Effective Social Networking Tips for Introverts


Networking is not just a problem for all the introverts out there; sometimes even extroverts and all the other different personalities find it difficult to network with other people for different reasons: they might not feel comfortable among these people or in the place they are sitting in, they might feel that they are far from the personality they are dealing with, or they might just fail at it for no specific reason. Introverts might be the ones who deal with this problem the most because they are the ones who would prefer their times alone than to deal with other people; so you will always find their sentences short, their answers quick,

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How to Become an Influential Person?


In order to become an influential person, you have to understand what it means first. Being influential is about communicating effectively with other people in a way that would grab their attention, push them to listen, and give them the chance to get convinced, and this will never happen with a shy personality or someone who is not good at communication. In order to become an influential person or leader, you have to leave your shy personality behind and start getting out to the world; you have to be influential with your attitude, with your words, and with your ability to communicate with people. There are different things that would tell w

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10 Things to Do Before the New Year

New Year

December is finally here and as much as we should be excited about the month of celebrations, the gifts, and all the wishes that we will be making and hoping for them to come true, we are supposed to give ourselves and our minds the chance to think about the different things that we should change in our lives, the things the we should embrace, and all the other things that we are supposed to let go of. Before you forget yourself in the traffic of the celebrations, give yourself the chance to think about this last year and ask yourself; what have you gained, what do you still want to achieve, and what do you want to forget all about, and start

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How to Get People to Like You?


Through your life, you will meet different people, will be forced to build up friendships, and you will be asked to work hard on obtaining a good and attracting personality that will make other people fall in love with it and like it. Making friends might not be the end of the road; in order to keep those friends, you have to work hard on building a personality that will be considered likeable. Building such personality will always depend on your body language, on the words you choose, and on the way you tend to deliver your words to the other person; all these things will have a word in whether you are perceived as a likeable person or not.

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Turn Yourself into an Open Minded Person

open minded

Open mindedness is not only about being free, accepting what other people might not accept, and trying to be easily dealt with; values and norms are the same and people usually follow the same rules, accept the same things, and consider some other unacceptable, and that is why being open minded has nothing to do with such things, but it is more about accepting the differences that occur within the interactions that people make and trying to understand these differences as well. It is important to be an open minded person, whether at home or in the workplace; it is important to be someone who adapt himself/herself to the changes that happen an

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