A new website has been published by Belfast digital marketing agency ProfileTree to celebrate a year of rapid growth.  Although almost 10 years old, the company recently moved to larger offices at Springfield Road’s Innovation Factory and expanded to a full-time team of nine specialists working across a range of digital and content fields.

New Offices

ProfileTree logo for Why Rebrand blog The new offices include a video/ live streaming studio complete with in-house videographers and editors. The ProfileTree team also features web development and design expertise, social media marketing practitioners, SEO/ content marketing consultants and in-house copywriters.  Director Ciaran Connolly explained what makes the ProfileTree service different: “For many years we’ve been growing brands from launch to – for example – 10 million annual website visitors. We do this by combining proven content expertise with almost two decades of SEO knowledge. We’ll even show clients our results to evidence our successes.  “We can also help companies with tried-and-tested digital strategy to make sure their presence online isn’t just kept ahead of constant change but combines all the elements of their digital world to produce real outcomes.”  Uniquely, the company operates its own highly-successful content brands in the local tourism and education sectors – ConnollyCove and LearningMole – to support these industries.

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Global Customers

ProfileTree boasts a client base of local and non-Northern Ireland customers who trust the company with returning business for essential digital services.  Ciaran added that many ProfileTree clients also appreciate help with making their digital world as future-proof as possible: “A business has two choices with any technology, such as chatbots and voice search or new devices: they can either start to plan ahead to change with their customers or be met with a costly exercise to play catch up later.  “We keep a close eye on a client’s ‘big picture’ including not just their business goals but how their online presence will perform each time the behaviour of their audience online starts to change,” he said. ProfileTree essentials: LinkedIn Posting Myths Tried & Tested | Why Rebrand? | Video Content Marketing Mistakes | Personal Branding for Cynics | Chatbot 101

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