8 Things People Should Learn From Thanksgiving


Back in the old days, Thanksgiving was celebrated by different colonies and states on different dates, until the year of 1863, in the midst of the civil war, when President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed a national Thanksgiving Day to be held on November from each year. There are different traditions related to Thanksgiving and they all depend on the country as well as the house celebrating it, as much as it might turn to be totally religious in one place, it might end up being no more than a couple of dishes cooked just for this occasion. Thanksgiving should be always a chance for every single person out there to learn something and add a new qu

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Best Productivity Apps for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneur and mobile phones

Being an entrepreneur means that you are successful, and being successful should be always linked with productivity, because how will you ever take effective decisions and think about creative ideas when you are not giving yourself and your mind the chance to be productive? There are usually different things and different people who push you forward and help you to become productive and earn that success; they could be your friends, your family members, your spouse, or it could be your employees; but when it comes to things, then there are books, quotes by different successful people, and there are also the mobile applications. There are diff

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How to Increase Your Mental Toughness


Hearing those words that always tell us how we should always be mentally strong in order to benefit our health and our work environment, and always asking ourselves those questions like “how could a person work on improving his/her mental toughness and become more strong mentally?” We have been lost between trying to do some of the exercises that will help to give us this toughness and between not knowing how far we are supposed to reach and how “strong” actually looks like. Being mentally tough means that you have the ability to handle all the difficult situations that you might pass by and at the same time be able to

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Cinnamon Health Benefits You Didn’t Know About


There are millions of things that we eat and drink without even knowing whether they are healthy or not; we eat things just because we love them without trying to dig deep behind whether they will be causing any harms to our health or not. You should always pay attention to all the things that you permit to enter your body, because as much as they might taste like heaven, they might be causing million other problems to you without even realizing. Cinnamon is just one of the most loveable things that we tend to add to our recipes, food and drink, and as much as we do love and enjoy it, we have never asked ourselves how much it is considered he

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Problem Solving Skills That You Should Have


It is not just about the problems that you have to solve in your life, but those skills related to problem solving are also about the different situations that you find yourself placed in and should deal with on the spot. Even part of making some decisions in your life is related to the process of problem solving because you have to deal with an issue before you start making plans related to it or start taking some critical decisions in your life; so at the end, everything tends to be related to one another. There are different problem solving skills that you should have or else improve if they are already part of your personality in order to

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