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The latest web hosting articles, advice and insights from the ProfileTree team.

123Reg- The UK’s Best Domain Review

123Reg Domain Registering- Previously I have talked about 123Reg’s WordPress Hosting, and have always wondered a great deal about their domain registering and how good of a service they provide for domains. Web hosting and the world of domains go hand in hand. So it only makes sense to talk about 123Reg’s domain registering. Let’s […]

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Liquid Web Hosting- Review

Liquid Web Hosting- Who are Liquid Web? Liquid Web are another Web host who hosts many different products including dedicated, WooCommerce hosting and that all-important hosting that is WordPress hosting. With over 30,000 customers in 130 customers and five data centres worldwide, they take massive pride in giving their customers the best hosting experience possible. […]

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A2 Hosting- Review

A2 Hosting are a web hosting company based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. They were established in 2003 and the name A2 came from the name of the city it was founded in. Since their establishment A2 now offer hosting for many applications and services. The applications A2 offering hosting for to name a few are […]

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Endurance International Group (EIG): Who are they and should you be concerned?

Endurance International Group (EIG): Who are they? After writing many articles on web hosting, I have seen a running trend. This trend is that most hosting companies are owned by themselves. The other companies that are not owned by themselves are all owned by the Endurance International Group commonly known as EIG for short, or […]

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123Reg Hosting- Review

123Reg were established in 2000, over 18 years ago. They are one of the biggest web hosting and domain registrars in the UK, boasting over 3.5 million registered domains. 123Reg use green energy to minimize and reduce their carbon footprint. This ultimately keeps the cost for energy down for 123Reg leading to reduced costs for […]

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Site5 Hosting- Review

Is Site5 a good Hosting provider for WordPress? First of all, who are Site5? Site5 have been around for almost twenty years. Since their founding in 1999 by Matt Lightner and Rod Armstrong they have since been bought by conglomerate EIG. Conglomerate EIG also own BlueHost, HostGator and iPage, so they are big in the […]

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1 and 1 Hosting- Review (Now 1&1 Ionos)

  Who are 1 and 1 Hosting? 1 and 1 hosting are a web hosting provider based in Germany. The company was founded in 1988, so a long time ago and has become one of the most known web hosting providers around the world. They are based in Montabaur, Germany the very place it was […]

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NameCheap Hosting Review

NameCheap was founded in 2000 with the purpose of delivering cheap and valued domains to the people of the web. Since then NameCheap has become a leading name in domain registering with over two million valued customers and five million registered domains under its belt. They have also started to venture into the world of […]

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InMotion Hosting Review

InMotion are a web hosting company based in Los Angeles, California. They also have a main office located within the city of Denver, in the city of Colorado. InMotion pride themselves on giving the customer the best experience possible both with their service and their support if a customer has any problems. How do they […]

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DreamHost Hosting – Review

Dreamhost is a web hosting provider established in 1996 and registered just a year later in the county of L.A. in California. They now boast over 400 thousand customers. They offer web hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, cloud hosting and the important WordPress Hosting. Taking pride in offering their customers the best service possible is […]

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Bluehost Hosting- Review

What is Bluehost? Bluehost was founded in 1996 by two co-founders in Utah, USA. They are committed to WordPress hosting, they even have a partnership with WordPress. Since 2003 they have registered millions of domain, released cloud sites and of course released optimized hosting for WordPress. Other than WordPress hosting they offer, shared hosting, VPS […]

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DigitalOcean Hosting- Review

DigitalOcean is a cloud computing company. They offer many unmanaged plans for many one-click apps such as WordPress, GitLad, MySQL and many more. DigitalOcean was established 2011 by five co-founders. They are now based in New York and also have an office in Cambridge Massachusetts near Boston. Since 2011 DigitalOcean have now got twelve datacenters […]

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Flywheel hosting- Review

  What is Flywheel? Flywheel is a hosting company, who were established in 2012, making them recent on the hosting scene. In 2013 Flywheel was in beta and then launched to the public. Since then they have moved to their main premises, reached over 100 employee’s and celebrated their 5th year anniversary. They are now […]

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iPage Hosting- Review

What is iPage? ipage was founded in 1998, the same year I was born, which seems a long time ago. Since then they have surpassed hosting one million sites with the idea of giving its customers the best possible hosting service. They pride themselves on delivering an affordable, reliable and an easy to use product […]

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HostGator Hosting- Review

What is HostGator? HostGator was founded in 2002 in Florida. They moved around North America for years. Moving to different offices in the likes of Toronto. Their main office is now stationed in Houston, Texas since they moved there in 2006. In 2015 they launched there own WordPress hosting. HostGator provide hosting for many other […]

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GoDaddy Hosting- Review

GoDaddy to me seem to be the Coca-Cola of the web industry as they serve over 17 million customers for various different service including hosting and domain registering. In fact they are the leading and largest domain register in the entire world. Everyone in the web industry should know who they are and what they do, […]

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SiteGround Hosting- Review

SiteGround Basics! SiteGround? I know what you’re thinking, they must be involved in archaeological digs or installing house foundations but they most certainly are not. SiteGround is one of the top web hosting companies in the world, with many rating sites, placing them in their top 10 if not top 5 best hosting companies. Since 2004 […]

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WP Engine Hosting- Review

What is it and what does it offer? WP Engine was established in 2010, since then it has skyrocketed to becoming one of the most popular WordPress site hosts. With 70,000 plus customers in 140 countries. Finding out if you would like to choose WordPress Engine to host your site is something worth researching. Today […]

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How to Make Money from Expiring Domains: Ultimate Guide

Domains are incredibly important to successful websites. Therefore, expiring domains can cause a massive amount of trouble for site owners. By the same token, if you have an entrepreneurial spirit, there is great potential to save or even make money from expiring domains.First, a little bit of background. When you first launch your new website, […]

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Website Hosting Insight

When you want to start a business in the real world, you need a physical location to set up, store, and sell your products. And the same rules apply in the digital world. When you set up an online business, you have a series of files, images, and HTML code that make up your website.

These files take up space and need a place to live. Without an online home, your files would just sit on your computer and no one would ever see them. Web hosting companies provide a place on a server to store all of your files and are responsible for delivering the files of your website as soon as a browser makes a request by typing in your domain name. When you pay a web hosting company, you are simply renting storage space on the internet — just like you would rent a physical store for your business.

Among the things you should consider when selecting a web hosting service are backup, security, analytics, customer support, scalability. Putting a website online can be simple, but it will only be successful if your Web host provides the relationship your small business deserves. Get to know more about what ProfileTree offers in terms of web hosting and lock down a partnership as soon as you are aware of the full benefits.