What Is Pinterest?

What is Pinterest? If your business hasn’t taken a closer look at Pinterest you might be missing a chance to engage with your customers in one of their favourite places.

How? See below for our QUICK READ overview…

What is Pinterest?

What is Pinterest All About?

Pinterest is a visual social networking tool allowing users to express themselves through posts called “pins.” The platform works in a similar, albeit digital, manner to a traditional corkboard with pinned photos.

Images or videos pinned to a user’s board usually revolve around a specific theme. This becomes known as a collection of pins.

Using a visual orientation as its method of interaction, Pinterest focuses on a person’s lifestyle and tastes, allowing them to discover and share with like-minded people. 

The goal of the social network is to “connect everyone in the world through the things they find interesting”.

What is Pinterest Used For?

Pinterest can be used for inspiration, develop wish lists, organising, or even as a business marketing tool. When the user has a specific purpose in mind, Pinterest becomes much more effective.

For example, many brides-to-be have found the ease of use of Pinterest to be a much better option to organize their wedding ideas than the bulky, three-ring binders wedding planners often use.

Some Pinterest members use the Boards for decorating ideas, giving each room of the house its own Board and then pinning different ideas for that space. 

Artists use it to organise their work by themes and to save inspiring ideas for later projects. It helps cooks keep their recipes organised. College students might create shopping lists for school items or organise classes projects and events. 

DIY-ers find Pinterest a useful tool for bookmarking project ideas. Boards can also have have multiple contributors, which makes collaborating with co-workers on big projects a much simpler and more organized task. 

What is Pinterest Good For?

Pinterest helps people with organisation, creativity, collaboration, and inspiration. That’s why so many businesses have now focused their marketing efforts on using the social platform. 

With more than 150 million users, and ongoing growth, Pinterest can help businesses reach their audiences at capture their attention with a single image. According to research, about 87% of “Pinners” have purchased a product because they first saw it on Pinterest. 

Another 93% of Pinners use Pinterest Boards to plan a future purchase. There is even an analytics counter on the Pinterst app that allows you to see your followers’ engagement with your Pins. 

What is a Pinterest board?

A Board on Pinterest is where users (Pinners) can organise specific Pins around different ideas, interests, themes, and plans. The Boards are also an important part of a brand or identity when it comes to business. 

Boards show people what your business message is, the types of products you offer, what inspires your brand, and more. It’s a good way for a prospective shopper to get to know you as a business or individual, depending on the type of service offered.

A person’s Pinterest boards can be as individual as the person who uses them.

The more you use Pinterest, the more Pins will be used, and this often leads to the creation of new boards. A Pinterest Profile can hold up to 500 boards. These Boards can be used as individuals, or they can be created for in a way that allows other Pinterest users to contribute to it.

Secret boards, and the Pins used on them, are visible only to you and anyone with whom you share the board. 

What is the Pinterest app?

The Pinterest app is an extension of the Pinterest service that makes it available to use right from your phone or tablet. The app works the same way the desktop service does.

Through the Pinters mobile app you can Pin and Re-pin the same way you would via desktop, minus the browser extension.

Pinterest has also listened to feedback from its users and made the app more accessible to those who are blind or have hampered vision. They’ve improved clarity of images, made text bolder and provided the option to increase text size, and included spoken reader feedback for more support. 

How does Pinterest work?

There are millions of Pins available on Pinterest. Each Pin features its own exclusive “Pin it” button that when selected can be Re-pinned to one of your own Boards.

You can also simply like the Pin as a keepsake, without it appearing on any Boards. When you find an image that you like, simply click the button and select the corresponding picture.

Then you can assign the pin to one of your boards and add accompanying text if you’d like. You can also just head to the Pinterest homepage and click the “+” symbol to upload images or video from your computer or via URL. When you hit the “Like” button on a pin it leaves a notification on the timeline of the original pinner about your approval.

There is also an option to post a notification to your Facebook Timeline about which pins you have liked or added. Enjoy!

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