Social media platforms giants are realising the importance of local businesses. But how are you benefiting from that? This is the best time for small and medium sized businesses to be on social media. However, in order to have a strong presence, you need a local social media marketing agency to help you attract audiences, create content and build a following.

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Best Social Media Marketing in Omagh

ProfileTree Web Design and Digital Marketing can help you do just that and on this page, we are here to answer all your questions related to ‘social media marketing Omagh’.

Business Landscape in Omagh

In order to build a strong strategy for your business’ social media marketing in Omagh, you need to first understand the business landscape. Check out these statics of business in Omagh 2024 below.

  • Tourism: £61 million is generated annually from overnight visitors in Fermanagh and Omagh, placing it behind only Belfast and the Causeway Coast.
  • Digital Technology: The Go Digital project has supported over 800 businesses in the district develop digital technology.
  • Business Size: 94% of businesses in Fermanagh and Omagh are micro-businesses, employing fewer than 10 people.

Ensure that you take the above (and other relevant research that you come across) into consideration. Use local insights, growing trends and community frustrations in order to generate ideas and ultimately, connect with your local target audiences in Omagh.

Social Media Marketing Omagh, County Tyrone

ProfileTree is excited to collaborate with enterprises in Omagh, County Tyrone, to expand their social media footprint. As a self-started, family-run agency anchored in Belfast and Monaghan, we have carved out a significant presence in the Northern Irish market since our establishment in 2010 – and we can help you do the same.

Our journey has seen us grow our team, earn multiple accolades, and significantly boost the social media profiles of numerous local and international businesses – as well as our internal brands. When you work with ProfileTree, you work with an agency with a proven track record of success on social media marketing.

If you want to achieve real results from a social media marketing agency in Omagh – choose one that has already done it – like us at ProfileTree. Did you know that we can also help train your staff/team on how to manage social media inhouse? As a digital training agency, we believe in knowledge sharing, ensuring that you have the necessary skills in order to remain relevant in the world of social media.

Social Media Marketing Omagh

What Type of Content Works for Social Media Marketing Omagh?

The type of content you will want to create and share will depend on your business goals, industry, selected social media platform . We can help you;

  • Generate ideas
  • Plan a content calendar
  • Embed SEO into social media content
  • Create engaging videos

Check out what we’ve done with our internal brand ConnollyCove for social media marketing in Omagh. FYI – It’s received over 10k views to date (not too shabby)!

Social Media Marketing Omagh

How Social Media Affects Businesses in Omagh?

Social media marketing is the first digital marketing channel that most businesses think of when they consider taking to the digital world. Many small and medium sized businesses in Omagh create their Facebook page and start posting their work.

However – they do so on and off. After a while, the page is abandoned and is no longer active. This is a common scenario that we often see with our clients. Many of those business owners mention that they used to get clients through social media, but they couldn’t maintain managing their account – and so business dropped off on it.

That’s when we step in, a local business ourselves, we understand the true impact for social media marketing. It has multiple positive impacts on business in terms of:

Customer Engagement

As a local business, engaging with your customers is super important. You have an edge over the big companies. The decision-making process in bigger companies takes ages before a problem can be addressed or a new service developed. Feedback received from one of the customers is never heard by the decision maker in most cases. Local businesses, on the other hand, are much more flexible. That’s why customer engagement on social media brings you closer to your customers. The great value for you lies in listening and taking quick decisions that accelerate your growth.


Although people are not on social media platforms to essentially buy something, but social media is a ‘good reminder’. It’s a great tool to attract visitors to your website where they will eventually make a purchase or sign up for a call. Local businesses in particular use social media as their product catalog especially if they don’t have the budget to build a website yet. So, social media can be a tool to drive revenue to the business.

Customer Service

Pretty straightforward. Many people prefer to send a message or ‘DM’ a business rather than make a call. It’s easier, faster, and more convenient. The more responsive you become, the better.

Competitor Evaluation

Social media gives you a sneak peek into your competitors’ activities. What they’re up to and what makes them more appealing to your target audience. You learn a lot by observation!

Which Social Media Is Best for Business in Omagh?

The best social media platform will differ depending on your goals, target audience and existing brand awareness. Check out the different platforms below and decide on which will provide the most value to you and your business.


  • Community Focus: Leverage groups and events to foster deeper connections with niche audiences.
  • Video is King: Prioritize Reels and live video to increase engagement and reach.
  • Shoppable Content: Utilize shopping features to seamlessly integrate e-commerce into your strategy.
  • Authenticity Wins: Showcase genuine brand personality and user-generated content.


  • Gen Z Engagement: Capture the younger demographic with trending challenges, humor, and storytelling.
  • Short-Form Dominates: Keep videos concise, visually appealing, and optimized for mobile viewing.
  • Collaboration is Key: Partner with influencers and participate in trends to expand reach.
  • Authenticity is Crucial: Focus on realness and transparency to resonate with the Gen Z audience.


  • Visual Storytelling: Utilize high-quality images and videos to grab attention in a crowded feed.
  • Reels Take Centre Stage: Optimize Reels for discoverability and engagement with trending sounds and hashtags.
  • Shoppable Posts: Leverage product tagging and shopping features to drive e-commerce.
  • Community Building: Interact with followers through Stories, polls, and direct messages.


  • SEO Optimises Pins: Use relevant keywords and descriptions to boost organic discoverability.
  • Storytelling Through Pins: Create visually compelling infographics and guides to educate and inspire.
  • Shoppable Pins: Integrate shoppable features to convert viewers into buyers.
  • Trend Forecasting: Stay ahead of the curve by identifying and capitalizing on emerging trends.

X aka Twitter:

  • Real-Time Conversations: Join trending discussions and react to current events authentically.
  • Concise Communication: Craft punchy tweets and threads to capture attention in fast-paced feeds.
  • Visual Content Matters: Include images, videos, and GIFs to enhance engagement.
  • Community Building: Utilise Twitter chats and polls to interact with your audience.

Need help identifying which social media is right for your business? Contact us for professional advice that looks at long term gains for your social media marketing in Omagh.

So, what makes a good social media marketing agency? The simple answer is the team behind it.  Our big team of experienced social media marketers, talented content creators, creative designers, dedicated brand strategists, competent PPC advertisers, and skilled SEO specialists are fully capable of handling your social media accounts.

How Much Is Social Media Advertising

You set the budget, we tailor a package optimised for your requirements and within the limits of your spending. We have packages starting from £500 per month covering content, visuals, moderation, and reporting.

Social Media Marketing Training (Online Course)

Many businesses prefer to handle their social media on their own. Some may simply not have enough resources to pay a monthly retainer for a social media marketing agency. Investing in upskilling yourself or your team on social media marketing has proven to be effective for many small businesses. We’ve learned this with our hands-on experience training many solo traders and small businesses on training programmes that ran for years and was funded by Northern Ireland councils.

Optimizing Business Social Media Pages & Profiles for Local Discoverability:

1. Claim & Complete Local Listings:

  • Claim & verify your profiles: Claim and manage your business profiles on all relevant platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and local directories like Google My Business (GMB) and Yelp.
  • Optimize profiles: Complete all profile information including accurate address, phone number, website link, categories, descriptions, and high-quality visuals.
  • Localize descriptions: Highlight local offerings, awards, community involvement, and unique selling points.

2. Target Local Keywords:

  • Research local keywords: Use tools like Google Keyword Planner to identify relevant keywords your target audience uses to search for businesses like yours locally.
  • Integrate keywords naturally: Include keywords in your profile, descriptions, posts, and hashtags while maintaining readability.
  • Optimize GMB & local directories: Use specific location keywords like “best restaurant near [neighborhood]” in your listings.

3. Leverage Local Content & Engagement:

  • Post locally relevant content: Share updates, events, promotions, news related to your local area and community.
  • Tag local businesses & influencers: Collaborate and tag relevant local businesses or influencers in your posts to expand reach.
  • Respond to reviews & comments: Promptly respond to local reviews and comments, showcasing responsiveness and customer service.
  • Run local contests & promotions: Offer localized contests or promotions to incentivize engagement and attract new followers.

4. Visual Appeal & Storytelling:

  • High-quality visuals: Use professional photos and videos that showcase your products, services, and local context.
  • Local visuals: Feature local landmarks, events, or community elements in your visuals to connect with local audiences.
  • Compelling storytelling: Use storytelling to highlight your brand’s unique personality, local connections, and community involvement.

5. Paid Advertising & Social Listening:

  • Targeted local ads: Consider running targeted social media ads based on demographics and location to reach new potential customers in your area.
  • Social listening tools: Utilize social listening tools to track local conversations, competitor activity, and brand mentions.
  • Engage in relevant local conversations: Participate in local online discussions and offer value to build brand awareness and trust.

Additional Tips:

  • Regularly post & update: Maintain consistency in posting frequency and content freshness to stay relevant and engage your audience.
  • Analyze & adapt: Track your social media performance metrics and adapt your strategy based on what resonates with your local audience.
  • Integrate with other marketing efforts: Promote your social media profiles on your website, email marketing, and other marketing materials.
  • Stay informed: Keep up with the latest social media trends and platform updates to optimize your local reach.

Creative Social Media Ideas for Omagh Brands:

1. Local Photography Contest:

  • Theme: “Hidden Gems of Omagh” – encourage participants to capture and share photos of unique, beautiful, or interesting places in Omagh they might not know about.
  • Hashtag: #OmaghHiddenGems
  • Engagement: Partner with local businesses to offer prizes, run “People’s Choice” polls, and feature winning photos on your website and social media.

2. Local Collaboration Challenge:

  • Theme: “Omagh Collabs” – challenge local businesses to partner and create unique products, services, or experiences together.
  • Hashtag: #OmaghCollabs
  • Engagement: Encourage collaborations across different industries, promote participating businesses, and host public voting for the best collab.

3. “Guess the Omagh Landmark” Game:

  • Theme: Post close-up photos of iconic Omagh landmarks and challenge people to guess their location.
  • Hashtag: #GuessTheOmaghLandmark
  • Engagement: Offer small prizes for correct guesses, share interesting facts about the landmarks, and reveal the locations later with fun stories.

4. Community Service Hashtag Campaign:

  • Theme: “#OmaghGivesBack” – encourage people to share photos and stories of their volunteer work or acts of kindness in the community.
  • Hashtag: #OmaghGivesBack
  • Engagement: Partner with local charities, highlight inspiring stories, and encourage participation by offering bonus points for volunteering hours.

5. Interactive Local History Quiz:

  • Theme: “Test Your Omagh Knowledge” – create a quiz with fun and interesting questions about Omagh’s history, culture, and trivia.
  • Hashtag: #OmaghQuizMaster
  • Engagement: Offer small prizes for top scorers, post daily trivia questions, and encourage users to share their results and challenge friends.

6. Behind-the-Scenes Look at Local Businesses:

  • Theme: “#OmaghInsider” – offer a glimpse into the operations of local businesses, showcasing their unique stories, people, and processes.
  • Hashtag: #OmaghInsider
  • Engagement: Partner with different businesses each week, feature employee spotlights, and run polls to see what interests viewers most.

7. Local Recipe Showdown:

  • Theme: “The Taste of Omagh” – challenge people to submit their favorite recipes using local ingredients or inspired by Omagh traditions.
  • Hashtag: #TasteOfOmagh
  • Engagement: Host public voting for the best recipes, collaborate with local chefs to prepare them, and share behind-the-scenes videos.

8. Local Influencer Partnering:

  • Theme: “Omagh Ambassadors” – collaborate with local social media influencers to promote your brand and highlight interesting aspects of Omagh.
  • Hashtag: #OmaghAmbassadors
  • Engagement: Host joint giveaways, create influencer-specific content, and encourage organic promotion from trusted local voices.

Ready to Book a Free Social Media Audit?

A social media audit is where one of our expert team members will get on a call with you to understand what you have in mind for your social media platforms. Our specialist will go through your social media channels and analyse your performance briefly to recommend solutions and ideas for your social platforms.

FAQs “Social media marketing Omagh”:

1. How can I tell if my current social media marketing strategy is working in Omagh?

Look for metrics like follower growth, engagement rates, website traffic from social media, and leads generated. Analyze your audience demographics and content performance to see what resonates with local audiences.

2. Do I need to be on all social media platforms to be successful in Omagh?

Focus on the platforms where your target audience spends their time. Research platform usage trends in Omagh to prioritize your efforts.

3. How much does social media marketing cost in Omagh?

Costs vary depending on your needs, goals, and chosen agency. ProfileTree offers a range of affordable packages and even a free consultation to discuss your specific needs.

4. What can I do myself to improve my social media marketing in Omagh?

Use the tips mentioned in this article! Optimize your profiles, post engaging content, target local keywords, and respond to comments. Consider attending local workshops or training sessions to enhance your skills.

5. What are the main benefits of working with a local social media marketing agency like ProfileTree?

We understand the unique needs of Omagh businesses and have local expertise. We can create a customized strategy, manage your platforms, track results, and offer ongoing support to ensure your success.

Conclusion “Social media marketing Omagh”:

Investing in effective social media marketing is crucial for reaching and engaging customers in Omagh. With a localized strategy, engaging content, and a partner like ProfileTree, you can build a strong online presence, attract new customers, and grow your business within your local community.

Fill out the contact form and send us your questions, we will be happy to answer all of them.

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