Business-to-business, or B2B, social media marketing statistics help inform businesses and marketers about the current marketing landscape.

When promoting your business online, it’s important to review your current B2B strategy to promote your products or services to other businesses and convert these into customers.

Key B2B social media marketing stats to know

In this article, we’ll take you through some important B2B social media marketing statistics that will help inform your B2B marketing strategy. This article will cover the following points:

  1. What is B2B marketing?
  2. B2B social media marketing statistics.
  3. What do B2B social media marketing statistics mean for marketers?

Monitoring B2B social media marketing statistics provides valuable insights for businesses and marketers and allows businesses to identify ways to enhance their online presence.

B2B Social Media Marketing Statistics: How to Create the Best B2B Website Design

What Is B2B Marketing?

B2B marketing involves marketing products or services to other businesses. Compared to business-to-consumer marketing (B2C marketing), B2B marketing must consider how it will help resolve other businesses’ problems in an effective and efficient way.

b2b social media marketing statistics

Benefits of B2B Marketing

Some of the benefits of B2B marketing for a business include:

  • The potential of large transactions: As a business would typically have a larger budget than a consumer, there is the potential for large transactions to be made. Additionally, a business may need to purchase a large volume of your products or services in order to utilise these across an entire organisation.
  • Building a positive reputation: B2B marketing helps you establish your reputation in your industry and may increase your chances of securing long-lasting relationships with current and new customers.
  • Customer loyalty: If a business enjoys working with you and finds your products or services beneficial, there is a high likelihood that they will continue to avail of your services. This is because businesses want to work with other businesses that they can trust, have a positive reputation, and can maintain excellent relationships.
  • Increased understanding of your target market: Speaking with other businesses directly can increase your understanding of your target market as frequent communication can help you identify your customer’s wants and needs.
B2B Social Media Marketing Statistics: Benefits of B2B Marketing
B2B Social Media Marketing Statistics: Benefits of B2B Marketing

B2B Social Media Marketing Stats for Business Goals and Objectives

So, what are some important B2B social media marketing statistics you need to know to identify your business goals and objectives? Let’s take a look at the B2B social media marketing statistics below:

  • The majority of content marketers for B2B utilise LinkedIn.
  • B2B marketers utilise social media ads to improve their reach and support their organic content.
  • B2B marketers believe that email marketing is essential to maintain relationships with customers and increasing sales.
  • In-person events, webinars, and virtual meetings are critical to the success of B2B marketing to maintain positive relationships with customers and regular communication.
  • Social media marketing remains an essential tool for B2B marketing to establish brand awareness and generate engagement from customers.
  • There are over 900 million members on LinkedIn in 2023.
  • Twitter is utilised by marketers to engage in conversations with current and potential customers to support their B2B marketing strategy.
  • Video marketing, particularly YouTube videos, help support B2B marketers reach their target audience and educate customers on their products and services.
  • Businesses utilise blog writing to improve their SEO score and direct traffic to their website as a way to support their B2B marketing strategy.
B2B Social Media Marketing Statistics: Business Goals and Objectives
B2B Social Media Marketing Statistics: Business Goals and Objectives

What Do B2B Social Media Marketing Statistics Mean For Marketers?

Based on the B2B social media marketing statistics above, it is clear that communication through social media, email marketing, and events is critical to the success of a B2B marketing strategy. So, how can you improve your digital strategy based on these B2B social media marketing statistics?

To improve your communication with current and potential customers online, consider taking the following steps:

  • Building brand awareness on LinkedIn: LinkedIn is a fantastic platform to advertise your business to potential customers through brand awareness posts and connecting with business pages online.
  • Optimising blog content: Blogs are a perfect way to showcase your expertise and the quality of your products and services to your customers while gaining more traffic to your website. The more keywords you have in your blog content, the better your SEO score will be!
  • Utilising video marketing: Consider ways to market your business through video marketing on social media such as YouTube and Facebook to offer another resource for businesses to discover your brand.
  • Engaging in conversations with businesses online: It is critical to remain “social” on social media. Ensure to utilise platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter to engage with your customers through comments and posts and increase the visibility of your brand.
  • Consider utilising social media advertising: Social media ads are a great way to support your organic content online while generating a larger reach to target the correct audience.

How To Promote Your Brand Awareness

For B2B marketing, brand awareness is critical for customers to gain a full understanding of your brand’s identity, values, and the products and services you offer.

A great way to promote brand awareness is by ensuring to keep in touch with your current customers to maintain positive relationships. Consider hosting webinars to highlight updates in your business, educate your customer on your products and services, and allow the opportunity for customers to ask any questions.

Virtual and in-person events are also a perfect way for you to network with other businesses and increase the chances of a current partner or client referring you to other businesses. 

Ensure to also advertise behind-the-scenes elements of your business through email marketing. Sending an email or newsletter at least once a month will ensure that there is a continuous flow of communication and also gives you the opportunity to present the personality of your business.

Remember to experiment with your email marketing content by including educational content about your products and services while also sharing testimonials, case studies, and staff achievements to increase your brand awareness.

B2B Social Media Marketing Statistics: Reviewing Your Business Strategy

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