What is Bluehost?

Bluehost was founded in 1996 by two co-founders in Utah, USA. They are committed to WordPress hosting, they even have a partnership with WordPress. Since 2003 they have registered millions of domain, released cloud sites and of course released optimized hosting for WordPress.

Other than WordPress hosting they offer, shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting and re-seller hosting. Plans for WordPress start from £3.25/$4.06 , normally £6.57/$8.20 a month. (Optimised WordPress hosting also is offered by Bluehost starting from $19.99/£14.46 a month. Can’t find on Website anymore.)

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Bluehost’s Plans;

Bluehost offers four individual plans for shared hosting, ranging from £3.25/£4.06 up to £11.47/$14.32 a month. These plans are called the Basic, Plus, Choice Plus and Pro plans. All these plans offer different amounts of web space, website installs, domains and email accounts.

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The first plan Bluehost offer is their most basic plan, hence the name. This plan costs a very small £3.25/$4.06* a month. It should normally cost £6.57/$8.20 a month*. With this plan, users get access 50GB of website space and one domain, with many parked and sub-domains. Bandwidth is unmetered with the basic plan. With this plan, you can also add SiteLock security for an extra £1.64/$2.05* a month and/or Code-guard Basic for an extra £2.46/$3.07*.



The next plan Bluehost offer is the plus plan. This plan starts from £4.89/$6.11 a month which is a little more than half the origal price, £9.04/$11.29. I would suggest this plan more than the basic plan as you get so much more features. With the plus plan, you get all the features of the basic plan plus more. This includes an unlimited amount of websites, an unlimited amount of parked and sub domains as well as email accounts. Along side these features you will also get an unmetered website space and bandwidth and a free SSL certificate.

You can also add the SiteLock and Code-guard for a small fee a month. You will also gain access to SpamExperts. SpamExperts help to reduce spam to your email accounts linked to your website. They also have a team that tries to develop more and more security solutions to stop in coming spam and virus’ to your emails.



Another plan Bluehost offer is the prime plan.  The prime plan is the same price of the plus plan for the moment meaning it costs £4.89/$6.11*. The original price is £12.32/$15.38*. Again with this plan you do get everything from the previous plus plan and more. Along with all the unlimited email accounts, web space and bandwidth you get many security features. One of the features that you would get is the SpamExperts, which I have previously talked about. Domain privacy and a site backup is also included with this plan.

The domain privacy means all your personal emails and phone numbers will not be spammed by many companies as that information is hidden from them to see. By also having a site backup, if anything was to go horribly wrong with your website and it vanishes of the face of the earth, you will be able to get it back easily.


Go Pro;

The final plan Bluehost offer is the Go Pro plan.  This plan is much more expensive than the rest of the plans and comes in at a deal of £11.47/$14.32*. The original price of this plan a month is £17.35/$21.66*. You get everything in the Prime plan plus a dedicated IP, which you don’t get with any other plans. This allows people to directly access the server easily.


Optimized Hosting;

(Can’t find plans below on BlueHost anymore – Date 20/09/2019)

For optimised WordPress hosting, Bluehost offer 4 different plans called the WP, Standard, WP Enhanced, WP Premium and the WP Ultimate plan. All these plans range in prices from cheapest to more expensive and come with many different features. With every optimized plan you get one IP address, access to cPanel, 24/7 support and a money-back guarantee.

WP Standard;

(Can’t find plans below on BlueHost anymore)

The first optimised hosting plan for WordPress Bluehost offer is the WP Standard plan. This plans starts at $19.99/£14.46* a month and comes with many features. With this plan users are allowed up to one hundred million visits per month, 30GB of storage and backup and 2GB of RAM. cPanel and a free SSL certificate are also included within this plan.

This plan is normally $39.99/£28.92*, and after your plan runs out, this is how much it would be to renew your hosting per month with Bluehost. By having up to one hundred million visits per month, it means you don’t need to worry about any extra charges being added to your bill.


WP Enhanced;

(Can’t find plans below on BlueHost anymore)

The Enhanced plan is the second optimized hosting offered by Bluehost. This is the plan that offers a little bit more than the standard plan. With this plan users are given double the amount of storage space, backup and RAM compared to the standard plan. That means you will receive 60GB of storage, 60GB of backup and 4GB of RAM. Users will also get access to a free domain and an IP address along with up to 300 million visits per month. cPanel is also included with this plan.

This plan would be great for people who have a very successful website, that includes a wide range of media’s on their site.


WP Premium;

(Can’t find plans below on BlueHost anymore)

The third optimised hosting plan is called the premium plan. Again following the enhanced plan, this plan offers a bit more than the enhanced plan, including 120GB of storage, 120GB of backup and 6GB of RAM. The amount of visitors per month with this plan is double the amount form the Enhanced plan, meaning you are allowed up to 600 million visits a month.

This plan also comes with the Positive SSL, which gives the best protection for many websites especially business websites. All together this plan costs $39.99/£28.92* a month. This is a deal for the moment and it should normally be $89.99 a month, which is better than half price. cPanel is also included with this plan.


WP Ultimate;

(Can’t find plans below on BlueHost anymore)

The final optimised hosting plan offered by Bluehost costs $49.99/£36.15*a month and is called the ultimate plan. With this plan, you get 8GB of RAM alongside 240 GB of storage and 240GB of backup. You are allowed an unlimited amount of visitors which is great because more and more visitors can come to your website without you needing to worry.

The normal price of this plan is $129.99/£94.01* a month, which is an astonishing 65% off.


Managed WordPress Hosting


For £16.40/$20.48 a month (Normally £24.65/$30.76), Bluehost offer the Build Managed WordPress Hosting Plan. This plan is ideal for a user needing the basics to create a new professional website.

With this plan users will receive the basic Jetpack Site Analytics, daily backups, ,malware detection and domain privacy and protection. For an extra £1.64/42.05 a month (£19.63/$24.51) users can purchase the Bluehost SEO Tools.



Similar to the Build Plan, Bluehost also offer the Grow Plan. This plan is similar to the Build Plan with more features. Per month, this plan will set you back £24.62/$30.74 (Normally £32.88/$41.05).

With this plan users will receive the premium Jetpack compared to the basic in the Build Plan. Other features include Business Review Tools, BlueHost SEO Tools, Jetpack Ads Integration and 10GB Video Compression.



The Scale Plan is the final Managed WordPress Hosting Plan. This plan costs £41.06/$51.27 a month (Normally £49.32/$61.58). Jetpack Pro is included within this plan, Unlimited backups and restores, PayPal Integration, Video Compression and Elastic Search.

(It is worth to note that all the Managed WordPress Hosting Plans receive Office 365 Mailbox for free for 30 days.)


Do Bluehost provide good support?

24/7 support is offered with every plan Bluehost offer. This means support for important matters such as your hosting and your accounts can be answered along with side less so important matters such as potential customers. A live chat is also a feature within the Bluehost website. With this feature potential customers can talk to the experts at Bluehost about potentially using Bluehost.

With 24/7 support, a ticketing system is used to prioritise customers with different problems. The ticketing system wants the user to choose an option that they would like to talk to support. Therefore there are five options to choose from, which are, affiliates, billing, sales, tech support and verification. The choosing an option feature filters requests and helps prioritise requests.

One of the best support features Bluehost offer is their knowledge base. The knowledge base is filled with articles, tutorials, guides and instructions. Here users can search for answers to problems and also gain knowledge on many parts and features of the hosting Bluehost provide.


What kind of security does Bluehost provide?

With every optimised plan, you will receive a free SSL. The SSL helps to protect users personal details, such as their name, phone number, address and credit/debit card number. If your sites don’t have an SSL, entering personal details can be dangerous because all personal would not be encrypted. If your site was to be hacked, people could easily gain access to this information without SSL.

You are also able to add SiteLock and CodeGuard basic to your monthly plans for a small fee each month. SiteLock is a great feature that I would highly recommend myself. With SiteLock, it automatically scans your website for suspicious malware that could cause damage to your sites. It does this as well as checking your databases and other applications for attacks. The databases are the places where customer information is stored, do preventing this is a must-do. By having SiteLock customers and visitors to your website, should feel more secure on your website.

You should also feel safe with CodeGuard. CodeGuard does exactly what it says on the tin as it takes daily backups of your sites automatically and checks for changes to your site frequently. It also provides one-click restore if anything was to happen to any of your sites.

SpamExperts helps filter spam filter that scans all incoming emails. It is looking for phishing, viruses and many other types of email attacks that could be potentially damaging to you. It’s easy to use as it works with all emails associated with the one domain.


Bluehost’s performance, what’s it like?

One thing Bluehost do well is on performance. This is just one of the many reasons WordPress would recommend Bluehost. Bluehost has a reputation for strong uptime and above average upload speeds. What more could you ask for?

As I said before, Bluehost offer very strong uptime. Many people see Bluehost as the number one web host, and that’s due to Bluehost being in the top hosting for uptime. From what I  can see they do not offer any guarantee’s on their uptime but their numbers speak for themselves.

Bluehost also offers strong upload speeds, especially in the US. This is a trend I keep seeing with web hosting. The US seems to get the best results compared to Europe, Asia and especially in South America and Australia.


Does Bluehost have any other or unique features?

Bluehost also includes a domain name and email accounts with their plans. A domain can be expensive at times, so having the option to get one for free is great. Not every hosting site offer free emails along with parked and sub-domains.

cPanel is also included with all the optimised plans. This is used by many companies, meaning many people have good understanding and great knowledge on the control panel.


Positives of Bluehost;

With many hosting, they all come with their advantages and disadvantages. Bluehost is no exception to this. Bluehost has many positives to them, including their support, security options and performance.

One of the main positives of Bluehost is their recommendation by WordPress. Only three hosts have a recommendation by WordPress, which are Bluehost, SiteGround and HostGator. Getting this recommendation is very hard to achieve so by having this, they must be doing something right.

A money-back guarantee is also offered up to 30 days after purchase. This allows the user to take their hosting for a so-called ‘test-drive’, to see if Bluehost is right for them. If Bluehost doesn’t suit their sites and them they can always go back and try another hosting.

Bluehost also has a range of security options in which you can choose from. These range from spam tools, 2-factor authentication, SSL’s, and malware protection. You can then choose which tools are more suited to you and your websites.

Another positive of Bluehost is their free domain. This is because not every host offers a free domain.


Negatives of Bluehost;

Alongside the positives, there are a few negatives to Bluehost hosting. One of the biggest negatives to Bluehost is the additional costs for site migration and for some tutorials on how to set up their hosting. With these additional costs, it could put off potential customers moving to host especially because the fee to move your site over to them is very expensive at $149.99/£108.48*.

Bluehost also upsell aggressively within their plans. When you go to buy plan many additional features are added on already and you have to manually remove whichever features you would not like.

Bluehost’s pricing is another negative. Optimised hosting is very expensive compared to other hosts. Another negative about the pricing is that its all in dollars, which can scare people off from purchasing hosting with Bluehost.


My thoughts;

Overall I would recommend Bluehost for their hosting. I think that the security and performance they offer is very competitive. The fact they are also recommended by WordPress for their hosting screams to me that you can’t get much better.


This article was last updated on 20th September 2019





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