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Are you searching for Social Media Marketing Derry? At ProfileTree, we have been delivering successful social media campaigns for businesses across Derry since 2011. Now we want to do the same for your business…

Today’s marketplace is social. How we decide to engage and interact with our favourite brands is transforming – but how? Consider this: only ten years ago, much of our buying decisions were influenced by the world of advertising, and how that world targeted us through television, radio, print and web. However, a revolution in technology has had its influence on how we are targeted. Indeed, social media now reigns supreme, with platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram consistently highlighted as some of the strongest and most cost-effective marketing tools available. 

Your Choice for Social Media Marketing Derry

Ensuring that your Derry business gets the social prominence it truly deserves requires a multi-layered and organised approach. At ProfileTree, we can assist your business in creating and implementing a social media strategy that engages, informs and inspires. This includes identifying your target audience and the platforms they love to use and engaging them with content that will drive increased engagement and sales to your brand. As part of this process, our expert team will undertake a comprehensive audit of your existing or previous social media strategies, identifying what works and how we can possibly improve your social media presence. 

Ensuring that your social media ‘shop window’ functions to the best of its ability is crucial. Enriching your social media presence with real time chat and calls to actions can drive increased sales to your online business. But how do we know what works? The answer lies in how we use social media analytics tools to refine and develop your content strategy. At ProfileTree, we’ll drive a campaign for your Derry-based business that yields real results.

Nowadays, it pays to be social. Contact ProfileTree today to learn more. 

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