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Our lead Digital Strategist, Stephen, recently held a LinkedIn webinar that delved into the world of utilising AI in marketing, with a particular focus on specific AI tools. It was informative, in-depth and gave attendees real, practice advice for how they could utilise artificial intelligence in their digital marketing efforts. 

If you missed the webinar don’t panic. We‘ve thought ahead and recorded it for you to watch in your own time. You can check it out below, or keep reading for an overview of what we covered. 

AI Tools in Digital Marketing Webinar

AI in Marketing

Artificial Intelligence has been around for a long time but it has quickly risen in popularity due to the emergence of user-friendly AI tools such as Chat GPT, Google Bard, Canva AI etc. In fact, Chat GPT is now the number one downloaded app, beating competitors like TikTok. 

And because it has become such a pop culture topic, questions such as, “Is it going to replace us and the creative process?” are now arising. But fear not, AI is a tool that can assist us by increasing efficiency, helping us problem solve, generate ideas, offer precise data insights and so much more. 

AI Tools for Digital Marketing 

AI tools have the power to help the everyday business owner accomplish more and achieve better results for their digital marketing strategy. 

But how do you actually use AI tools in digital marketing? That’s what this blog is all about. 

Chat GPT for Digital Marketing 

Chat GPT is one of the leading AI tools for digital marketing available and in this webinar, we looked at how it could be used to build a business idea from the ground up. The platform has the power to generate fresh business concepts, build a brand persona and provide insightful market research. 

It acts as a kind of digital marketing companion, outlining a marketing strategy that you need to follow and providing a blueprint for digital marketing success. It can recommend strategic objectives such as writing content, SEO, influence marketing and a host of other tactics you might not have previously thought of. 

AI Tools and techniques

Of course, these ideas have to come from your own passions too, but when you’re staring at a blank page and thinking about what to write next, sometimes a conversation is all you need to turn on the lightbulb – even if that conversation with an AI tool.

AI tools like Chat GPT are incredibly interactive and intuitive. The more information you give it, the better and more personalised your results will be. It can point you in the right direction of where your focus should be, acting as a personal advisor to your brand.  

AI tools for logo design and brand name

We also explored how AI tools could be used to generate a brand name and logo, helping you to spark creative ideas for how you want your brand to look and what message you want it to communicate. 


Namelix is a platform that helps you generate ideas for your brand name. It is incredibly interactive, asking you a set of questions to get a feel of your brand identity and what you’re hoping to achieve. If you find a name you like, you can also buy the domain from this platform. 


Looka is another AI tool that can help you as you build a visual identity for your brand. It will ask you to select logos that you like the look of and create a visual brand identity based on your brand values, mission statement, colour scheme etc. 

AI for Content Marketing Strategy  

A content marketing strategy is a vital step for a successful digital marketing campaign and with ChatGPT at your disposal, you needn’t struggle for ideas or strategic insights. 

This AI tool can literally write this content for you, whether it’s your website content, blog articles, how-to-instructions or a list of keywords for SEO practises, ChatGPT can help you do it all. 

Simply type in what content you want it to write and then you can go in and tailor it to suit your brand’s tone, input your own professional expertise or give your opinion. It does the leg work, so you can spend more time personalising it and drafting content that speaks to your audience. 

AI tools for social media marketing

There are also various AI tools at your disposal for developing a social media marketing strategy because thinking of a caption every other day can often be time-consuming or leave you stuck for ideas. 

You can do things like asking ChatGPT to generate a list of captions, funny jokes, or smart taglines to compliment your social media posts and engage with your audience. It can even create a content calendar for scheduling your posts, ensuring that you can deliver consistent engagement.

AI tools for managing social media 

Other AI tools such as Buffer or Hootsuite also allow you to manage your social media channels in one place. So instead of having to manually login to each account and post, you can just schedule it beforehand for a time and day that you want. These AI tools are about making life easier, so we can focus on the bigger picture. 

The AI writing tool isn’t perfect

AI writing tools are a great advancement in how we can conduct our work, but they aren’t perfect. We still have to check the data it cites, and ensure up-to-date knowledge and correct information in our content. 

We recommend a 60 / 40 approach of utilising AI tools – 60% is AI doing the hard labour, skeleton blogs and first drafts of content. Whereas the remaining 40% is you going in to perfect the wording, ensuring correct information and that it is written in such a way that you want to speak to your audience.

We asked ChatGPT to explain how it can help with digital marketing,

“Think of AI like a super-smart buddy for your business. It’s there to do the grunt work, so you’ve got more time for the fun stuff. It’s like a mind reader for your customers, and it’s always brimming with fresh ideas when you’re all out. And the best part? It grows with your business. That’s why we love AI in digital marketing!” – ChatGPT

Interest in more AI tools?

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