Content Marketing Benefits: Could Content Transform Your Business?

Content marketing benefits? You’ve come to the right place. Here’s why…

Our business did something with content marketing others forget to do – we built our own company on content FIRST.

So, if you aren’t talking about content marketing in your business we can definitely explain the reasons why you should.

And why take our word for it? We’re such content evangelists we even show potential customers our own ROI, our LIVE Google Analytics and our proven methods. Well most of them!

Our ProfileTree content writer Conor explains all…



For once we’ll simple TL:DR first! With content marketing you’ll make sure people not just hear about your business (after all, everyone is doing this) but they’ll discover your brand has something worth hearing.

The upshot? Their attitude to your brand, and likelihood of becoming a customer, simply rockets.


Why Content Marketing? Six Great Reasons

We’ll convince you in six (very) blunt steps!


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1, SEO Unlocked

At some point you’ll have asked ‘how do we rank on Google?’

If your blog is full of special offers and staff smiling glazy-eyed at award ceremonies, you can start there.

Give people something worth sharing – articles, videos, courses – and it Google will reward that page’s relevancy and interestingness (this is a word, we checked) with a higher rank.

This means more people will see the content, giving more chance to draw potential customers to your site.

Tip: Sweet, sweet backlinks make Google love your site

Get people sharing your content – with content worth sharing – and you’re starting to think like a business ranking for content.


2, Trust Is Everything

Imagine you’ve just walked into a car dealership. The salesperson walks straight over and says “what would it take for you to buy today?”.

Not ‘hello’, not ‘welcome’, not ‘this is why you should buy from us’.

Help people out with useful content showing you know your business area of expertise – and that you can have a little fun – and they’ll be in the metaphorical sales office drinking bad tea and talking figures much sooner.

Tip: When your marketing nerd starts talking about the ‘Customer Interest Funnel’ and drawing charts all over office wall, pretend not to be bored for even minute or two.  Trust us on this one.


3, Boost Your Brand ProfileTree Brand

There’s a famous video showing the moment Steve Jobs told an audience something about Apple people are still inspired by to this day: that the company were no longer advertising computers, but would be celebrating genius and creativity instead.

Content is a chance to show customers, existing and potential, what your business cares about and who you are. There’s never been a better way to do this.

Tip: Work hard on your affiliations –  groups you sponsor, suppliers, friends you love and enemies you can buy – to access their audience, share some shares and help each other online.

It’s worth a few long lunches to turn these relationships into online results.


4, Get Talking

So, your Facebook company page has died a death lately?

Here’s why – because Facebook now values genuine discussion on the latest topics above all else. Even cat photos.

It’s also because Facebook are really thran (your Belfast word for the day, it means ‘stubborn’; you’re welcome).

You can perform CPR on your social life – the digital one that is – by creating content that’s sharable, interesting and more likely to pull reads into becoming leads.

Tip: Did your business have an old-school marketing theorist? Drag them out of retirement and explore how traditional marketing can use the likes of events, and those new affiliations, to bridge the gap between content and ‘real life’.


5, No More ‘Here today, Gone Tomorrow’

Back to that car showroom and your arrival straight in the door as a fresh potential customer.

Content is your way to keep people in your showroom and have them return time and time again.


Your competitor’s content: This car is only £200pm, wanna buy?!

Customer: No. Good day to you.

Your competitor: But…£200pm

Customer: I SAID GOOD DAY!


Your content: Hasn’t car insurance jumped in price?

Customer: Hasn’t it!

You: We did some research on the cheapest deals and a few price tricks

Customer: *Accepts cup of bad tea and sits down

Tip: Look at your content and ask yourself ‘So what?’, change as necessary and repeat. Again and again. 


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6, Future-Proofing Starts Now

If Facebook has become obsessed with getting people chatting, meanwhile everything Google is practically a shrine to engagement.

In fact; Google is the grumpy bouncer standing between your business and vast numbers of potential customers by way of their search algorithm.

They LOVE engaging, current content and this will continue into audio search, and whatever comes along after this, well into the future.

Start thinking content today and you’ll the door opening to new customers before you know it.

Tip: Have your company’s digital marketing, including content marketing, looked at as a whole. Some companies will encourage you to work with them on individual elements, but getting the broad picture right first is more important.


Summary: Less ‘Tinkering’ Means Big Results

Digital marketing, event content marketing, isn’t a case of a fancy video here and a shiny new website there.

Playing with the latest digital marketing ‘must have’ equates to simple – but expensive – tinkering with your business potential.

In theory you could also tinker at being a brain surgeon…but that really doesn’t make it a good idea.

Reach your audience, with the right content and in the right way for the right reasons, and you could be entering an entirely new era for your company.

Good luck!


Questions? Want to know how we can help turn knowledge into results?

Drop us a hello! We’ll put the kettle on.


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