Audio Effects and Editing Sound in Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Along with video editing, Adobe Premiere Pro is very good for sound and audio editing. This makes this software ideal for any creator with a need to edit sounds especially into their films and movies.

The video below is part seven of the ProfileTree Adobe Premiere Pro CC tutorials. Within the video, it will show, how to enhance dialogue, audio effects, how to edit sound to the environment and also how to use music and other sound effects.

How to Fix Audio and Dialogue

Fixing audio can be a very time-consuming task, although Premiere Pro tries to make editing sounds and audio as easy as possible. Working with audio is very similar to working with video within Premiere Pro.

Whenever you click on the audio within your workflow, the audio effects panel will appear. Here you can edit the volume levels and bypass, the channel volume and the panning. You can also right click on the workflow and change the different effects.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC Audio Effects and Editing Sounds

There’re also many other effects you can use within the library. This includes effects such as graphic equalisers, distortion, invert and many more. To get started editing your audio, you can drag and drop the effects to your audio within your workflow. A window will appear that allows you edit the bass, treble and master gain.

Ambient Sounds and Sound Effects

Ambient sounds and sound effects are usually layered on top of one another. This allows you to have music in the background or louder sound effects.

You can edit the sounds individually or drag and drop them directly from the projects. When you edit sounds individually, you can only take the part you need to drag and drop into your workflow.

Matching Sounds to Your Environment

Matching sounds to your environment can be a very difficult. Not all sounds will match the environment that you’re trying to match them to. But you can manipulate them using different effects. To do this, you should familiarise yourself will all the sound effects available to you.

One of the best sound effects you can use to match sounds with the environment is the surround reverb. With this, just drag and drop the sound effect to the audio in which you wish to apply it to. You can also nest the sounds together to apply the sound effects to all the audio at once. There is also a range of other settings in which you can apply to the sound effect.

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