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Things to Do When You Are Bored At the Airport


Arriving early because you just thought that “the airport would be crowded with people”, facing the two hours delay of your flight because “they have some technical issues”, or else just because you have a lot of hours between your connecting flights, are the things that turn your awaiting trip to hell just because of the million precautions you are taking or else passing by. We have all waited at the airport for hours literally doing nothing other than watching the people who are rushing to catch their flights or the people waiting for their arrivals.

We have met all those people who have been through these situati

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Blogs… A Whole World of Connecting With People


The world of blogging might seem difficult to you when you are just entering it; just like driving, you can’t actually drive a car by decision, but you should first know the techniques of how to manage a car and the rules of driving it. Blogging is important when you want people to know more about your ideas or when you want them to read your writings and it would definitely help you if you own a business and want to get more in touch with your customers. Creating a blog is just more beneficial than what you might have ever thought.

Of course it is not easy to get the target audience once you start off with your own blog, but everyth

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Some Photography Tips for Your Knowledge

Portrait photography

We all do our best to capture the moments, but not all of us care about how perfectly they appear; what is important is that they are there. But this rule will never work with the photographers who are actually earning a living from their photos; they should always appear flawless. Photographers are always chosen according to how beautifully their pictures are, and how uniquely they stand out from the crowd. And here is when they should regard every possible tip, and use every single trick in order to deliver the ‘tailored-just-for-you’ kind of pictures.

As we all know, or should know, there are different fields in the world of

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Occupy the Creative Thinking World


“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep” – Scott Adams –

If you are trying to measure your creativity level by the number of hours you spend daily on your desk, then you will never reach a satisfying answer, because you might spend 8 hours at the office doing the ordinary things that any person could manage to do, while you might spend an hour at the office and come up with an idea that no one has ever thought about. Creative thinking is the process that leads you to some answers and ideas that will lighten up the field it is heading into.

How to think creatively?

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Inspirational Fashion Quotes


We love words, we always fall for them no matter what, and for that reason we always pay clear attention to what people might say in front of us, because at any given second, they might reveal some interesting information or deliver some motivational words which we dig deep behind and feel like we just want to memorize them, write them down, and share them with the rest of the world. Fashion designers are some creative creatures who have their point of views that differentiate them for the rest of the world.

We all love fashion, and we do believe that our styles always talk about us and say who we truly are. But we are not as perfect as t

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