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1 and 1 hosting are a web hosting and domain provider based in Germany. The company was founded in 1988. So they have been around for a long time. 1 and are based in Montabaur, Germany the very place it was founded by Ralph Dommermuth. Since being established 1 and 1 have established a great customer base in many countries worldwide, including Germany, Spain, the US, Mexico and the UK. In 2006, 1 and 1 became the top web host provider within the UK. This just shows the extent of 1 and 1’s customer base. 

Since their establishment near 30 years ago, 1 and 1 have started to venture into domain names, web security and web marketing. Here I will be talking about their Domain’s.

1 and1 1&1 Domain Review


Like many very similar companies, 1 and 1 offer different pricing depending on the type of domain you are willing to buy. Generally the well known domains such as .co.uk, .com, and .org are not to expensive in terms of a domain name. A .uk domain which includes .co.uk, .me.uk, .org.uk and .uk will cost an initial 99 pence to register with 1 and 1. To renew this domain in a years time it will cost £9.99 which is still really cheap. A .com and .org will also cost 99 pence to register the domain for the first year but a .com will cost £12.99 to renew and .org will cost £15.99 to renew.

With 1 and 1, the price of a domain can reach upwards of £499.99 to register a new domain. the only domain at this price to register is .luxery. Many companies allow you to register car, security and.rich domains, these cost into their thousands to register, so 1 and 1 do not offer this service.

there are also premium domains you can buy on 1 and 1. They usually start from a price in the hundreds but can stretch into their thousands. If you have a very mainstream/popular name, you may be out of luck trying to register your domain as a .com or .co.uk because its probably already taken.

One and One Domain Review ProfileTree
Registration price renewal price domain
£0.99 £9.99 .co.uk, .me.uk, .org.uk, .space, .uk
£0.99 £10.99 .co.za
£0.99 £12.99 .com
£0.99 £14.99 .club
£0.99 £15.99 .org
£1.99 £14.99 .me
£2.99 £19.99 .email
£2.99 £10.99 .eu
£2.99 £19.99 .ltd
£3.99 £15.99 .info
£4.99 £6.99 .casa, .nl
£4.99 £9.99 .link
£4.99 £10.99 .click, .cologne, .in, .koeln, .work
£4.99 £19.99 .party, .website
£4.99 £24.99 .online
£4.99 £34.99 .co
£6.99 £6.99 .fr
£6.99 £10.99 .capetown, .durban, .joburg, .one, .pictures
£6.99 £14.99 .asia, .blue, .futbol, .kim, .nagoya, .okinawa, .onl, .pink, .qpon, .red, .rocks, .ryukyu, .tokyo, .top, .xyz, .yokohama
£6.99 £15.99 .net
£6.99 £19.99 .cloud
£6.99 £29.99 .site
£6.99 £49.99 .store
£7.99 £14.99 .cymru, .wales
£8.99 £8.99 .name
£8.99 £14.99 .bet, .boston, .games, .ist, .pet, .promo, .vip
£8.99 £15.99 .biz
£9.99 £19.99 .agency, .business, .center, .city, .company, .dance, .desi, .directory, .education, .equipment, .exposed, .football, .fyi, .gallery, .gift, .graphics, .gratis, .institute, .international, .jetzt, .lightning, .management, .miami, .moe, .network, .news, .ninja, .photography, .photos, .reisen, .report, .reviews, .rip, .run, .schule, .soccer, .solutions, .supplies, .supply, .support, .systems, .technology, .tips, .today, .video
£10.99 £19.99 .earth, .family, .fun, .group, .istanbul, .live, .studio
£12 £25 .app
£14.99 £14.99 .pro
£14.99 £24.99 .band
£14.99 £29.99 .help, .pics
£14.99 £39.99 .london
£15.99 £15.99 .mobi
£19.99 £29.99 .academy, .accountant, .africa, .airforce, .army, .associates, .auction, .bargains, .beer, .bid, .bike, .blog, .boutique, .builders, .cab, .cafe, .cam, .camera, .camp, .cards, .care, .cash, .catering, .chat, .cheap, .church, .cleaning, .clothing, .coffee, .community, .computer, .construction, .consulting, .contractors, .cooking, .cool, .country, .date, .deals, .democrat, .digital, .direct, .discount, .dog, .domains, .download, .engineer, .enterprises, .estate, .events, .exchange, .express, .fail, .faith, .farm, .fashion, .fish, .fishing, .fit, .fitness, .florist, .forsale, .foundation, .garden, .gifts, .gives, .glass, .gmbh, .gripe, .guide, .guru, .horse, .house, .immo, .immobilien, .industries, .ink, .kaufen, .kitchen, .kiwi, .land, .life, .limited, .loan, .lol, .love, .market, .marketing, .mba, .media, .men, .moda, .mom, .money, .navy, .parts, .photo, .place, .plumbing, .plus, .productions, .properties, .pub, .racing, .rehab, .rentals, .repair, .republican, .review, .rodeo, .saarland, .sale, .sarl, .school, .science, .services, .shoes, .shopping, .show, .singles, .social, .software, .solar, .srl, .stream, .style, .surf, .team, .tools, .town, .toys, .trade, .training, .tube, .uno, .vacations, .vet, .vision, .vodka, .watch, .webcam, .wedding, .wiki, .win, .works, .world, .wtf, .yoga, .zone
£19.99 £39.99 .quebec, .scot, .tattoo, .tirol, .wien
£19.99 £69.99 .global
£24.99 £29.99 .shop
£24.99 £39.99 .jewelry, .tech
£24.99 £49.99 .alsace, .paris
£29.99 £29.99 .cc, .tv, .ws
£29.99 £39.99 .actor, .amsterdam, .apartments, .art, .attorney, .berlin, .bingo, .black, .brussels, .buzz, .capital, .careers, .claims, .clinic, .coach, .codes, .condos, .coupons, .cruises, .dating, .degree, .delivery, .dental, .dentist, .design, .diamonds, .engineering, .expert, .finance, .financial, .flights, .fund, .furniture, .golf, .hamburg, .haus, .healthcare, .hockey, .holdings, .holiday, .insure, .io, .irish, .la, .lawyer, .lease, .legal, .lgbt, .limo, .ltda, .maison, .meet, .memorial, .menu, .mortgage, .nrw, .osaka, .partners, .pizza, .poker, .recipes, .rest, .restaurant, .ruhr, .salon, .ski, .surgery, .tax, .taxi, .tennis, .theater, .tienda, .tours, .ventures, .viajes, .villas, .vin, .vlnderen, .voyage, .wine
£29.99 £49.99 .bio, .vegas
£29.99 £59.99 .sexy
£34.99 £39.99 .barcelona
£34.99 £69.99 .hospital
£39.99 £59.99 .bzh
£39.99 £69.99 .health, .organic, .press
£39.99 £79.99 .accountants, .christmas, .credit, .energy, .eus, .gal, .gold, .host, .investments, .loans, .physio, .tires
£59.99 £129.99 .creditcard, .reise
£49.99 £49.99 .vc
£49.99 £69.99 .archi, .bar, .build, .college, .cricket, .fans, .green, .rent, .vote, .voto
£49.99 £89.99 .ceo, .doctor, .film
£64.99 £129.99 .casino
£79.99 £159.99 .audio, .blackfriday, .diet, .flowers, .guitars, .hiphop, .property
£89.99 £89.99 .ag, .sc
£109.99 £199.99 .hiv
£129.99 £259.99 .movie
£210.99 £420.99 .game
£249.99 £499.99 .hosting, .juegos
£499.99 £499.99 .luxery

1 and 1 Domain Transfers;

Unlike may companies 1 and 1 do not show you a price for a domain transfer, instead they show you steps to transfer your domain name to them. You are able to search your domain up to then transfer it to 1 and 1. The reason for not showing transfer prices is because 1 and 1 offer free domain transferring.

When you search for a domain to transfer, it will show you steps you need to take in order to transfer your domain. You will need to get authorization to transfer your domain. This can be done in one of two ways and both involve an authorization code. You can use an authorization code there and then or can use it later in the control panel. You then need to select your name-server settings and then authorize the transfer yourself.

On the transfer page, there are 5 step by step guide on how to transfer your domain from other registrars. These registrars include GoDaddy, NameCheap, Squarespace, Name.com and 123Reg. This is a great feature as it shows users how to move their domain and how simple it can be.

1 and 1’s Support;

1 and 1 show great support features for their domain customers. Users of their domain services have a phone line they can call for support, can chat to their live chat, have many guides on transferring and also have an FAQ. There is also a help centre you can go to for tutorials and even more guides.

On the main page for transferring domains, one of the main topics is their customer support. Here there is a number users can call to gain assistance and help for their transfers. They also mention to connect to their live chat to get the answers you need quickly and that you can connect to it 24/7.

The FAQ’s feature is also great for users as they can get answers quickly here without needing to connect to the support. In the FAQ’s important questions such as ‘What is a transfer domain’ and how do I transfer a domain to a new host’ are answered. All together in their FAQ’s there are nine important and useful questions that are answered.

One of the best support features on 1 and 1 is the transfer steps feature on the transfer domain page. I have previously talked about above in the transfer section.

Additional features;

When you register a domain with 1 and 1 you just don’t get a domain, you get many additional features. One of these additional features is private registration. Many domain registrars do not offer this for free and have a charge for this feature per month. This is a great feature as it protects all your private information associate with your domain. This means no marketing agency’s or web builders can spam you with calls and emails.

Users of 1 and 1 also get access to a mail box with their domain. This will allow you to communicate effectively and professionally with clients with an address linked to your domain. The mailbox you will get access to is 2GB in size.

Users also get a free SSL certificate to help encrypt all data on their their own websites.

Overall/My thoughts;

Overall I believe 1 and 1 offer a great service for registering domains. With 1 and 1 you just don’t get a domain you also receive fee privacy and great support. Support is offered 24/7 for all users. The free privacy and mailbox is additional bonus features that really sell me. These free features are great as they are not features offered by all registrars for free. 

Would I use 1 and 1 domains? Yes I would use 1 and 1 domains, with all the additional features I think they are very much worth it. Their pricing is quite simple and for .com and .co.uk domains are quite cheap. Their support is also exceptional.

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