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The latest video marketing articles, advice and insights from the ProfileTree team.

Vlogging Accessories Essential Guide: Read Before Buying

You have seen them on social media. They are the Internet’s response to reality television. I’m talking about vloggers. Maybe you want to start your own vlog. In which case, first step is to know your vlogging accessories. What Is a Vlog? A vlog is essentially a video blog. It’s an alternative method of blogging […]

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Video Marketing for Business Growth

How helpful is video marketing for business growth? Is video marketing more effective compared to other digital marketing tools and techniques? In a world overflowing with articles written about various topics on different blogs, what would make your blog stand out amidst the clutter? Unless you’ve been living under a rock, then you’ve heard of the term […]

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Hiring a Video Marketing Agency: All You Need to Know

The concept of content marketing is not new to the world of business. For as old as the 18th-century smart businesses used content to raise awareness and credibility for their products. In 1888 Johnson & Johnson created a publication titled “Modern Methods of Antiseptic Wound Healing” targeting doctors. The content marketing game is in a state of constant change. […]

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YouTube Partner Network: Could You Profit from YouTube?

There are over 2 billion YouTube users, which equates to 79% of all internet users. 500 hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube every minute. Half of the users access Youtube via their mobile device. Many believe that applications like YouTube and Netflix will soon signal the end of television due to the amount of […]

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How to Be a Successful YouTuber: Joining the Creator Community

The continued growth of YouTube has been incredible. What started out as a platform for watching funny cat videos, has now become the second-largest search engine in the space of only a few years. Every minute there are more than 500 hours uploaded to YouTube. Other social media platforms have attempted to introduce their form […]

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What Is Twitch? And How Can Brands Leverage Live Video Streaming

What is Twitch? In short, it’s a community where streaming, gaming and pop culture meet social media. Millions of people around the world use this streaming service to share their gaming skills, cooking skills and lifestyle, and anything else they’re interested in. You can also become part of the action with your own channel or […]

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What Is YouTube Premium?

YouTube Premium is a paid YouTube membership that gives its user’s enhanced features. These include ad-free viewing on the platform, offline viewing and great access to other YouTube services such as YouTube Gaming and Kids. One of the only disadvantages of YouTube Premium is the fact that it is not available worldwide. The countries that […]

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Blog vs Vlog – Ultimate Guide

“Blog VS vlog” is a debate that has the internet community split. A blog is a website that contains written events, stories, topics, etc. On the other hand, a vlog contains video content instead of written content. Which is better for you? The one you find easier to do day in day out! Thus you […]

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What Is IGTV? Can Instagram Television Challenge YouTube?

What is Instagram Television? Will IGTV Shake Up Online Video? Recently Instagram released their own YouTube-esque platform called Instagram Television (IGTV) in an attempt to take Instagram – and video itself – forward into the future. Not only does IGTV give Instagram users a new ways to use the platform, it also shows great potential for the future […]

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Top Tips on How to Make Engaging Facebook Video Ads

Facebook video ads can create an impressive force for your business. By combining Facebook, the most popular social media channel, with innovative tools for targeting potential customers – your chances of converting sales becomes much higher compared to traditional methods. Facebook video ads are the new TV commercials, except that the former doesn’t carry the […]

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Video Content: The Future of Digital Content Is Here

Video content currently represents one of the most important content formats, if not the most important, and cannot be be ignored. This essential guide looks at how you could be unleashing the ROI of video for your business.   Which One Are You? Sitting at your desk and typing “video content” in Google’s search box. It […]

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Video Marketing: A Must For Your Business

Why video marketing? When launching a campaign, you aim to engage as many potential customers as you can to successfully promote your brand, product or service. Statistics show that the engagement rate for visuals, especially video, is much higher than just text or audio. You can include video marketing in your marketing strategy in many […]

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YouTube Monetizing: All You Need To Know

Every wondered how YouTubers make money and how you can do the same? Simply by monetizing their videos, YouTube users have found a way to profit from their content. In 2007, YouTube madeYoutube monetizing options became available for many YouTube accounts, allowing YouTubers to gain money through their Youtube by allowing ads to be displayed […]

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Understanding the New YouTube Rules

When YouTube first launched in 2005, no one could have predicted the soaring success the video website would become. YouTube is now the go-to place for video content. In 2006, a year after launch, Google clearly saw the potential of YouTube and decided to purchase it.  Unfortunately, YouTube has received some backlash over the years […]

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How to Create a YouTube Channel: Beginner’s Guide

YouTube feels like it is forever growing. There are over 2 billion YouTube users, which equates to 79% of all internet users. 500 hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube every minute.   Half of the users access YouTube via their mobile device. Many believe that applications like YouTube and Netflix will signal the end […]

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YouTube Subscribers: How Can I Increase My Subscribers on YouTube?

Since it started in 2005, YouTube has continued to grow at a massive rate. There are over 2 billion visitors each month, and over a billion people watch YouTube daily. YouTube is the leading video platform on the internet. Increasing subscribers on YouTube with your YouTube Marketing Plan is critical to success on the platform. […]

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Video Production Services – The Power of Video

Video allows for a viewer to get more information as they can visually see what is happening. If a business produces a good video as part of their marketing, people will likely begin to share the video which will draw more attention towards them and result in more sales. The Power of Video Just like […]

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Youtube SEO: Tips and Tricks for Growing Your Audience

YouTube feels like it is forever growing; in total, there are over 2 billion YouTube users. 500 hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube every minute. This means that YouTube SEO is crucial. Half of the users access YouTube via their mobile devices. YouTube is the second largest website behind Google, the biggest website on […]

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Video Marketing and Production Insight

The single most important strategy in content marketing today is video. Whether it’s video on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat or YouTube, the content you need to be thinking about creating and marketing on social media for your business is video. Period.
Quite simply video marketing is incorporating videos into your marketing campaigns whether to promote your company, product or service.

Customer testimonials along with live event videos are becoming more and more popular as companies try to leverage rich media content into their marketing efforts. Marketers can get a lot of mileage with just one video by incorporating it into all your marketing channels – from email to search to landing pages. Moreover, studies show that video can increase your Google ranking, conversions, open rates, click through rates and more.

No matter what you’re selling, no matter what your company does, if you don’t have a video marketing strategy for the biggest video platforms, you are going to lose. And in case you haven’t noticed, the platforms of distribution for video content online have shifted drastically over the last few years. It is essential that you get your head around the techniques for it and mark your stamp.