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For SEO in Omagh, there’s much more to search engine optimising that ‘being seen by more people’.

Instead, a tailored SEO strategy will make sure you’re not just seen but that the right target customers see your business AND can respond in a measurable way.

ProfileTree delivers results-driven SEO by being a different kind of agency. We’re also content specialists, so we don’t just put you on the digital ‘high street’, but we can help drive the right traffic to you business and shape how those potential customers covert.

Why do we do this? By taking a ‘strategy-first’ approach we think about your specific audiences, their customer journey and how they’ll engage with your company.

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As a trusted local content and digital agency, we love hearing from our clients about the highs and lows of how they managed their digital world in the past.

One frequent theme? Businesses who look a tickbox approach to SEO in the past, but then had their eyes opened when our ProfileTree was able to show how the right traffic for their specific business can not just be won but converted into sales.

The approach we take to help businesses in Omagh, County Tyrone, and beyond with being found online?

The right reasons:

Instead of simply ‘more traffic’ (which, in itself, doesn’t pay the bills!), we’ll help you find the right traffic for your business and your business needs. Your company is unique, putting across your services and drawing in potential buyers can’t be a generic process.

The right prospects:

Just like ‘more traffic’, simply having ‘more customers’ making enquiries isn’t enough. A proper strategy delivered for your Omagh business by our SEO services company means discovering the right moves to find and engage actual potential buyers for you.

The right customer relationships:

You’d prefer that a great new customer doesn’t walk out the ‘shop door’ never to be seen again? Thankfully, the online world makes it easier than ever to keep in touch, keep a relationship active and draw in repeat custom. We hope we’ve shown how professional, big picture SEO services can be at the very foundation of how you win, engage and keep potential customers online. Just ‘doing SEO’ as a fix and forget, applying piecemeal advice or failing to look at your entire digital world are all ways to fall short of your goals.


Listening to snippets of advice about your business SEO, rather than looking for a big picture strategy, is a sure way to create poor results that – crucially – don’t convert to sales. Good SEO touches many parts of your online world, is ever-changing and needs content expertise to truly pay off.

Your business deserves better than working off scraps of out-of-content advice. The good news? We can help.


Trying to improve SEO by a piecemeal approach won’t create lasting results, which is where an SEO services company can step in. ProfileTree brings the customer service and personal touch of an SEO freelancer but with the benefits of a small, but multi-skilled team covering search, content, video social media and much more.

We’ll show you PROVEN results based on years of expertise.


Seeing SEO as something that is ‘done and dusted’ rather than an ongoing process means you won’t be monitoring results or making changes to suit your latest business needs. Our innovative, local SEO expertise will focus on maintaining the SEO benefits for you business now and going forward too.

We’ll help you think bigger and achieve more through smarter SEO.


You might think the customers you see through your door don’t search online? But what about the customers you DON’T see through your door. We’ll show you the available traffic, how SEO services can bring your company to new people and how to find the opportunities for sales.

PS – SEO ‘isn’t for us’ only works until you discover that a competitor has moved streets ahead online through search optimising!

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