How to Succeed as a Freelancer


Not every single person you know carries the same personality as yours; he/she might not want to work as a full-time job employee and might have been trying to succeed as a freelancer and market for himself/herself in order to attract clients to come for his/her services. Freelance might not have the same benefits of working as a full-time employee in a company, such as the medical insurance, but it might still be better to match the free life that you want to live and at the same time might bring you more money according to the number of projects you are accepting and working on, as well as how popular you are. It is important to know what f

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Self-Awareness; Your Pathway to Understanding Yourself

self awareness

If there are a lot of “I don’t know” answers that you usually give away when it comes to your life and your personality then there is definitely something going wrong with the amount of self-awareness that you hold. It is believed to be the first step in knowing who you are and what you are capable of and that is the reason why it is also considered the road to happiness; those who know what they want are the ones who finally achieve their goals and thus become happier with their lives. Being self-aware might be a problem with a lot of people but the good thing is that it could be always solved and the person could always le

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Tips for Your Home Office

home office

The first scene that might come to your mind when the word “home office” appears is having your laptop while laying down on your bed and having something to drink; although this might be the case with those who only take one day off from their offices and do their work at home instead, it is not a healthy thing for those who are working from home as a full-time job. Working from home is something that is taking the lead these days especially with those who only deal with their computers and never have to sit with clients or customers or even talk with them on the phone, and that is why preparing a specific space in their homes as

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Business Phone Etiquette Guide

phone etiquette rules

Back in the old days, business was mainly about the meetings that are held between the companies’ managers, CEOs, or even between the different members of the team working for the same company, but when technology transitioned the world from one place to another, all those workers started dealing with one another in other different ways, such as telephone calls, messages, emails, and even through calls held on the internet, which some of them included live videos as well. Dealing with other business people for doing the work that combines you both together is something that should follow some etiquette rules and tips, which is the same

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Know More about How to Become a CEO

become a CEO

Small steps lead to big destinations because with every single step you take, you learn something new and this is how a real successful CEO should be built. Jumping directly into a new business or opening a new company just because you have a dream does not always mean that you are going to succeed, but there are different small steps which you will need to take and different obstacles which you will need to learn how to deal with in order to know what it means to become a trainee, a new employee, a senior employee, a manager, until you reach the top and become the CEO of the company. There are different steps to take and different qualities

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