Update: As of July 2023, Twitter became X. There have been some changes to platform and some of its features. However, the concept of a ‘Twitter handle’ remains basically the same except for the fact the platform is now called X.

When you are using Twitter, you are encouraged to use what is called a Twitter handle. Many personal Twitter users use a Twitter handle that is more personal to them or their friends, while groups and organisations may have a different strategy for picking their own Twitter handle.

What is a Twitter handle? Twitter is an online social media network that lets its users broadcast status updates with a small amount of characters allowed, as opposed to the longer form seen on Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. A Twitter handle is simply the Twitter name shown when you post a Tweet.

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What Is a Twitter Handle: What’s Behind a Twitter Name

What Is a Twitter Handle: The Significance of a Name

Choosing a Twitter handle is important because it serves as your unique identifier on the platform, helping to establish your personal or brand identity, foster recognition, and facilitate interactions with other users.

First Impression

Your Twitter handle is often the first thing people notice. A well-chosen handle can make a positive first impression, while a poorly chosen one might deter potential followers.

Brand Consistency

For businesses or personal brands, consistency across social media platforms is key. A Twitter handle that matches your other social media handles helps maintain a cohesive brand identity.

What Is a Twitter Handle - Brand Consistency


A memorable Twitter handle makes it easier for other users to recall and search for your profile. This can increase your visibility and attract more followers.


A professional-sounding handle can enhance your credibility, while a casual or humorous handle might be more fitting for personal accounts or creative brands.


A clear and straightforward handle helps avoid confusion and ensures that people can easily find and connect with you.

Avoiding Impersonation

Choosing a unique and specific handle can help prevent others from impersonating you or your brand on Twitter.


Twitter handles are searchable, and a relevant handle can increase the chances of your profile appearing in search results, both on Twitter and search engines.

what is a twitter handle - 4 things to check when choosing your Twitter handle


A good Twitter handle can facilitate networking opportunities, making it easier for like-minded individuals or potential business partners to find and engage with you.


Your Twitter handle is used in mentions and replies. A concise and easy-to-type handle can facilitate smoother interactions and conversations.

Limited Availability

Since Twitter handles are unique, the availability is limited. Choosing a good handle early on ensures you secure a desirable username before it’s taken by someone else.

So, the bottom line is your Twitter handle plays a significant role in how you are perceived on the platform, affects your discoverability, and can impact the ease with which you interact with other users. Taking the time to choose the right handle is a crucial step in establishing a successful presence on Twitter.

What Is a Twitter Handle: Things to Avoid

  1. Don’t Use Offensive or Inappropriate Words: Ensure your handle is professional and appropriate for all audiences.
  2. Avoid Too Many Abbreviations: Using too many abbreviations can make your handle confusing and hard to understand.
  3. Don’t Make It Too Niche: If your handle is too specific, it might limit your ability to pivot or expand your content in the future.
  4. Avoid Impersonation: Don’t choose a handle that could be mistaken for someone else, especially a celebrity or well-known brand.
  5. Don’t Use Your Full Name (If Privacy is a Concern): If you’re concerned about privacy, avoid using your full name in your Twitter handle.

What Is a Twitter Handle: How to Create a Twitter Handle? 

Creating a Twitter handle for a business or personal brand requires careful consideration to ensure it effectively represents your identity and is easily discoverable. Start by listing keywords associated with your brand or industry, aiming for clarity and relevance. Ensure the handle aligns with your brand’s name or key aspects of your personal brand to maintain consistency across all digital platforms. Keep it short, memorable, and easy to spell to facilitate user recall and minimise potential errors when people search for or mention your brand. Avoid using numbers or underscores, as they can make the handle look cluttered and are often associated with spam accounts.

If your preferred handle is taken, consider adding a relevant keyword or location to make it unique while still maintaining a clear connection to your brand. Additionally, ensure the handle adheres to Twitter’s character limit and guidelines. Remember, your Twitter handle plays a crucial role in online interactions and the perception of your brand, so take the time to choose a handle that is professional, coherent, and aligned with your brand’s identity.

Twitter Settings

Making a Twitter handle involves going into your Twitter settings to make your handle. However, when you first create your Twitter account, you should be prompted to make this change to your profile. It is an integral part of the Twitter ecosystem after all. Think of it this way: radio and TV stations use call letters to identify their station, creating a consistent way to identify them across media platforms and messages. Cable providers use channel numbers to identify channels in their guide.

This is similar to how the Twitter handle works. It is a channel management feature for your brand to take advantage of. Go into your settings a look for the place to change your Twitter handle and make it your own.

What Is a Twitter Handle: The Length of a Twitter Handle

There is no right or wrong answer to the question of how long a Twitter handle should be, but Twitter may have a limit on the number of characters or type of characters allowed in your Twitter handle. However, users also have limits. You don’t want to create a Twitter handle that is too long for people to remember if you shout it out in a video or mention it to someone personally. It should be fairly easy to remember just like any other channel or brand that has had any type of success.

Take some time to create something that both represents your business or brand but also something that is catchy enough to be memorable to users on the Twitter platform.

What Is a Twitter Handle In Summary

You now have a clearer understanding of ‘what is a Twitter handle’. It’s one of the many aspects of building a personal or a business brand on Twitter. A last thing to note is that you can change your Twitter handle by going into your account settings and finding the form field that contains your Twitter handle information. It is not recommended to change your Twitter handle too many times because you can confuse users and turn them away because they won’t be able to recognise a consistent identity on the platform. Pick something and stick with it, at least for a while to build up a fan base.

And remember, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”

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