How to Convince Your Boss with Your New Ideas

convincing your boss

Having a problem with a voice that is not always heard and with some ideas that are not given a chance to be tried? Are you dealing with that boss who never gives his/her people the chance to think, raise their hands, share their ideas, and start implementing them on the system or in the company’s environment? There are different reasons for why your ideas are not being paid any attention to; sometimes it might be because of the way you are presenting them and sometimes it might be because they are not worth it from the beginning – no offence. The thing that is much more important than the idea itself is how you are going to intro

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Secrets for Motivating Employees

Motivating employee

There are three important things that motivate employees in the workplace; trusting them and their ideas, respecting the effort and the hard work they exert, and helping them by praising, giving advice, and promoting them. Motivation is the main key used in pushing the whole organization towards success because the manager is not the one who will do it alone, but he/she will be the one encouraging and motivating the employees to do so. As a manager, one of your main goals in the place in you are working in is not only to achieve personal success, but also in being able to manage those working in your team; in other words, to transform yoursel

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Tips to Improve Your Writing Skills


Becoming a good and professional writer needs three important ingredients; a creative mind, a pen and a paper, and good writing skills. Writing is one of the different forms of communication that stands beside speaking and body language, which turn writers into important creatures for being able to deliver ideas, point of views, and stories with their characters to the readers, making these readers just perfectly engaged with them. Being a good communicator is one of the different skills needed in a person for him/her to become a good writer and work on improving his/her writing skills. Communicating your message and improving your writing sk

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The Myth of Multitasking


People are divided into two different groups; those who believe that multitasking is a myth and is not the way to productivity by any means, and those who consider this untrue and that they could actually achieve more when they are doing several things all at once. The thing that will resolve this conflict will go back to the different personalities and abilities of the people, because there are those who could do more while multitasking and there are those who never finish a thing because of it. The multitasking myth has been an issue for some time now and it is the time to look deeper into it and know whether it will fall into the positive

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Self-Talk… Is It Harmful Or Helpful?

self talk

If you have been close to having those negative thoughts about yourself then you probably know how it feels like to have a negative self-talk with and about yourself as well. The first time people mention the phrase self-talk, others start to relate it directly to negativity, but actually there are two different sides for this coin; the harmful and the helpful. It is important to differentiate between negative self-talk and positive self-talk, because every single one of them will direct you in a specific direction which might affect the way you tend to deal with yourself. Negative self-talk will lead to some destruction within you and might

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