Gandi Domain Registering-

Who is Gandi? Gandi are a web hosting and domain register, founded in 1999 in France. They were one of the first ever domain registrars based in France approved by ICANN. ICANN is the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. Overall Gandi are based in four countries and have offices in each. They are Paris (France), San Francisco (US), Bissen in Luxemburg and Taipei in Taiwan.

One of Gandi’s main priority’s is for their customers and their rights. They have the slogan ‘No Bullsh*t’ trademarked to offer their customers the best peace of mind for the best service possible. Gandi understand that advertising isn’t the main form of promotion and solely base their promotion by their customers. So giving excellent service is a must for Gandi otherwise no one would promote and speak great about them. Ultimately relying on their customers to promote their services. They do this as they believe customer recommendations is more reliable than marketing claims. And to be honest I wouldn’t disagree. If a person was to recommend something to me I am more inclined to use that product due to the recommendation.

Gandi with ProfileTree (PT)

No Bullsh*t! Gandi’s Core values and promise;

Gandi’s no bullsh*t is not just a tag line or slogan it is their promise to their customers and their core values as a company. Gandi promise to give you exactly what it says on the tin, meaning everything they promised in your plan will ALWAYS be included. They also promise to listen to their customers thoroughly and they will ALWAYS be honest in their replies. Even if that means telling their customers information they won’t like. Straightforwardness and transparency is key to them. If Gandi were to ever be hypocritical in what they say or make any mistakes, they will admit it and apologize to you as a customer. This will help keep customers. 

Every Gandi employee is made aware of their declaration of ‘no bullsh*t’. They are asked to promise Gandi’s promises and to defend their values. Honesty, transparency, core values, commitment and communication are all vital parts of the declaration. Below is an image/screenshot of the declaration from their website;

Gandi Domain Review ProfileTree

Gandi Employee's message

Gandi’s Pricing;

Gandi do not have standard pricing for their domains. That means most of their domains have an individual price compared to other registrars who have the same price for many different domains. This is why the table below is labelled £-£ instead of a list of each price, which is how have have layed out my other domain registrar review articles. To find out the right price of each of the domains below, visit Gandi’s Domain name prices page. Every domain is ordered alphabetically, so if you see a domain below and you need the actual price it will not be too hard to find the price.

Pricing Domain extention
£0-£10  .business, .casa, .cn,, .company, .feedback, .in, .me,,, .uk, .work, .za
£10.01-£15  .be,  .blue, .ca, .cam, .capetown, .cat, .cc, .ch, .click, .club, .cologne, .com,, .de, .dk, .durban, .es, .eu,, .fr, .futbol, .gdn, .gr,, .it, .joburg,, .kim, .koeln, .link, .mobi, .nagoya, .name, .nl, .observer, .okinawa, .one, .pictures, .pl, .pm, .pw, .re, .realty, .red, .rocks, .ryukyu, .shiksha, .shop, .space, .tf, .tokyo, .top, .us, .wang, .wf, .xyz, .yokohama, .yt
£15.01- £20  .art, .biz, .bet, .asia, .at, .boston, .city,, .cymru, .cz,, .desi, .directory, .exposed, .fi, .graphics, .gratis, .im, .info, .institute, .irish, .jetzt, .li, .lt, .lv, .markets, .moe, .net, .no, .nz, .onl, .org, .pet, .pink, .pro, .promo, .qpon,,, .rip, .ru, .schule, .se, .st, .tel, .today, .tw, .uno,, .vip, .wales
£20.01- £25  .band,, .au,  .agency, .bz, .center, .dance, .education, .email, .equipment, .football, .fyi, .ga, .gallery, .games, .gift,, .group, .ie, .international, .ist, .lc, .lightning, .ltd, .lu, .management, .miami, .ml,k .network, .ninja, .nu, .photography, .photos, .pt, .reisen, .report, .run, .soccer, .solutions, .soy, .supplies, .supply, .support, .systems, .technology, .tips, .trading,, .video
£25.01- £30  .builders, .cab, .bargains, .airforce, .army, .auction, .church, .cloud, .co,, .computer, .construction, .contractors, .cooking, .cool, .corsica, .democrat, .discount, .domains, .earth, .engineer, .family, .fishing, .florist, .forsale, .foundation, .fun,, .gives, .gq, .horse, .how,, .il, .immobilien, .ink, .instanbul, .kaufen, .kiwi, .la, .live, .navy, .news, .place, .properties, .rehab, .repair, .republican, .reviews, .rodeo, .saarland, .sarl,, .site, .studio, .su, .sx, .taipei, .training,,, .vodka, .website, .works, .yoga
£30.01- £35  .bid, .accountant,  .associates,  .africa,  .actor,  .cafe, .attorney,, .blog, .cards, .care, .cash, .catering, .chat, .cricket, .date, .dentist, .download, .exchange, .express, .faith, .fashion, .fit, .garden, .gent, .gmbh, .gripe, .guru, .gy, .haus, .immo, .industries, .io,, .lat, .lawyer, .limited, .loan, .lol, .love, .mba, .moda, .nyc, .ooo, .plus, .productions, .pub, .quebec, .racing, .review,, .ruhr,, .sale, .school, .science, .shopping, .show, .stream, .study, .style, .team, .tirol, .town, .trade, .tube, .tv, .vc, .vision, .webcam, .wedding, .whoswho, .wien, .wiki, .win, .ws, .wtf
£35.01- £40  .academy, .beer, .bike, .boutique, .broker, .ac, .bayern, .brussels, .cheap, .clothing, .coffee, .community, .consulting,  .country, .deals, .digital, .direct, .enterprises, .estate, .events, .fail, .farm, .fish, .fitness, .gifts, .gs, .guide, .help, .house, .land, .life, .market, .marketing, .media, .men, .menu, .money, .osaka, .parts, .party, .photo, .pics, .rentals, .services, .sexy, .sh, .social, .software, .surf, .tools, .vacations, .vet, .vlaanderen, .watch, .world,, .zone
£40.01- £45  .black, .abogado, .buzz, .condos, .courses, .cruises, .degree, .flights, .limo, .ltda, .mom, .mx, .online, .paris, .pe, .recipes, .rest, .ski, .srl, .tienda, .viajes, .villas
£45.01- £50  .bio, .amsterdam, .alsace, .am, .claims, .coach, .codes, .delivery, .frl, .furniture, .gd, .insure, .legal, .london, .maison, .memorial, .nrw, .pizza, .poker, .restaurant, .scot, .sg, .sk, .tours, .vg
£50.01- £55  .apartments, .bingo, .bzh, .christmas, .clinic, .dating, .dental, .design, .engineering, .financial, .forex, .fund, .gl, .hk, .lease, .lgbt, .mn, .mortgage, .my, .ngo, .ong, .partners, .sb, .surgery, .tattoo, .tax, .tech, .tennis, .university
£55.01- £60  .archi, .berlin, .aero, .camera, .camp, .capital, .careers, .cleaning, .coupons, .diamonds, .dog, .expert, .finance,, .gg, .glass, .golf, .hamburg, .healthcare, .hn, .hockey, .holdings, .holiday, .hospital, .je, .jewelry, .kitchen, .plumbing, .qa, .salon, .shoes, .solar, .taxi, .theater, .toys, .vegas, .ventures, .vin, .vn, .voyage, .wine
£60.01- £65  .bi, .af, .melbourne, .pk, .sydney
£65.01- £70  .cd, .coop, .kr, .ms, .ph, .store, .tc, .to, .vote, .voting, .voto
£70.01- £75  .bar, .basketball, .gal, .global, .kyoto, .press
£75.01- £80  .barcelona, .build, .college, .cx, .dj, .eco, .eus, .green, .hu, .rent, .ve
£80.01- £85  .ae, .ag, .ceo, .cm, .so, .tl, .travel, .ug
£85.01- £90  .as, .baby, .fans, .health, .ht, .organic, .sc, tj
£90.01- £95  .accountants, .credit, .fm, .jp, .mu
£95.01- £100  .adult, .film, .host, .mg, .mk, .porn, .sex, .si, .tires, .xxx
£100.01- £105  .gold, .investments, .reise, .rs
£105.01- £110  .best, .doctor, .energy, .law, .loans
£110.01- £115  .bw, .lk, .ma, .ps
£115.01- £120  .bf, .career, .swiss
£120.01- £125  .tm
£125.01- £130  .casino, .ec, .th
£130.01- £140  .aq, .ax, .bible, .br, .boats, .creditcard, .gn, .hm, .homes, .mo, .mp, .mt, .mw, .ng, .tz, .ua, .uy, .vu
£140.01- £150  .audio, .blackfriday, .cl, .diet, .ee, .flowers, .gm, .guitars, .hiphop, .id, .jm, .kz, .ni, .property
£150.01- £160  .by, .ar, .ke, .ky, .ly, .np, .sn, .sv
£160.01- £200  .ba, .bj, .cr, .cw, .ir, .kg, .mc, .mm, .nc, .pa, .pn, .py, .sa, .tr, .uz
£200.01- £250  .az, .ck, .cy, .do, .gt, .hiv, .hr, .kw, .lb, .movie, .mz, .pf, .pg, .sl, .sr, .sucks, .td, .tk, .tn, .tt, .ye
£250.01- £300  .bb, .ai, .ad, .dm, .dz, .et, .ge, .gf, .gh, .gi, .gp, .iq, .is, .kn, .is, .md, .om, .radio, .sm, .vi
£300.01- £400  .bo,  .al, .ci, .fj, .fo, .game, .hosting, .jo, .juegos, .mr
£400.01- £500  .bs, .eg, .keyboard, .luxery, .motorcycles, .theatre, .tickets
£500.01- £600  .ao, .bh, .cg, .nr, .rw, .storage, .sy
£600.01- £700  .bank, .insurance, .ne
£800.01- £900  .nf
£900.01- £1000  .autos, .ki, .pr, .reit
£1000.01- £2000  .auto, .car, .cars, .cu, .protection, .rich, .security
£2000.01- £upwards  .bn, .makeup, .na


Gandi have a wide pricing range when you’re looking to register a new domain. Generally the most expensive domains are TLD’s that are associated with vehicles (specifically cars), protection and makeup. I don’t know why the running theme for these domains are so expensive but I’ll try best to find out why. Maybe you’ll find that in another article soon!


Transfer Prices;

If you are a person who likes to shop around for better deals, always keeping an eye out for domain transfer prices should be a must for you. Below is a table with every domain Gandi offer with the price. Again similar to the price of the domain, Gandi have different prices for each domain, so to find the actual price visit Gandi’s Domain name prices page. The price is usually around the same price as the actual domain.

Transfer Domain extension 
Free, .ai, .as, .at, .au,, .ch,,,, .cz,, .dk, .es,, .fi,,, .gl, .gr,, .hk,, .im,, .jp,, .la, .li, .lt, .lv,, .nu,, .pl, .pt, .pw, .ro, .ru,,, .se,, .uk,,,,, .za,
£0.01-£10 .be, .business, .ca, .casa, .cn, .cologne, .com, .company, .feedback, .il, .in, .it, .koeln, .nl, .one, .pictures, .rs, .space, .top, .tt, .work
£10.01-£15 .art, .asia, .bet, .blue, .capetown, .cc, .click, .cloud, .club, .de, .desi, .durban, .eu, .fr, .futbol, .gdn, .info, .joburg,, .kim, .link, .moe, .nagoya, .name, .net, .no, .observer, .okinawa, .org, .pet, .pm, .promo, .qpon,,, .re, .realty, .red, .rip, .rocks, .ryukyu, .shiksha, .tel, .tf, .tokyo, .us, .vip, .wales, .wang, .wf, .xyz, .yokohama, .yt
£15.01- £20 .africa, .agency, .band, .bi, .biz, .boston, .center, city, .cymru, .dance, .directory, .education, .email, .equipment, .exposed, .football, .fyi, .gallery, .games, .graphics, .gratis, .group, .institute, .international, .irish, .ist, .jetzt, .lc, .lightning, .ltd, .lu, .management, .markets, .me, .miami, .network, .ninja, .nz, .onl, .photography, .photos, .pink, .pro, .reisen, .report, .run, .schule, .soccer, .solutions, .st, .su, .supplies, .supply, .support, .systems, .technology, .tips, .today, .trading, .tw, .uno
£20.01- £25 .airforce, .army, .auction, .bargains, .builders, .bz, .cab, cam, .church,, .computer, .construction, .contractors, .cooking, .cool, .democrat, .discount, .domains, .earth, .engineer, .family, .fishing, .florist, .foundation, .fun, .ga, .gift, .gives, .horse, .how, .ie, .immobilien, .ink, .instanbul, .kaufen, .kiwi, .live, .ml, .mobi, .navy, .news, .place, .properties, .rehab, .repair, .republican, .reviews, .rodeo, .saarland, .sarl, .singles, .soy, .studio, .sx, .taipei, .training, .video, .vodka, .website, .works, .ws, .yoga
£25.01- £30 .associates, .attorney, .blog, .cafe, .cards, .care, .cash, .cat, .catering, .chat, .co, .corsica, .dentist, .exchange, .express, .fashion, .fit, .garden, .gent, .gmbh, .gq,.gripe, .haus, .industries, .io, .lat, .lawyer, .limited, .lol, .love, .mba, .moda, .nyc, .ooo, .plus, .productions, .quebec, .sale, .school, .shopping, .show, .site, .stream, .study, .style, .team, .tirol, .town, .tube, .tv, .vision, .wedding, .whoswho, .wien, .wiki, .wtf
£30.01- £35 .ac, .academy, .accountant, .actor, .bayern, .beer, .bid, .bike, .boutique, .broker, .brussels, .cheap, .clothing, .coffee, .community, .consulting, .country, .cricket, .date, .deals, .digital, .direct, .download, .enterprises, .estate, .events, .fail, .faith, .farm, .fish, .fitness, .gifts, .guide, .guru, .help, .house, .immo, .land,  .life, .loan, .market, .marketing, .media, .men, .menu, .money, .mx, .osaka, .parts, .party, .photo, .pics, .pub, .racing, .rentals, .review, .ruhr, .science, .services, .sh, .shop, .social, .software, .surf, .tools, .trade, .vacations, .vc, .vet, .vlaanderen, .watch, .webcam, .world, .zone
£35.01- £40 .abogado, .black, .buzz, .claims, .coach, .condos, .courses, .cruises, .degree, .delivery, .flights, .furniture, .insure, .legal, .limo, .london, .ltda, .memorial, .mom, .online, .paris, .pe, .pizza, .recipes, .rest, .scot, .sexy, .srl, .tienda, .viajes, .villas
£40.01- £45 .am, .amsterdam, .apartments, .barcelona, .bingo, .dating, .dental, .design, .engineering, .frl, .fund, .lease, .my, .ngo, nrw, .ong, .partners, .poker, .ski, .surgery, .tax, .tennis, .university
£45.01- £50 .alsace, .bio, .bzh, .camera, .camp, .christmas, .cleaning, .codes, .coupons, .dog, .financial, .forex, .gd, .glass, .golf, .gy, .hockey, .holdings, .hospital, .jewelry, .kitchen, .lgbt, .maison, .mn, .mortgage, .plumbing, .qa, .salon, .sg, .shoes, .sk, .solar, .tattoo, .taxi, .theater, .tours, .toys, .vegas, .vg, .vin, .vn, .wine
£50.01- £55 .berlin, .capital, .careers, .diamonds, .expert, .finance, .hamburg, .healthcare, .holiday, .melbourne, .restaurant, .sydney, .tech, .ventures, .voyage
£55.01- £60 .aero, .archi, .cx, .gg, .je, .kr, .store, .tl, .vote, .voting, .voto
£60.01- £65 .bar, .basketball, .college, .gal, .kyoto, .md, .pk, .rent
£65.01- £70 .ae, .build, .cd, .coop, .dj, .eus, .ge, .green, .gs, .hn, .sb, .tc
£70.01- £75 .ag, .fans, .global, .press, .so
£75.01- £80 .accountants, .baby, ceo, .credit, .eco, .health, .hu, .organic, .ph, .td, .to, .travel, .ve
£80.01- £85 .cm, .mk, .ug
£85.01- £90 .az, .bd, .film, .investments, .sc, .tires, .tj
£90.01- £95 .best, .bw, .fm, .gold, .reise, 
£95.01- £100 .adult, .af, .doctor, .energy, .host, .law, .loans, .ma, .ms, .mu, .porn, .sex, .si, .sn, .xxx
£100.01- £105 .bf, .ht, .lk
£105.01- £110 .career, .swiss, .tr
£110.01- £115 .mg, .ps, .tm, .vu
£115.01- £120 .casino, .mw, .ng, .th
£120.01- £125 .homes, .sa
£125.01- £130 .bible, .boats, .cl, .ec, .kz
£130.01- £140 .aq, .audio, .ax, .blackfriday, .br, .creditcard, .diet, .flowers, .gn, .guitars, .hiphop, .hm, .id, .kw, .mo, .mp, .mt, .property, .tz, .ua, .uy
£140.01- £150 .ee, .gm, .jm, .ke, .ni
£150.01- £160 .ar, .bg, .by, .ky, .ly, .np, .sv
£160.01- £200 .ba, .bj, .cr, .cw, .ir, .kg, .mc, .mm, .nc, .pa, .pn, .py, .uz
£200.01- £250 .ck, .cy, .do, .gt, .hiv, .hr, .lb, .movie, .mz, .nf, .pf, .pg, .radio, .sl, sr, .sucks, .tk, .tn, .ye
£250.01- £300 .ad, .bb, .ci, .dm, .dz, .et, .gf, .gh, .gi, .gp, .iq, .is, .kn, .ls, .mq, .om, .sm, .vi
£300.01- £400 .al, .bo, .fj, .fo, .game, .hosting, .jo, .juegos, .mr, .tickets
£400.01- £500 .bh, .bs, .eg, .luxery, .motorcycles, .theatre
£500.01- £600 .ao, .cg, .nr, .rw, .storage, .sy
£600.01- £700 .bank, .insurance, .ne
£900.01- £1000 .autos, .pr, .reit
£1000.01- £2000 .auto, .car, .cars, .cu, .ki, .protection, .rich, .security
£2000.01- £upwards .bn, .makeup, .na
N/A .keyword


Support features;

Gandi offer unlimited support for their customers. This is just one way they offer great support. Highly trained employee’s are always on the opposite end when a user contacts their support.

With all registered domains, users get access to Whois privacy. Many companies do not offer this free of charge, so it is a great feature for all Gandi customers. When users register a new domain all of their personal information is usually available to the public. Any one has access to your email and other information associated with that domain. Whois privacy protects all of your information from being public knowledge by replacing it with your domain registrars information. This means your email and phone will not be spammed by marketing agency’s and web builders.

Users also have access to a Domain Name System (DNS). This is a fast and secure interface that allows records to be changed almost instantly.

Other features;

Companies can sign up to a reseller Gandi account. This service is totally free of charge, which is great as Gandi are getting a favor in return from their own customers. With this account users get access to an account interface that allows you to manage all your customers easily, telephone and email support and many other features, for your own customers.


Gandi does come with there fair share of problems. One of their biggest problems they do have is they seem to have a lot of maintenance and server issues. Over the past month from  March 11th 2018 to April 9th 2018, they have had five incidents on their network that has involved their domains. They have also issued eight maintenance issues in the same amount of time. This doesn’t give me much hope that their service is the best they could possibly offer.

Although they seem to have great support one feature Gandi do not have which would be a great feature is a live chat support. This feature would mean users could contact them directly and get a response to their problem quickly without having to wait on an email response which could take a while. 

Overall, my thoughts;

Overall I have rated Gandi a three out of five stars. I think they are an average company that offers domain registration. If they didn’t have any of the problems I have stated above or don’t issue as many problems as they do then I might have rated them a four star domain register. 

Personally I wouldn’t use Gandi to register domains as there are a few other companies I would rather use. Gandi don’t have a bulk search option and most TLD’s have a different price from one another. Many other companies have the same price for many domains whereas Gandi do not.

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