Hiring a Marketing Person: A Blunt Guide

Hiring a marketing person guide

A (Very) Blunt Guide to Your First Marketer If you’re thinking about hiring a marketing person for your business, we have some (very!) blunt tips you won’t hear elsewhere. Why? We’re a professional content marketing agency with a multi-discipline team, many of whom started out as in-house newbies. We asked for their gloves-off advice for employers. The […]

Hiring a Video Marketing Agency: All You Need to Know

Hiring a video marketing agency

The concept of content marketing is not new to the world of business. For as old as the 18th-century smart businesses used content to raise awareness and credibility for their products. In 1888 Johnson & Johnson created a publication titled “Modern Methods of Antiseptic Wound Healing” targeting doctors. The content marketing game is in a […]

Career Shift: How to Know If It’s Time to Go?

Career shift, how to know when to change

We spend most of our days at work which makes it a must that we better what we do. Unfortunately, that is not easy however it is definitely possible. Anyone can reach a point where your current career might not be satisfying to you anymore. Despite your multiple achievements in your job. You might have […]

Marketing Prospects: Your Map Through The Job Market

Marketing Prospects Job Market

So you’re considering a job in marketing. You may be a student choosing a major or you love marketing and advertisements. This article is here to explore marketing prospects in today’s job market and help you make a decision.  Marketing Prospects: Marketing is one of the most popular job fields today. Everyone who creates a […]

Freelance Jobs: Your Definitive Guide

Freelance Jobs

When you hear the word freelancer you immediately imagine sitting at home “working” happily for 15 minutes then getting paid. Perhaps you might see yourself walking into a meeting with an expensive suit, making a presentation, then walking away rich. What you don’t see right away is the anxiety and uncertainty that come with freelance […]

How to Become a Freelancer in 5 Steps

How to become a freelancer

Freelancing is one of the most interesting plot twists that happened due to technology. The digitalization of the office started with a fax and a typewriter, till it ended up with moving the whole office to your house. Remarkable, isn’t it? Although your parents might not exactly understand what it means when you say “I […]

What Does Freelance Work Mean?

What does freelance work mean?

In the modern age of the Internet, it has become quite easy to work from home. A popular method of working is becoming a freelancer. This opens an opportunity for individuals to work for various companies from home and they are often paid by the job. Freelancing can be beneficial to individuals looking for extra […]

What Is Content Writing and How to Be a Good Content Writer

Good content Writing

Internet content is becoming increasingly popular these days, creating platforms for all kinds of niches and interests. These ever-growing online communities are full of marketing potential. This is where content writers come in. There are many ways content writing can be weaponised as an effective marketing tool. It can be used to boost a website’s […]

Project Manager Interview Questions: How to Get the Job

Project manager interview questions

Does having the proper background and experience qualify you for a job? Yes, but that doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed to get it. There is still the final test in the screening process, the Interview. There is more to job interviews than being well spoken and confident, it’s a skill that requires preparation. For most prestigious […]

Questions to Ask Before Hiring Web Design Companies

Questions to ask before hiring a web design company

As a business owner, one of the most critical decisions you can make is selecting a website design company to complete an important project. Not only will the design company be responsible for the success of the project, but they will also have an impact on the future of your business. Therefore, it is important that […]

Hiring a Copywriter For Your Business

Hiring a Copywriter

Copywriters are writers that write many different types of content for marketing purposes. They write web page content, blog posts, online ads, commercial scripts, promotional emails, and other promotional or sales copy. Hiring a copywriter may help your business get ahead of the pack. Here are the ways that hiring a copywriter can help your business, […]

Hiring a Digital Advertising Agency

Hiring a digital agency

Hiring a Digital Advertising Agency: Everything You Need to Know For many entrepreneurs, there comes a time when they must consider hiring out of the house to make their brand grow and operate fluidly. A digital advertising agency focuses on marketing in the digital world and increasing their client’s return on investment. Digital advertising agencies […]

How to Choose a Web Development Company

How to Choose a web development company

A web development company essentially creates internet websites for clients and customers. They employ skilled and qualified web developers who write code and develop content management systems, among many other things. Web development companies ensure that any website they build is not only fully operational but secure from outside sources with malicious intent. In short, […]

How-to Guide about the Best Practices to Hire Writers

Best practices to hire writers

Finding freelance writers using various online systems is fairly easy. The challenge is to find writers that deliver the results you want by or before the deadline for the budget you can afford to pay. This guide gives tips on how to hire writers and how to work with them in ways that will help […]