Business Phone Etiquette Guide

phone etiquette rules

Back in the old days, business was mainly about the meetings that are held between the companies’ managers, CEOs, or even between the different members of the team working for the same company, but when technology transitioned the world from one place to another, all those workers started dealing with one another in other different ways, such as telephone calls, messages, emails, and even through calls held on the internet, which some of them included live videos as well. Dealing with other business people for doing the work that combines you both together is something that should follow some etiquette rules and tips, which is the same

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Know More about How to Become a CEO

become a CEO

Small steps lead to big destinations because with every single step you take, you learn something new and this is how a real successful CEO should be built. Jumping directly into a new business or opening a new company just because you have a dream does not always mean that you are going to succeed, but there are different small steps which you will need to take and different obstacles which you will need to learn how to deal with in order to know what it means to become a trainee, a new employee, a senior employee, a manager, until you reach the top and become the CEO of the company. There are different steps to take and different qualities

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Office Decorating Ideas and Tips

office decorating

If you think that the way your office looks like does not affect your level of productivity, your success, or even your mood then you are probably wrong because it does. There are different things in the environment surrounding you that have a say in your career success other than the love and passion that you carry towards the thing you are doing, such as your colleagues and the relationships you have with them, the colors you use in your office, as well as the decorating items that you might be depending on all the time. It is important to read more about the ideas and tips for decorating offices that you should be following in order to bri

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All You Need to Know about Innovative Thinking

innovative thinking

Creativity and innovation; are two terms used every single minute in a different place around the world and especially in the business world, the problem is that not all the employees out there know how to use their minds in a creative and innovative way. Innovative thinking is the process of getting what is in your mind out to the world and the customers in a way that they will like, buy, and definitely use, and this is not as easy as it might sound at first. Business should always mean creativity in thinking and innovation in implementing these thoughts into the real world, because this is the only way to succeed, leave your print behind, a

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Mind Mapping and How to Do it

mind mapping

There are different ways through which people tend to keep the ideas or the information they receive remembered; there are those who write them down, those who record everything they hear, and there are those who depend on a different technique which is the mind mapping and which is considered much easier and much helpful. Mind mapping is one of the techniques used to save the information received or the ideas created by the mind in a way that would look like a real mind at the beginning, and even though some people might consider it a little bit messy to be looked at, it is considered one of the most effective techniques when one gets to und

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