is a straight-talking place to do business. This suits us VERY well as we’ve built our SEO services around a different kind of no-fuss service for businesses in Ballymena and NI.

That’s because we have a very simple way of working…

Local Service:

We aren’t a call-centre or a corporate, we’re a hard-working local business like you. We’ll take time to not just listen to what you need but also understand your business, your audience and your online world properly. Connecting your digital presence into a customer journey that converts is the ‘sweet spot’ of digital marketing we want for your business.


We use clear goals, transparent billing and a no-fuss approach to make working with us the perfect match for your business. We know you need to get things done, get results and see the value for money. This makes your goals, our goals.

A Trusted Partner:

The bad news about the digital world? When something works without being kept updated it will eventually start to drop in results. That’s because the way your customers search, their choice of devices and what they expect to see from your business will change over time. Not to mention changes to Google, social platforms and more. We’ll be on-hand as a trusted guide to help keep ahead.

Ultimately, we know your customers because our team members come from across NI – including Ballymena – so we ARE your customers. We want to grow with your business, through great results and through understanding your company.


Is moving up the search results a good thing? Of course! But having this as your only goal is like moving a shop to a busier street without thinking about how to bring more people inside. Great SEO is designed to bring your ‘shopfront’ to more people AND help bring them through your online ‘doors’.

That’s because your online world is a start-to-finish journey for your potential customers. Create the right steps from discovery to engagement, and more, to unlock success online.


Climbing the Google rankings for people looking for one thing in Ballymena is of little value if the searcher will then have no interest in your product or business. We’ll help you match your company to potential online traffic to help meet your buyers where they want to see your business.

How? We use the ‘intent’ of the searcher and match this to the right content in the right way to guide the potential buyer through a relationship with your company. Just think: an online presence built around buyers who stay with your business.


Great SEO – both website set-up and content-based – will impress Google enough to give a higher search position. But great content will be the factor that truly attracts, and keeps, the searcher on your site and close to your brand.

Of course, this content needs to be set up in the right way for the LATEST Google requirements, and more. We’re a working digital agency so we help our clients by applying the very latest tried-and-tested methods to help their company.


Treating SEO as a ‘tickbox’ task will no more drive sales than new signage over a physical shop will – in and of itself – help hit any sales targets. ProfileTree use an understanding of your entire online presence and potential buyers to create real customer journeys.

This ‘bigger picture’ view is the difference between paying for an ‘off the shelf’ product and working with ProfileTree. We’ll think bigger to surpass customer expectations through broader, specialist expertise.

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