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Why makes us different?

For SEO in Derry, our local know-how and results-focus means a great combination for local companies.

We aren’t just search engine optimisation specialists, but also use years of content marketing expertise to not just make sure your business can be found but will engage your audience too.

Find out why we’re the trusted name for SEO AND discover our FREE SEO tips below…

Since you’ve found this page, you’ll already know that ‘having a website’ and ‘doing social media’ isn’t enough for a business in today’s digital world. Instead, businesses need to find the right audience, drive them to the company website AND have a way to not just engage but convert too.

Think of it this way: in the physical world, your company needs to be in the right location, to attract people into your shop and then make a sale. Digital marketing, including search engine optimising, in Derry or further afield is no different!

That’s why we recommend…

Ask yourself ‘why’:

Companies who offer a ‘quick fix’ standalone service will often refer to standalone results like more website views. But will the traffic be searching for your company using keywords that convert? Are they being driven to a page where they can easily take a step closer to becoming a customer? Your first choice should be a search engine optimising agency who’ll take this broader view.

Form a partnership:

If you see SEO as a ‘fix and forget’ service you’ll buy from an agency or consultant, you could be missing out on a world of SEO. Instead, that first choice agency will take time to understand your company, including your marketing and business goals, and grow alongside you by adapting your online world to vital digital changes BEFORE they happen.

Look for a team:

ProfileTree boasts a team of specialists across SEO, content, social media. graphic design, web development, training and more. But we’re still small enough to offer the service you’d expect from an outstanding local company. An agency with a broad range of expertise to hand means a much broader view of your business, of digital marketing methods and of the routes to online success.


‘We want more visitors to our website’ is similar to saying you want more people walking past your shop: always very welcome but won’t pay the bills! We’ll help find and meet the goal your business really needs, which could be more sales, more enquiries or a range of engagements from your audience.

Thinking smarter and thinking better is a route to SEO ROI (Return on Investment). We’ll show you how!


Keep asking ‘why’! Want more traffic? Great. Traffic for which keywords? Will the audience they drive to your site convert? What content should drive the traffic to your site? How will you engage this audience and how will they start their journey to converting into a sale?

We’ll help you by taking a step back to consider how your potential buyers are reacting, when and why. Your customer’s journey with your brand online CAN be shaped to boost your business.


Few businesses would approach a project without a basic ‘analyse, deliver, assess’ process, but often push the last task aside when it comes to digital marketing. ProfileTree can continually hone your search engine optimisation to find what works and develop this even further.

A professional SEO plan will always take into account the need to review, adapt and improve your search engine optimisation. ProfileTree can help make sure a review process works hard for your business.


The best time to review your online presence? When it is working! For your competitors, a good approach to SEO, social media and more means finding something that works. We’ll help you find what works AND be ready for the changes online that will leave your competitors playing catch-up.

Using a specialist local agency, with day-to-day advanced working knowledge, will help no just keep ahead of change but leverage the latest developments.

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