YouTube Statistics: 7 Tricks to Transform Your Business

YouTube statistics

Among all the benefits digital marketing has to offer, the opportunity to create and provide endless varieties of content for your business platforms is its best feature.   Video marketing is taking the web by storm, and surely the biggest source for videos is the renowned YouTube. If you still think YouTube will not make […]

Keeping Tabs: How and Why Track Keyword Ranking?

Keeping Tabs How and Why Track Keyword Ranking

Back for some more SEO techniques, eh? Don’t you just love search engine optimization? You’d have to if you’ve been reading any of our (hopefully) informative and helpful SEO articles. We’ve covered a broad assortment of topics, from refining your website’s content to Google’s kind of vague metrics and even some handy dandy keyword research […]

Fair Use Copyright: Understanding Business Laws

Fair use Copyright

In this sequel of aiming to comprehend business laws, topics such as product liability, copyright VS trademark, and product placement have been tackled. This time we will dig deeper into copyright laws. Fair use copyright is related to copyright law and it also ensures the protection of intellectual property. Similarly, fair use copyright is of […]

Content Writing Services

Content Writing Services

When working on your online brand, it is important to provide sufficiently interesting content to attract potential customers. This makes content writing a major factor when it comes to web marketing. The first thing a potential customer sees is your content, it is what they base their decision on. There are many factors to consider […]

Copyright Statute of Limitations: The Basics

Copyright Statute of Limitations

In 1710, in Great Britain, the first copyright act enforced by the government was established, called “The Statue of Anne.” It was first issued solely to protect the rights of book authors. Since then, a wide range of original material has fallen under copyright acts. The main goal is to preserve the right of authorship […]

What Is Content Writing and How to Be a Good Content Writer

Good content Writing

Internet content is becoming increasingly popular these days, creating platforms for all kinds of niches and interests. These ever-growing online communities are full of marketing potential. This is where content writers come in. There are many ways content writing can be weaponised as an effective marketing tool. It can be used to boost a website’s […]

Free Product Testing: How It Benefits Your Business

free product testing - become a free product tester - lifestyle and beauty products

The process of product development for any business or corporation can be quite lengthy but the most important element at the end of the process is product testing.   Releasing a product without testing opens the business to potential damage to sales, loss of credibility, damage to reputation and even potential legal action. With product […]

How to Copyright

How to copyright

With the ease of communication created by the Internet, the dilemma of protecting a person’s intellectual rights has become a major concern for most innovative minds. With such powerful communication tools at our hands, it is a must for every person to ensure the safety of their intellectual property. For your business, it is important […]

Project Management Methodologies for Beginners

Project Management

“A project is a temporary endeavour undertaken to create a unique product, service or result.” Temporary means that it has a defined start date and a deadline.  Any project requires prior planning and a defined scope. Determining the scope of a project is defining a list of its objectives, deliverables, features, tasks, schedules, and costs. […]

What Is Content Analysis? Quantifying the Qualitative

What is Content Analysis? Making content better

What is Content Analysis? Analysis of results is a crucial step in any research or study. Marketing, human resources, consumer behaviour or even basic human psychology are just some of the examples of research fields that require analysis. In all fields of research, results are either qualitative or quantitative. Qualitative results are information about qualities: data that […]

A Map of Digital Marketing Channels

Map of Digital Channels

Several types of marketing stem from the root of digital marketing. As a business owner, if you have already understood the influence of digital marketing, and have decided to step up your online marketing game, you must understand that there is an abundance of digital marketing channels that you should be knowledgeable about. You need […]

File Recovery Software: How To Get Your Memories Back

File Recovery Software

Preserving memories and important information has always been a key aspect of every culture since the dawn of man. Whether it be through photographs, written scripts or massive landmarks, humans have always been developing better ways to preserve their most valued ideas, memories and history. But the time of keeping photo albums VHS collections, and […]

SEO Hosting: The Good and Bad

SEO Hosting: The Good and Bad

Say you’re an established online marketer. You’ve done your research and managed to build a sizeable online marketing presence complete with high-quality blogging and ensuring that your search engine optimization is spot on. Kudos are in order and you’ve earned your digital keep thus far. But there’s one thing that you might be a tad […]

Digital Content: What Falls Under That Term?

Digital Content

Digital content is an umbrella term that is way wider than many people make of it. There are endless categories of online content, classified both with regards to function and substance. That includes literally everything anyone posts on the Internet, from tweets and Facebook posts to articles and YouTube videos. That does not have to […]

Create a Blog with Great Potential for Success

Creating a blog with good potential

To create a blog with the potential for success is not by any means synonymous with being an A-list writer or master networker. Readers follow a blog regularly to gain some personal perspective on different topics. There are hundreds of enormous online magazines and papers out there. And there are hundreds of thousands of blog […]

Content Length Tips for a Better Search Engine Rank

Content Length Tips for Search Results

Keeping an eye on your content length has a major role in SEO. Have you ever tried Googling your own article, only to find it on the 10th results page? The content was great and still, Google gave you the thumbs down. What possibly went wrong? There are a lot of factors in play when […]

Content Marketing 101: The Power of a Story For Business

The power of a story

The appearance of the Internet has changed marketing and advertising forever; it is now easier, faster, and larger than ever.   Content marketing is a strategy that is usually associated with the internet and digital marketing, however, this is not accurate as globalisation has tremendously affected the marketing industry. Content marketing was there before the […]

Content Strategy: A Guide to Maintaining Interest

Guide to maintaining interest

Now that you have set up your online marketing plan which aims at attracting views, your next step should be providing content that maintains those viewers. A proper content strategy allows you to build a base of followers which will benefit your business. Having content that caters to your viewer base will provide you with that […]