Copywriters are an essential part of any content marketing strategy. They create written content that accompanies visuals, write scripts for commercials, write optimised copy for web content, and write engaging blogs for your site. Every company needs a copywriter to convey its brand’s presence to potential customers.

Hiring a copywriter for your company is ensuring that your content is on top of the latest trends, that brand awareness is being created and that you creating content that can be repurposed across social platforms as well as on your website. Having a professional copywriter ensures that your business is producing content that is going to pull in leads. We discuss why we think every organisation should hire a copywriting professional

1. Copywriters Understand SEO

Website copy relies heavily on someone understanding the basics of search engine optimisation or SEO. This is how people find those online businesses that they might not otherwise have heard of. 

SEO is a set of algorithms that manage how highly a page will rank based on search terms. Utilising good SEO ensures that your website ranks higher and is found by more potential customers. This is essentially a free form of advertising considering how 61% of people will use the internet to make an informed decision before purchasing a product or service, so it is important to think about SEO. 

You can gain traffic as you rank for keywords, develop a brand voice and identity, and help you flourish online. Your company needs a copywriter to make an impression on the web and increase reach. 

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a copywriter evaluating content for seo
A copywriter who has knowledge in SEO will be able to ensure that your site gains traffic (Image Credit: Austin Distel)

2. Consistent Content Output

If you hire a copywriter, you are going to have content that is consistently being published and that is relevant to your brand. Creating regular content ensures that you are increasing engagement with your site.

Google values websites that put out regular content and it has been found that websites that publish blogs once a week, combined with social media and email campaigns see a traffic increase of 153%.

Copywriters also focus your content marketing efforts and help you devise a content strategy that is relevant to your industry and your desired output. When creating relevant content, copywriters can keep visitors on your site by engaging with your target audience and getting them enthused about your products or services.

This also ensures that you have plenty of content to share on social media and gain more followers, have a higher click-through rate, and drive engagement for your site.

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3. Maximum Return On Investment

If your business is undergoing a digital transformation, chances are you have spent a lot of money on the design and development of the site. While those are important parts to the transformation, without copy that is engaging and optimised, you are unlikely to get anyone onto your site.

Copy can drive sales, creating meaningful engagement and ensuring brand loyalty. Coupled with good design, you will make a good return on investment. Copy will promote your business, brand, product or service efficiently, it can help you develop your SEO, increase conversion rates and sales, and develops brand awareness. Every company needs a copywriter to hit these goals.

4. Content with Power: Web Authority

Google favours sites that are considered experts in their field. A website that has domain authority ranks higher and is considered a trustworthy source by Google, ensuring that your site appears higher in SERPs. 

Web copywriters know how to write for search engines. They know how to engage a target audience and bring prospects onto your site. They understand what headings and subheadings need to be used, how to break copy up, and how to make content digestible to the everyday reader. 

Sometimes company owners are too close to their business and have too much expertise in their field. A copywriter is able to come in and translate that work to help potential customers understand what your business is all about and what it can offer to them. 

Quality copy takes knowledge and time, and trying to write your own can create a poor and cumbersome text that most readers will simply ignore. They will also be able to determine what content serves its purpose better, whether blog posts and social copy is enough or whether your industry requires white papers and reports, whether you need a landing page to promote a product, or if you need optimised product descriptions. 

If your company needs a copywriter, invest in one. They can do the research and create copy that you can then review. You will be able to direct them with the added benefit that they know how to achieve web authority online.

Someone about to query google leading to search engine page results or serps
Good copywriting ensures domain authority which ranks highly on search engine page results or serps. (Image Credit: Duncan Meyer)

5. Copywriters Give You More Time

Everyone in this world wants more time and your company needs a copywriter to free you up from writing content and to invest in other parts of your business that require your direct attention.

Writing carefully crafted content takes time and energy. Hiring a copywriter to write targeted copy removes pressures around delivering for your target audience. You are able to direct them to correct information and let them do your marketing for you.

When running a company, your schedule is already packed and it can be difficult to manage everything. Your company needs a copywriter if you are unable to find sufficient time to generate leads, bring conversions, and drive sales.

You are also paying for time and quality. While you can review your work, you are paying for their expertise and can rest assured that they will deliver work that performs better than you could write.

someone holding a clock
Employing a copywriter frees up more time for you to be able to invest in other parts of your business. (Image Credit: Lukas Blazek)

Hiring a Copywriter is a Good Business Decision

Your company needs a copywriter to improve your sales and your web presence. They can direct potential customers to your brand and generate loyalty in it. Copywriters can gift your business:

  • Extra time
  • Strong web presence
  • Clear expertise in your industry
  • Drive engagement
  • Consistent flow of content
  • Technical prowess with SEO 
  • Continued return on investment

Knowing where to find copywriters or who you should hire can be challenging. ProfileTree offers an array of copywriting services that can benefit many businesses. Get in contact today to see how our copy can transform your website.

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