How to Get People to Like You?


Through your life, you will meet different people, will be forced to build up friendships, and you will be asked to work hard on obtaining a good and attracting personality that will make other people fall in love with it and like it. Making friends might not be the end of the road; in order to keep those friends, you have to work hard on building a personality that will be considered likeable. Building such personality will always depend on your body language, on the words you choose, and on the way you tend to deliver your words to the other person; all these things will have a word in whether you are perceived as a likeable person or not.

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Turn Yourself into an Open Minded Person

open minded

Open mindedness is not only about being free, accepting what other people might not accept, and trying to be easily dealt with; values and norms are the same and people usually follow the same rules, accept the same things, and consider some other unacceptable, and that is why being open minded has nothing to do with such things, but it is more about accepting the differences that occur within the interactions that people make and trying to understand these differences as well. It is important to be an open minded person, whether at home or in the workplace; it is important to be someone who adapt himself/herself to the changes that happen an

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Surprising Health Benefits of Milk


When we start talking about milk, we immediately link it and its different benefits to kids without including us or those old people in the equation. Milk is beneficial, for all the different ages and all the different health conditions, drinking it does not stop at a certain age and the different benefits that the body might receive at the young age will never stop from entering the same body when it is old. Due to the fact that a lot of people leave their healthy habits of drinking milk when they get old, we decided to remind them that being young is not just by the number, but it is by the healthy body that they have, and milk will help th

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Giving and Receiving Constructive Criticism

giving feedback

When we first hear the word “criticism”, we directly link it with all the negative meanings and comments without trying to think about why that person is trying to criticize us or why we should pay more attention to his/her words. People should get over the idea of linking criticism to negativity, because constructive criticism is not just about the bad points, but it is about bringing the good beside the bad in a truthful manner. Receiving some criticism does not mean that you are not worth anything or that your work is always ineffective, but it means that you are good in what you are doing but you might still need to improve yo

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Mind Mapping…Drawing Your Ideas

mind mapping

Part of the brainstorming sessions that you are usually engaged with in your work will be about the mind mapping thing. Mind mapping is all about the way you tend to draw your different ideas instead of just writing them or saying them out loud. Mind mapping is not just related to business, you might find yourself mind mapping your ideas even when you are sitting with yourself doing nothing but trying to solve a problem or trying to analyze a specific thing in your life. As much as people think that mind mapping is just one of the effective roads that lead to success, they decided to bring some tools and applications to life in order to make

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