Why use domains to re-direct to other websites?

Why use a domain re-direct? To increase traffic to their sites, and to achieve more page hits, companies online try numerous ways to drive more people to their site. We’ll explain how a domain re-direct is used to do this AND how you can benefit from doing the same.

Some of the main ways companies do this is through advertising, social networks and to pay for SEO and site ranking. Another way is by re-directing (a re-direct) of other domain names to their website.

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Why use domains to re-direct to other websites domains

How does it work?

Overall there are three types of domain re-directing. There is the 301 re-direct, the 302 re-direct and the URL frame-masked. All three are for different purposes, but I will be mainly talking about the 301 and 302 re-directs.

301 Re-direct

The first type of re-direct is the 301 re-direct. This re-direct is very similar to the 302 re-direct (see below). This method is considered as the most efficient and search engine friendly web page re-directory. This is because the 301 is a permanent redirect. This means if you have a new domain name you can set the one you originally had to redirect to the new domain so you won’t lose traffic if people were to still search for your old domain. This is also used by companies for small Easter eggs within their websites or for random redirects such as banter.com to IBM.

302 Re-direct

The 302 re-direct is similar to the 301 re-direct only this one is temporary compared to the permanent re-direct in the 301. This is used to re-direct URL’s to other web pages if an address has been changed temporarily. 

This re-direct is great for when you have pages under maintenance as the URL can take you to a page that is similar and nit under maintenance.

URL frame

This method isn’t as straight forward as the other re-directing methods. In fact it is not really redirecting as the URL redirects to a web page displayed from the server. So almost like a clone of the original web page. One problem with this method is SEO. This method does not rank well with SEO as search engines will decide between the original and the clone of the web page to display. 


There are many companies who use this method to re-direct users to their websites. Some of the biggest companies in the world do this, which is a very unique way of generating traffic to their sites. Below are many examples of this, and I have linked all of the domains to see for yourself that some domains re-direct to other sites.

  • play.com re-directs to Rakuten, who are a big online based seller. They have even ventured into the world of TV subscription, eBooks and social media with their brand viber. FC Barcelona are sponsored by them.
  • banter.com re-directs to IBM. IBM being one of the biggest online/computing companies in the world. They are massive in the cloud computing department.
  • happy.com re-directs to Walgreens. Walgreens is one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the US.
  • live.com re-directs to Microsoft’s Outlook. Microsoft is one of the biggest companies in the world To me they are the coca-cola of the software industry. Outlook is one of the biggest email services in the world competing with the likes of gmail.
  • cheer.com re-directs to pgeveryday (P and G everyday). P and G own some of the biggest brands in the cosmetic area including; Oral-b, Gillette, Vicks, Always, Braun, head and shoulders, febreeze, pampers, olay, tampax, tide and also cheer. Hence wy cheer.com is used.
  • joy.com re-directs to Komatsu a force in the mining industry. They have chosen joy.com as they release joy stickers that miners use on their helmets. They are becoming more of a collective item in the mining community.
  • word.com re-directs to Merrium Webster. Merriam Webster is one of the biggest dictionary/thesaurus websites in the US and have been around for almost 200 years.
  • famous.com re-directs to Famous Footwear. Famous footwear is one of the biggest shoe sellers in america offering many of the biggest shoe brands in the world including vans, Nike and Adidas just to name a few.
  • browse.com and shirt.com both re-direct you to Amazon. If you haven’t heard of Amazon where have you been? From selling books to almost anything on their website, they are one of the biggest e-commerce  companies in the world. They have their own delivery service and have since ventured into the world of security.
  • four.com re-directs you to cooks.com. Cooks.com is a website you can find many websites for meals, bakery goods and everything in between.
  • eight.com re-directs you to WordPress.org. WordPress.org is one of the biggest website builders in the world alongside wordpress.com.
  • eleven.com re-directs you to cyberfinder or w3snoop. W3snoop allows people to buy domains from under the nose of the previuos owner. They say ‘snoop’ a website. This means they wait for a domain to expire for you to buy it.
  • run.com re-directs you to a company called finish line. Finish line are an online shoe company.
  • rugby.com and polo.com both re-direct users to Ralph Lauren. Ralph Lauren are one of the biggest designer clothing brands in the world and their logo displays a man on a horse playing polo. So its no surprise they own polo.com.

Emoji’s and redirecting domains

Another type of domains that are being used widely for re-directing URL’s to other domains are emoji domains

You may wonder how emoji domains work and you may already understand the difficulties these domains give to users especially when they are on a desktop/laptop. Getting to the touch keyboard on a desktop and then to the correct emoji is difficult. Therefore a handful of websites and businesses are only using them to direct users to their original websites.

However, they add a bit of fun to some websites and almost act as an Easter egg for the company. This is one of the only uses for the emoji domain at the moment because of the difficulties people can potentially face.

Domain name Company/ redirected domain
.com (xn--7bi.com) Angellist
.ws (xn--nr8h.ws) Bevel grooming
.ws (xn--k78h.ws) Bike Magazine
 .ws and     .ws (xn--xj8haa.ws and xn--qei8618m.ws) Budweiser
.ws (xn--dm8h.ws) England and Waled Cricket Board
.ws (xn--rr8h.ws) Mailchimp
.ws (xn--fz7h.ws) MGM Grand
.ws (xn--fv8hxy.ws) Powerlink Charging Systems
.ws (xn--dl8h11b.ws) Sony Pictures
.ws (xn--5p8h.ws) Van Heusen Shirts
.ws (xn--4p8h.ws) Warby Parker
.ws (xn--bw8h.ws) weapons depot
.ws(xn--5u8h.ws) Zamzar File Conversion

In the above table there are many examples of emoji domains being used by businesses online. Companies usually use emoji related to them such as the gun for the weapons depot, the bike for the bike magazine and the beer for Budweiser. Budweiser are one of the biggest companies in the world to make use of emoji domains.

More traffic

Overall there are many instances when domains are being used to redirect to other websites/domains. This is a great way to generate more traffic to your website.

Re-directing domains is also a great way to bring your users from an old domain to a new domain. Many users of the old domain will continue to type in the old domain and would like to be taken to the the website they are after.

This is one of the few ways you can ensure this happens. The alternative? Facing the reality of losing users/customers. 

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