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Content marketing is the heart and soul of digital marketing. We’ve come a long way from when starting a blog was a big deal. Now, the Internet is loaded with blogs, vlogs, social media influencers who now create content for a living. So many content types and formats were developed. We’re at a point in time where Artificial Intelligence is taking the world by storm and content marketers are thinking of how revolutionary this will be to the scene.

Because both digital marketing and content marketing change so fast, we understand it could be intimidating to many local companies to embark on their content marketing journey. We love to empower our local business community with knowledge to be able to manage their own content strategy, or at least, know enough to discuss it comfortably with a third party. In this article, we tackle how to keep up with content marketing trends and stay in the know about all the changes.

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We are a self-made, family run agency based in Belfast and Monaghan. We’ve established ourselves in the Northern Irish market since 2010. We’ve grown the team, collected content marketing awards, and helped local and international businesses with building top-notch websites. We’ve also helped hundreds of small and medium sized businesses with free content marketing training through programmes funded by Northern Ireland’s Councils over the course of three years. Investing in building a content marketing strategy for your business in Newry means making sure your new partnership is built on proven methods. Our multi-talented experts can deliver on all aspects of content marketing from blogs to social media content to video production and webinars.

Content Marketing Newry: How to Keep Up With Ever Changing Content Marketing Tactics

Content Marketing Newry: Follow Relevant Blogs

There’re so many useful blogs that tackle everything related to digital content and marketing. These blogs give you exclusive industry insights, most of the blogs publish posts which are written by a large number of content writers, thinkers, digital strategists, or SEO specialists. That’s why you’ll find yourself exposed to several perspectives and get expert advice from multiple, relevant professionals. Digital and content marketing blogs often publish guest posts from people who are don’t necessarily work in the same field, but they share their own experience with digital marketing success stories within their industries. That’s how you gain insight into what worked with other companies and apply that to your business if it’s relevant.

Here are some recommendations of blogs you should follow:

  1. HubSpot

Why HubSpot Is A Trustworthy Source

HubSpot is a CRM platform with all the software, integrations, and resources you need to connect marketing, sales, content management, and customer service. It is a powerful tool to use as the main hub of your sales process, your client service relations, and nurture your leads through content and email marketing, too. The reason why HubSpot’s blog is number one on our list is that HubSpot have built their empire through content marketing. Their inbound marketing strategy, as they like to call it, is a case study to learn from indeed. So, when they give advice about content marketing, they have the tested and tried methods and they are speaking based on knowledge gained through experience.

What to Expect from HubSpot’s Content

HubSpot is a one-stop shop for digital and content marketing resources. If you’re just getting started with digital marketing, download HubSpot’s “Digital Marketing for Small Businesses” for free. They also have many different marketing guides based on your industry and company needs. There’s an entire section on their website that is only about educational content. They use that to establish themselves as the go-to expert on content marketing. They created ‘HubSpot Academy’ where they share e-books, certifications, and courses and preach their inbound marketing methodology to students.

For all those reasons, HubSpot is a credible place to learn, get the latest insights into content marketing tactics and trends, and keep yourself in the know about how to grow your business and make the most of your content marketing.

  1. Neil Patel

Why HubSpot Is A Trustworthy Source

Neil Patel started as an SEO expert and after a long journey became a New York Times best-selling author. He is now a great influencer in the digital marketing field, with a specific focus on content marketing and SEO – because you know both thrive together. On top of having built his empire through SEO and content marketing, the reason why Neil Patel’s blog is a trustworthy source to stay in the know is that he is now running his own digital and content marketing agency that has clients from across the globe. So, again, he has real-time, hands-on experience with the latest trends, insights, and changes. In other words, it’s his agency’s bread and butter.

What to Expect from Neil Patel’s Content

One of the differentiators of Neil Patel’s blog is that he creates content in many different forms. He has podcasts, he has written a book, thousands of written blogs on his websites, and hundreds of videos of him explaining complex concepts in an engaging, easy to understand way. He offers step-by-step guides to digital marketing and has a huge collection of insightful blog posts and podcasts on everything from paid media, advertising, social media trends, and marketing jobs. So, no matter what your preferred content format is, Neil Patel has something for you.

  1. ProfileTree

We’ve already introduced ProfileTree earlier, so let’s skip an introduction. Not to brag, but our own website has an immense number of blogs to empower you to run your own digital and content marketing plan. We’ve also built our own family-run company through content marketing. Our methods are tested and tried, not only because we have been serving local businesses since 2010, but also because we test our own methods on our internal brands: Connolly Cove, Learning Mole, Amazing Food and Drink, and Amazing Cars and Drives. We’ve reached millions of views and we learned a thing or two about different industries.

Our content’s differentiation is that we are a local Northern Irish company, so our content is particularly relevant to businesses in Northern Ireland. We speak the same language and share the same market dynamics and challenges.

What to Expect from ProfileTree’s Content

In addition to hundreds of articles on our website tackling everything related to digital marketing, business strategy and growth, content marketing and a bouquet of other subjects, we have our own video channel on YouTube where we share technical step-by-step guides. Our technical guides answer as many questions as possible about building your own website through WIX or WordPress and we share business and digital marketing advice for local businesses through interviewing seasoned experts. So, by following our channel, you’ll be able to not only learn from our experience but also from successful business leaders in our community.

Content Marketing Newry: Network Outside of Your Company

Content marketing is not specific to one industry – it spans all industries and various techniques can be used to engage different markets. A great way of staying on top of content marketing trends is to network with marketers across your industry and others. The main idea is to utilise networks outside of your own company so you can learn about new resources and strategies that are applicable to your marketing campaigns but are from an entirely different point of view. 

One can’t stress enough on the importance of local networking, even if it’s virtually on LinkedIn. It will open so many doors for your business, not only on ‘content marketing’ level but also in the grand scheme of business. Northern Ireland is full of diverse creatives who share content on LinkedIn. We encourage you to follow them, listen to their thoughts, and engage with them.

Content Marketing Newry: Engage With Your Clients and Customers

When thinking about the latest digital marketing trends and how to improve your marketing strategies, don’t forget about your main source of insights – your customers. They are your first supporters; they interact with your marketing efforts and social media channels all the time. For that reason, listen to what they have to say about your content marketing. Those repeated inquiries are your content marketing guide. They share with you their concerns indirectly. Take some time to engage with them asking what kind of content they would like to see on your brand or who their favorite influencers are. You can learn a lot about them and the market through that.

Content Marketing Newry: Sign Up for Content Marketing Courses and Mentorships

Learning is a never-ending process. For a topic as dynamic as content marketing, where every day is a good day to get creative or try something new, you need to have the habit of learning. Every now and then, sign up for a new content marketing course, a creative workshop, or even brainstorming sessions with people who interested in the same topic. Attend creative events and summits and network with mentors whom you can always get back to for tips and tricks. To be good at content marketing, you must have the student mentality – no matter how many years of experience you have.

Content Marketing Newry: Stay Engaged on Social Media

As highlighted earlier, it’s important to follow relevant professionals on LinkedIn. But getting knowledge and keeping yourself updated on the latest ideas is not only limited to LinkedIn. As a content marketer, you must keep an eye on social media trends. The amount of content produced daily by brands and influencers on social media is huge. By keeping an eye on that, you’ll learn what the audience generally have an appetite for. What they find offensive. You’ll learn from other brands and how they manage their social media crisis.

Being part of the conversation is super important. Forums like Quora and Reddit too show you a lot about what people are worried or thinking about now. That will help you create content that relates to the market.

Content Marketing Newry: How to Approach Your Content Marketing Strategy

If you’ve been searching for the right approach to content marketing in Newry, you might have uncovered more questions than answers. That’s because, beyond headline advice like our tips on this page, your own business is unique and will need a unique strategy to drive the results you need. Your own business goals and audiences won’t respond to a generic approach or an ‘off the peg’ set of piecemeal products and services.

That’s why we developed our content marketing expertise, combined with SEO, web development, social media marketing knowledge and much more, in-house to test and prove a wide range of solutions first. This means we can help local companies like yours to grow online with a tailored strategy with tried and tested delivery.

Content Marketing Newry: Journey Not Reach

Starting to think about relevance and the journey of traffic is a great step to driving better conversions. It can form the bedrock of putting vanity measurements firmly in the past. While your competitors are thinking about ‘how much’ traffic they’ve been driving, a smarter approach and a sense of customer journey can be driving real conversions.

Content Marketing Newry: Segment, Segment, Segment

Every customer is different, you wouldn’t have a generic approach to helping a customer in a physical shop and you should avoid a ‘broad brush’ approach online too. Allow your potential buyers to see content tailored for them and convert when the time is right for them. An individual approach helps potential buyers to respond in their own individual way.

Content Marketing Newry: Conversations = Conversions

Quality conversations with a small group of people will drive a better response for your business than aiming for too wide a group. Conversions are found in quality, not quantity. How to drive quality? Using content your audience will want to spend time with or even share, draws them into your brand, puts your business at the front of their mind and creates a superb impression.

Content Marketing Newry: Stay Ahead

Keep ahead of the competition by adapting your digital marketing to changes like augmented reality, chatbots, voice search and more – leaving your competitors puzzled at how to catch up! Many businesses react to new developments online. ProfileTree clients are helped to keep ahead of chance by being ready to surpass the expectations of customers when they switch to new platforms and adopt new technologies online. Ask us how!

Content Marketing Newry: How Much Does Content Marketing Cost

Working with so many different businesses over the years taught us to work with different budgets and requirements. We have created multiple packages for each of digital marketing services. Of course, every content marketing project has its own requirements but generally, we use your requirements and budget to come up with a suitable content marketing solution. And we hardly ever give our clients one solution – we usually give them multiple to choose from. In other words, you set the requirements, we tailor a package within the limits of your spending. Our content marketing packages start at £450 for one month’s content.

Content Marketing Newry: Ready to Book a Free Content Marketing Audit?

A content marketing audit is where one of our expert team members go through your digital marketing channels such as social media pages, website, or email marketing and analyse the content to give you a brief report of your brand’s digital well-being and how you can utilise content marketing to your advantage. Fill the form and send us your questions, we will be happy to answer all of them. Please let us know if your business is registered in Newry, County Down. Alternatively, you can book a chat with one of our team members to audit your content for free and find out how we can help you establish a strong content marketing strategy in Newry, County Down, Northern Ireland.

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