What Is Influencer Marketing?

What is Influencer Marketing? Why use influencers for marketing

What is influencer marketing? Influencer marketing is popular for good reasons and, if done right, it may end up having unparalleled growth, sales and results for a brand. Let’s take a closer look at the basics…   IN A RUSH?! Click for our <90 second snapshot Influencer Marketing Defined Influencer marketing involves two terminologies; influence and […]

What Is Google Assistant?

What is Google Assistant? Googles Siri or Alexa

What is Google Assistant? The arrival of voice activated search makes Google Assistant an essential if you have an interest in keeping your website updated for the shifting trends of internet search. Voice assist or digital assistant has made it possible to perform searches without the aid of a keyboard. While there are a number […]

What Is The Marketing Mix?

WIX Affiliate Advertising: A How-To Guide

What is the marketing mix? Well, the goal is simple:  delivering the right product to the right customer at the right time (and at the right price).  Making that happen is where the marketing mix becomes a keystone for your business. For example: the best products can sit on the shelves without the right promotion, […]

What Is A Content Plan?

What is a content plan? Planning content

What is a content plan? Simple: if you have a business you’ll want to take time to make sure you have the right marketing content to win the right results for your company. How? Our Quick Read guide explains…     IN A RUSH?! Click for our <80 second snapshot Three Factors of Content Planning […]

What Is Organic Reach?

What is Organic Reach? Reaching customers naturally

What is organic reach and how could it work for my business? If you haven’t asked yourself this question you could be missing out on a world of potential customers. Why? Organic reach is the act of using quality content and social media to your naturally over time instead of – or as well as […]

What Is A Content Management System?

What is a content management system?

What is a Content Management System? Simply, an essential way to keep your business website updated with content to attract and engage customers! How? Read on for our essential overview… IN A RUSH?! Click for our <90 second snapshot CMS and Its Definition A content management system is a collaborative platform that allows multiple users […]

What Is Google Advanced Image Search?

What is Google Advanced Image Search? Find images online

What is Google Advanced Image Search? If you use images in work, or even outside your workplace, there are some great FREE features you can start using right away.  How? Our QUICK READ guide will explain…   IN A RUSH?! Click for our <90 second snapshot What is Google Advanced Image Search? Searching  for Images  […]

What Is Google Search?

What is Google Search? Facts of Google search

What is Google Search? There’s much more to Google Search than you’d expect, meaning lots more opportunity to make Google work harder for you and your business. Our Quick Read guide explains all…   IN A RUSH?! Click for our <90 second snapshot What is Google Search console? The Google Search console lets you find […]

Free Content Management Systems: Your Essential Overview

Free Content Management System

Why use one of the many free content management systems available today? Simple…they’re great for people who want to set up a website for their business but have limited knowledge when it comes to formatting and creating content. A simple content management system allows the user to add or remove content, choose a specific theme, […]

What Is Content?

What is Content? Writing and creating content

What is content? Content is a message to a targeted group of readers.  It can take the form of text, audio, video or multimedia graphics. Content is the main way that companies communicate the benefits of their products, services or ideas to customers and leads.  When content is created and published in this way, it’s […]

Domain Names: Best 3 Minute Guide To A Net Essential

Private Domain Names:3 Minute Guide T A Net Essential

Why Is a Domain Name Important? Domains are one of the most important parts of the web. If you want to make your mark online, a great start is not taking the importance of your domain name for granted. You can make the very most of your domain name by picking the perfect choice for […]

Writing For Results: (Very) Blunt Copywriting Tips With A BIG Difference

Writing for results

Lots of articles will tell you how to become a better at copywriting based on things the author has been doing RIGHT. But we asked our ProfileTree writer Conor to own up to his biggest mistakes – giving you some insider tips you might not see elsewhere!     Dusty Advice for a digital Era […]

Yoast: What is it?

What is Yoast

Yoast, what is it and how does it work? Yoast, a very young Netherlands-based company, have been making a BIG impact despite only being established in 2010. There’s one simple reason for this: Yoast are achieving their goal of giving everyone around the world the best SEO results possible, meaning a chance to rank in […]

Emoji Domains- Are They Relevant?

Emoji Domains - Are they relevant?

EMOJI Domains-  Yes you have seen that right. Emoji Domains! Who ever thought they could ever exist? As a matter of fact they have been around since 2001 when the first emoji domains was bought. The one problem being back then in 2001, no one could see the brilliant cartoon pictures.  With the rise of […]

Endurance International Group (EIG): Who are they?

Endurance International Group Eig Image

Endurance International Group (EIG) After writing many articles on web hosting, I have seen a running trend. This trend is that most hosting companies are owned by themselves. The other companies who are not owned by themselves are all owned by the Endurance International Group commonly known as EIG for short. If you’re anything like […]

Top Hashtags On Instagram: The Ultimate Guide!

Top Hashtags On Instagram: The Ultimate Guide!

There’s one great reason to make sure you’re using the best possible top hashtags on Instagram: being seen by as many people as possible on a platform built to celebrate your photos can only be good news! Instagram has taken center stage ever since its appearance in 2010 and has created a home to savour […]

Get Off My (Intellectual) Property: What Is Copyright Infringement?

What is Copyright Infringement

It’s often too easy to underestimate how far the law can reach. Almost as easy as it is to (obliviously) break it; from how long your front yard has to be to the illegality of leaving your home without underwear, justice is as diverse as it is blind. There are many, many rules with regards […]

Keyword Generator Tools: A guide for Beginners

Keyword Generator Tools

There are billions of searches made every day. Each search is done using a keyword. So How exactly are these keywords created? And where does search engine optimization come in? They are created using a keyword generator tool. If you are a business owner, you’d probably want to know what keywords bring people to your […]