Is your business based in Ballymena? Do you want to harness the power of social media to boost your business? If so, you have landed on the right page.

Ballymena social media marketing
Ballymena social media marketing

Local businesses in Ballymena, regardless of their size, understand the importance of having social media presence. It is the way to let the world know about your brand. It is a way to generate leads, receive inquiries from your customers, or sell products. Yet, many local businesses in Ballymena are not making the most of their social media presence.

Social Media Marketing Ballymena: How Social Media Promotes Your Business

Did you know that Ballymena had a population of over 30,000, making it the seventh largest town in Northern Ireland. In social media marketing terms, that’s 30,000 locals you could advertise your business to.

Ballymena is also a hub for various industries, including engineering, manufacturing, food processing, and tourism – think Galgorm. The town centre boasts a mix of independent shops, national chains, and the Fairhill Shopping Centre, so there is a lot going on in the city – and by extension a lot of opportunities for your business’ social media strategy.

Our Clients

We have helped many clients in Northern Ireland, and beyond, develop social media content that engages and inspires. But don’t just take our word for it, check out our previous client reviews.

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Social Media Marketing Ballymena

Social Media Marketing Ballymena: How Do Social Media Agencies Work

At ProfileTree, we always start any project with thorough research. We make strategic decisions based on data analysis and interpretation. A data-driven approach enables us to examine and organise data with the goal of better serving our customers and their consumers. By using data to drive actions, your business can contextualise and personalise its messaging to its prospects and customers for a more customer-centric approach.

It’s also why we’ve fallen in love with digital marketing. It’s measurable and everything is easy to track. So, we monitor where you’re standing today and do the same thing every three months to track the progress, tackle the weaknesses, and find a new space for improvement.

Drive Conversions to Your Website

By attracting your audience to follow your social media pages and engage with your stories, you can then take to your website where they can purchase, sign up for your service, or download your application. Social media is rarely the one and only digital platform you use, but it sure can give your business exposure that no other platform can offer.

Use Content Marketing or Video Marketing to Educate Your Audience

This is particularly useful if your product is innovative or if you have an idea that the world still does not grasp. Think of all the questions you keep getting from your customers over and over. Each one of those questions can become a post, an article, or a video that explains to your customers in an entertaining, engaging way.  Video marketing is the most engaging type of content.

For example, you could create a how-to video or best practices blog post. It’s all about helping customers learn how to get the most from your products. Therefore, you must employ it to educate your audience about who you are, what you do, and answer their frequently asked questions.

Use Social Media as a Customer Service Portal

Businesses who don’t have the budget to invest in advanced customer service portals use social media as the main point of contact to customers. You can use your social channels to announce any news or updates. For instance, you can announce promotions, working hours, holidays, or available appointments. Your customers may contact you with any of their concerns related to an order, a process, or give you feedback on an experience they had with your business.

Social Media Marketing Ballymena: Creativity and Fresh Perspectives

Although we consider the data behind everything we do and always consider ourselves to be data-driven. We don’t ignore out instinct. We understand that although data is crucial for strategic decisions, it is not enough to achieve successful marketing. When powerful storytelling and entertainment are paired with knowledge of the local market, we come up with the out of the box solutions that work for our clients.

Our team of diverse creators, brand strategists, and art directors know how to utilise data to create stories that engage. With such a diverse team, we get different perspectives from creators of different ages and backgrounds.

Consistent Content Marketing Strategy

One of the most common issues we see with local businesses on social media is abandoned pages. Companies start posting for a while, and then they run out of ideas or get too busy at times with other business matters, so they don’t have time to publish on social media channels. Social media marketing is a long-term commitment, and it requires dedication. That’s why a social media marketing agency will be consistent with publishing and be on top of your content strategy and produce different content formats for you.

Aesthetic Visuals and Video Marketing

Aesthetics and video are becoming the dominating form of content on many social media platforms. YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and even Facebook all care so much about video. Video content needs a professional agency to shoot, produce, and edit. There are endless ways through which you can use video on social media.

Whether it’s how-to guides, a shop tour, a product video, our video marketing team are experts are capturing that video you want to create for your brand. You can also break those videos to shorter ones and use them as stories or reels. So, one video can be used in multiple ways to ensure you get the most out of your investment.

Responsive Social Media Customer Service

When customers reach out to brands on social, they expect a fast, friendly response. Some platforms, like Facebook, reveals on your homepage how quickly you respond to your customers. If you respond to 90% of messages and have a response time of 15 minutes or less, you’ll get a Very Responsive to Messages badge. That’s why you should aim to answer all the inquiries fast.

Of course, your customer service agents may not be available 24/7 but most social channels allow you to use automated messages. In your automated replies, make your availability hours clear to manage your customer expectations appropriately. We will also direct your customers on what to do if their inquiry is urgent. You can also opt for links to self-help solutions if this is something you require.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is using endorsements and product mentions from influencers–individuals who have a dedicated social following and are viewed as experts within their niche. Influencer marketing works because of the high amount of trust that social influencers have built up with their following, and recommendations from them serve as a form of social proof to your brand’s potential customers.

Managing influencer marketing campaigns can get overwhelming, because usually, there are a lot of parties involved, many guidelines to follow, and KPIs to keep an eye on. At ProfileTree, we have experience with managing many social media campaigns and we have partners across Northern Ireland. Our big team of digital experts can manage multiple campaigns at the same time as a breeze!

Social Media Marketing Ballymena - Influencer Marketing

Social Media Marketing Ballymena: Social Media SEO

We’re already helping hundreds of businesses with the SEO strategy for their website. So, we know all the rules to winning at SEO. Social media SEO refers to the idea that social media links and interaction play a considerable part in a website’s search rankings. Basically, SEO is all about optimising content—whether it’s on your website or on a social media platform—in order to appear higher in search rankings.

Some of the points on the social media SEO checklist are easy. You can easily do it by yourself to improve your social media SEO. However, having a social media agency will help you with backlinking and improving the quality of your content and ultimately its shareability.

Tips for Improving Your Social Media SEO

The key to an SEO friendly social media profile is to be as descriptive as possible.

  • Always fill out the ‘About’ or ‘Information’ sections of any social media platform.
  • Use words or phrases that describe your business and are also terms individuals would use to search for your business.
  • To optimise your Facebook Page for local searches, it is very important to include your address, town or city, and post code.
  • Always include links from your social channels back to your business’s website (and links from your website to your social channels).
  • Check to make sure your business is listed as the correct category while editing your basic information as it’s super important for Facebook mobile searches.

Social Media Marketing Ballymena: Reporting and Social Media Listening Tools

Social media has allowed businesses to have a unique opportunity to understand customers, the market, and competition in an easy and efficient way which helps your business adjust accordingly to satisfy their needs and fill in any market gaps. This is mainly due to almost everyone using social media these days to express their interests. This is an area that ProfileTree excels at.

Since we work with many clients, we have all the right social media listening tools to analyse your social media performance, engagement, number of followers, views, brand mentions, inquiries, response rates, conversions, etc. The key performance indicators (KPIs) we set with our clients at the beginning of each project is something we review every month as we go. We also analyse those KPIs and interpret them into actionable changes and recommendations to optimise for the best results.

Social Media Marketing Ballymena: How Much Is Social Media Advertising?

Working with so many different businesses over the years taught us to deal with different budgets and requirements. We tailor all our packages according to your needs and it doesn’t matter whether the budget you have is big or small – we work with KPIs. In other words, you set the budget, we tailor a package optimised for your requirements and within the limits of your spending. We have packages starting from 500£ per month covering content, visuals, moderation, and reporting.

Social Media Marketing Ballymena: Ready to Book a Free Social Media Audit?

Fill our form and send us your questions, we will be happy to answer all of them. Please do let us know if your business is registered in Ballymena, County Antrim. Alternatively, you can book a chat with one of our team members to audit your social media platforms and find out how we can help you establish your social media marketing presence in Ballymena, County Antrim.

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