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Your Insider Guide to Conduct a Marketing Strategy to Launch a Website to WIN

Building a marketing strategy to launch a website can be a team’s mega project for a reasonable amount of time. However, it’s certainly easy to feel that this big project is done once the website is running or updated. But the truth is that it’s just the beginning. Launching, relaunching, or rebuilding a website is […]

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How to Create a Content Strategy for a Website in 5 Easy Steps

Your content marketing efforts can be vastly improved by building a content strategy for a website. This guide will answer all your questions about crafting an exclusive content marketing strategy.  If you want to know why content strategy is important and how much it will influence your business, just have a look at the first […]

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What is Artificial Intelligence: An quick overview of AI

AI is described as a combination of computer science and machines which act in a humanlike way to complete particular tasks or roles within your business. 

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You Are a Media Company

In today’s digital age, every company, no matter its industry, size, or niche, must create and distribute valuable content to establish thought leadership, build a brand, and connect with its target audience. Companies, small businesses, and entrepreneurs need to adopt a media mindset and think of themselves as media companies to market themselves effectively. In […]

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Involvement in Digital Transformation: 6 ways on how you can get people involved

When implemented correctly, digital transformation has the ability to change how a business does things forever. It can also open new ways of delivering value to customers, enhancing their experience with how they interact with the company.

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Small Business Statistics in the UK: What You Really Need to Know in 2023

Small business statistics in the UK have been the most volatile on record over the past few years. We will go through important numbers you need to know this year. So let’s get right into it! Too much could be said about the worldwide repercussions of recent events, such as the COVID-19 pandemic and the […]

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Business Travel Statistics: Important Facts & Trends You Need to Know

Check key facts about business travel statistics to explore trends here. We’ve compiled them from official material to help you take the right decision.  International travellers have risen significantly during the last decade, and business travellers continue to dominate the industry. Business trips contribute a lot to regular flights, and they will continue to grow […]

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What does Digital Transformation look like? 5 real world examples

By now business leaders know that in order to grow and become competitive within the market, they must be able to exploit all opportunities. There are many different ways in which they can do this however the use of technology to either radically improve performance, or deliver value to their customers has become the number one way for businesses to improve overall efficiency and performance. 

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Explainer Video Production: Your Guide to Have a GREAT One

Anything in the world classifies into only two categories: things that need an explanation and things that are clear enough. It’s for this reason that the term “explainer video production” has become so commonplace. If you’ve ever thought of making an explanation video, here is your one-stop shop for doing so. These short clips have […]

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Graphic design essentials for beginners and 5 tips to master the craft

learn the graphic design essentials and master the craft. Graphic design is the process of curating an image for enhanced visual appeal. It can convey a certain mood, tone or feeling and be used for advertising purposes or as a marketing method.

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Kotter’s 8 Step Model for Leading Change – How to effectively manage and lead change within your business

Upon researching change and understanding the most effective way to go through this process within your business environment, Kotter’s 8 Step Model has been selected as the best way to direct and implement change within your own business. 

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A Guide to Selecting a Technology System: 5 simple steps for your business to follow 

Technology is everywhere around us today, and with the growth of technology, businesses are having to consider which technology systems are best suited to their needs or requirements, and in doing so, make an informed decision on which piece of software to invest in which meets their requirements. So if technology can be considered as the number one tool for improving the efficiency of how a business operates, lets take a look at which types technology are currently supporting this, and the steps to selecting a new software system for your business.

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What type of exciting technology does your business need? The 5 types of technology explained

The rapid growth of technology makes it very difficult to keep up to date with what is going on around us. However, it is undeniable that one of the best ways for businesses to stay competitive within an industry is by implementing and adopting technology to improve both their productivity and performance, and with the more and more types of technology which are emerging around us today this has become much easier to do. 

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70% of Digital Transformation Initiatives Fail… Why? 5 ways you can avoid this

In its simplest terms, Digital Transformation is the implementation of a software system to radically improve how you operate and deliver value to customers. Sounds easy doesn’t it? Well how come so many businesses are failing when it comes to implementing digital transformation within their business today…Lucky for you we have the answer. 

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Change Management: 7 Effective Strategies While Managing Resistance To Change

In modern day life many people resist change because they fear the unknown. The same principle applies with business. With the changing business environment we find ourselves in, business leaders are being encouraged to become as flexible as possible in order to change their business and continue to compete and meet the demands of customers. 

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What does best regards mean, and 15 alternatives you can use

Best Regards is a common sign-off used in correspondence, but when should you actually use it, and what does best regards mean exactly? 

In this blog, we’ll discuss the common phrase and suggest ways you can use it appropriately to enhance your style and tone in the art of professional communication.

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What is an invoice; 3 ways to create one, and why you need them for successfully managing your business

An invoice is an essential part of running a business, both for ensuring proper record keeping and for securing legal protection, but what is an invoice exactly?

In the world of business, it’s important to pay attention to your invoice process, it’s a crucial cog in the financial management process, and without one, you’re left open to a loss in profits and exposed to potential legal scrutiny.

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PowerVision S1 review: A small gadget packed with big features

The PowerVision S1 is a handheld gimbal with professional video capabilities. If you are a video content creator, it’s going to make life much easier; with features like AI tracking and a manual joystick accessory, you’ll be shooting professional videos in no time. This small, compact gadget is any videographer’s best friend – check out our review of the S1 gimbal below. 

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How to make a decision and 20 inspiring decision making quotes

How to make a decision that will benefit your life? Making a tough decision can seem like an impossible choice, especially when it seems like the consequences might change the course of your life. It’s easy to become overwhelmed and want to shy away from making those hard choices altogether. 

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Porters Five Forces Explained – How to easily apply ‘the 5 competitive forces which shape an industry’

Porters Five ForcePorter’s five forces was developed by Michael Porter, a well renowned theorist in business literature, to identify and determine the level of intensity of competition for a particular business. Known as the five competitive forces which shape an industry this tool looks at;
Competitive rivalry
The threat of new entrants
The bargaining power of suppliers
The bargaining power of buyers
The threat of substitutes

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How to write a blog for SEO and what you should do to help it rank

Blog posts are a great way to give you a leg up when climbing the ranks of search engine results, and we’ll show you how to write a blog for SEO in this article.

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How to Conduct a Scenario Planning Analysis – 5 Effective Simple Steps to Follow

Scenario planning analysis could be considered as a way to integrate future thinking and communication which offers us plausible or possible alternative views on how the business environment in which we operate within might develop and change in the future. 

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5 Marketing Ideas for Valentine’s Day: because your brand deserves all the love

Marketing ideas for Valentine’s Day: because your brand deserves all the love. Valentine’s Day brings about many marketing opportunities for businesses to connect with their audience and celebrate with them for the season of love. 

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A Guide to Using a Stakeholder Mapping Analysis- An Effective Example of Applying a Stakeholder Analysis to Amazon

Stakeholder Mapping is the use of a matrix to offer a visual representation of who your key stakeholders are. This will give business leaders a better understanding of who those individuals are which are going to have an influence over their future plans or decisions. 

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