How to Improve Memory?


How many times have you forgotten about a specific detail about your life, or how many times have you forgotten the name of a person who you once met? There is a lot of information that might skip the mind and thus settle in a place that will make it forgotten all about. having a poor memory at work or even at your home might bring along some problems, you might face those times when you are asked to do something at work but within the hassle of the day forget all about it, and there are other times when you might forget about doing something that you have previously decided to get it done with.

How to improve your memory?

Improving th

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Different Personality Disorder Types

personality disorders

Meeting different types of personalities along with some of the disorders that we might know about became an ordinary thing in life, the main problem appears when we try to deal with them as coworkers; as people who we are supposed to see on a daily basis, work with, and try to come up with solutions and ideas with. As much as it is important to know about the different personality disorder types, it is also important to know how to handle each one of them and deal with them as well. So what are those different personality disorder types and why should they be committed to specific job positions?

Types of personality disorders

First, we

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Dealing with Shift Work

shift work

Working a night shift might be accepted by some people, but it might be difficult to deal with when it comes to those who are not used to waking up all night and sleeping all day. There are different disadvantages for the idea of working at night which might start from losing some of the social connections you once had with your friends and ends with not being able to enjoy your nightlife. We are not fans of night shifts, but they are still needed in the market and that’s why we have to accept them and give you some tips to deal with their appearance and their problems that might appear in your life.

Shift work disorder

One of th

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Bedtime Routine for Being Successful

night routine

You might be asking yourself now what is the link between the bedtime routine and being successful; at first it might not be clear, but when you think about those sleepless nights that you once had and how they affected your productivity at work the next day, you will understand. When the phrase ‘bedtime routine’ is first mentioned, people will link it to children and toddlers, and they will never relate it to those employees who should also follow some bedtime routines in order to improve their night sleep as well as their ability to work. Always keep in mind that it is not only about your morning routine, but it is about your ev

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Different Flexible Jobs in Demand


Being flexible in life is one of the things that people always try to achieve, but they never give their minds the chance to think about the flexible jobs that they might have because all what they receive back from those minds is “there isn’t any flexible jobs out there”. Truth is, there are different jobs that will give you the flexibility in the hours you attend, in the time you come and leave, and in the days that you go to office in, and all that is according to the contract that you have previously signed with your employer. There are different jobs that can offer you different types of flexibility, you just have to lo

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