Extraordinary Brandable Domain Names

Extraordinary Brandable Domain Names

Creating a new brand is about being distinctive and memorable. The idea is to build a dynasty and leave a legacy. Nowadays a website’s Uniform Resource Locator (URL), the name of the website, is a very important part of a brand. In many cases, it is the brand. Here are some tips on how to choose brandable domain names.

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Historical Brands

What do Kleenex®, Kodak®, and Xerox® have in common? Besides being internationally recognized brand names, the words were simply made up words that did not exist before they were used for a brand. Moreover, their brand names became part of common speech.

Rarely does someone say, “Hand me a facial tissue.” Instead, they say, “Give me a Kleenex®.” No matter what brand the facial tissue is, Kleenex® is the generic term used to describe them all. Most everyone is familiar with a Kodak® moment, which is an excellent time to take a photograph. In this case, Kodak®, which is a proper noun, is used as an adjective in common speech. When someone wants a copy of something, it is often referred to as a Xerox®. This proper noun is also used as a verb as in the phrase,” Xerox® this for me.”

We can learn from these past successes and use this as a technique to create a brand new, brand name. We will give some tips and also show how we go step-by-step using those tips in the process of creating and selecting a new brand name, using a hypothetical auto repair shop for our example.


Tip #1 – Create a New Word for Brandable Domain Names


Made up brandable names

Make up a word that does not exist. Search the Internet to check to see if it is used anywhere else. It can still be used for a new brand if all other uses in commerce are of unrelated items. It is possible to have a McDonald’s Auto Repair Shop, especially if the owner’s name is McDonald. At the time of this writing the URL mcdonaldsautorepair.com However, this is not very distinctive. It would be better to use McDars.com that is also available at the time of this writing. The dot com extension is the best for international operations. If the focus is only on the U.K. then the .co.uk extension is best.

A search on Google gives a tiny 1,710 results for the word “McDars.” The results from the search are people who have this last name. McDars could be used for a variety of new brands because it sounds generic.


Tip #2 – Choose Easy to Spell Words for Brandable Domains Names and Capture the Typos


Easy to spell brand name

Not only should your new brand name be memorable, but it should also be easy to spell. Avoid words that have alternative spellings, especially when heard by someone. Examples of bad choices include such words as right, which can be spelt also as write and rite. For audio, it is best to choose words that have a single way to spell them. For our example for McDars, it is pretty easy to spell. However, it is possible to hear “McBars” because the “D” and the “B” sound are so similar.

Another thing to watch out for is typos from hitting the wrong keys or typing letters out of order. An example of this is gamil.com, which is a website that gets tons of web traffic from those who type gmail.com incorrectly.

If you are going to use a word that could be spelt wrong, then it will be important to register the domain names of the misspellings that are possible. At the time of this writing, McBars.com is available. However, McPars.com is taken. Some of the web traffic may go mistakenly to McPars.com instead of to McDars.com as it should. McPars.com is not being used, even though it is registered, so it might be possible to buy it.

A word of caution is appropriate here. McDonald’s restaurant company takes a very aggressive stance on any use of the prefix “Mc” or “Mac” and sues anyone for attempting to use it, especially if the company is in the food service business. McDonald’s was successful in disputing the E.U. trademark registrations of MACCOFFEE, McFish, McRibs, McToast, and others. McDonald’s won in the U.S. courts against an American company selling coffee called, “McBeans.” McDonald’s lost its legal battle against a Malaysian company called “McCurry,” yet the case took eight years and the legal expenses for the McCurry Company must have been exorbitant.

It is better to avoid this trouble for a new brand. If the word you make up can be confused with any other popular brand it is better to choose another word.

Based on consideration of a legal attack from McDonald’s we would adjust our sample to madars.com and if we make this our final decision, we would also register mapars.com because at the time of this writing mabars.com is taken. Mabars.com is an auto parts store, which is in the same industry as auto repairs so we might want to reconsider once again. Taking that into consideration we change to mawars.com because the URL is available and there is less chance of a spelling error.


Tip #3 – Check Trademark Registration and Apply for a Trademark


Trademark Registration

Trademark registration only protects a trademark in the jurisdiction where it is registered. This means if you plan to use the trademark in more than one country, it needs to be registered in all the jurisdictions where there is intended use. Each country and/or unified trade area, such as the European Union has different rules and expenses to file for a trademark.

Further trademark registration information can be found using these links:

Other countries have their own registration process, which is easily found by searching for the country name and trademark registration.

For those that do not want to handle the trademark registration themselves, there are third-party companies and attorneys that do this work for a fee. It is very expensive to have a global trademark.

To register a trademark in every country internationally costs about 100,000 Euros. This is why most companies register their trademarks in the U.K., the E.U., and the U.S. for a total of under 5,000 Euros. Perhaps they may also register in Japan and Switzerland if they intend to sell in those countries. Registration in other Asian countries, especially in China, is pointless due to the lack of enforcement of laws regarding intellectual property.

Trademark protection not only includes the brand name, but also the design of the logo. Some trademarks are a simple logo without words, such as the Nike “swoosh.” The UK Daily Mail reports that a woman named Carolyn Davidson ran into Phil Knight by chance at her school when they were both young. Knight is the founder of the sports apparel giant, Nike. He paid her about 35 Euros to create the logo that the Nike Company made famous globally. She also was given some shares in the company, which she never sold, that is now worth over 600,000 Euros. Notice that the “Nike” brand name is a made-up word as well, which follows our first tip.


Tip #4 – Register the Brand Name with Social Media and Directories


Social Media Branding

Once you decide on your brand name, you will want to register it with as many social media systems and directories as you can. This will accomplish three things. First, it establishes a commercial use of the brand, which is important for trademark registration(s). Second, it prevents others from capturing any of the natural searches of these systems for your brand name, and third, this improves the search engine optimization (SEO) results to help get your brand name listed at the top of the search engine results page.

You can register your new brand and get an account on these systems and as many others as possible:


Tip #5 – Localize Your Brand Name Using Long-Tail URLs


Localise your brand name

To get web traffic to your website if you offer products or services targeted towards a local area, there is a technique to use with long-tail URLs. Long-tail URLs use keyword phrases as the domain name if it is available. You can use a keyword generator tool or the Google Keyword Planner to find long-tail keyword phrases.

Here are a few examples:

  • auto body repair {insert local town here}
  • auto dimming mirror repair {insert local town here}
  • auto glass repair in {insert local town here}
  • auto glass repair{insert local town here}
  • auto repair {insert local town here}
  • auto repair centre {insert local town here}
  • auto repair costs estimate online {insert local town here}
  • auto repair estimates {insert local town here}
  • auto repair insurance {insert local town here}
  • auto repair shop {insert local town here}
  • auto repair shop in {insert local town here}
  • car mechanics {insert local town here}
  • car mechanics forum {insert local town here}
  • car mechanics reviews {insert local town here}
  • car repair {insert local town here}
  • car repair advice {insert local town here}
  • car repair calculator {insert local town here}
  • car repair categories {insert local town here}
  • car repair costs {insert local town here}
  • car repair finance {insert local town here}
  • car repair forum {insert local town here}
  • car repair garages {insert local town here}
  • car repair manuals {insert local town here}
  • car repair parts {insert local town here}
  • car repair plans {insert local town here}
  • car repair prices {insert local town here}
  • car repair quotes {insert local town here}
  • car repair ramps {insert local town here}
  • car repair reviews {insert local town here}
  • car repair service {insert local town here}
  • car repair shops {insert local town here}
  • repair car scratches {insert local town here}
  • repair car seats {insert local town here}

If you offer auto repair services in Birmingham for example, then you would want to register as many URLs as possible in this format such as carrepairservicebirmingham.co.uk and on each of these local websites have a landing page featuring your brand name boldly, and with a little bit of content (around 200 to 500 words). Each landing web page should be completely different to avoid being penalized by the search engines for having duplicate content.. However, all the links from each separate landing page go back to your main website of mawars.com (or mawars.co.uk if your focus is only on U.K. customers).



Choosing a new brand name is fun. It is a valuable effort to choose one wisely that has no competition for its use. Do not be worried if it sounds like a made-up word that nobody ever heard of because that is exactly what you want. No one knew about Nike when it first started either, except a handful of people and the woman who created the logo for about 35 Euros.

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