What Is An App? Now an Inevitable Part of Daily Life

What is an app? App is short for application, which is a piece of software which runs through a web browser, or can run offline on a phone, computer or tablet. What could it mean for your business? Read on!…

The most common usage of the word app is when making reference to a mobile application, or any small piece of software running on a website. 

There are basically three types of apps:  web, desktop and mobile apps.

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Desktop apps

A desktop app is a fuller app that consists of features that are found in a program.  The mobile app version is an app that is simpler and easy to use.  Most web apps, and desktop apps are made to be used with a keyboard and a mouse, and they have a larger display.  Mobile apps are to be used with a smaller screen, and are accessed with a stylus or the finger.  A web app has many features, but it must level the capabilities of the web browser program, and the internet connection, which makes most web apps light weight.

If there is a mix between a desktop app and a web app, this is called a hybrid because it will have offline, desktop interface, and can be accessed to other hardware and connected devices.  There are many examples of apps, some are available in all three forms, and some are just for mobile devices only.  Some familiar examples of apps include The Adobe Photoshop, which is an image editor program for the computer.  The Adobe Photoshop Sketch is a mobile app that allows you to draw and paint, and The Adobe Photoshop Express Editor is a web app that also allows drawing and painting.  Microsoft Word is an available app for the desktop, and also the web by way of mobile apps.

Mobile apps

Some mobile apps are free to the consumer, but there are some that must be bought.  Another commonly used app comes from the Google app store.  You can get your Gmail through the website, Gmail.com, and the Gmail mobile app, (Apple Google), but there is not a desktop program from Google.  Some places to get apps are the Appstore for Android, Google Play store, and iTunes for iPods, iPhones, and iPad devices.  Apps for desktops re not as readily available as the mobile, and web apps, but they can be obtained from unofficial sources.

There are also many mobile application development tools available for your devices.  The mobile application development tool is a way that indicates the process by which an application software may be developed for the many devices.  The best way to find the tool that will be most beneficial for your organization is to check out and compare all of the available products and ratings to find the development tool that is just right for you and your device.

How to download apps

Most phones come with an app store built-in.  All that is needed to do is to go to the app store, and choose some apps that interest you.  There is no limited amount of apps that can be downloaded on a phone.  It all depends on the amount of GB (Storage) that your phone has.  Usually, the sales rep at the phone store will assist you in understanding apps and how they work.

The phones are also equipped with a mobile apps development tool, which makes it more convenient for you to not have this to do.  The phone, computer internet, and websites have become a vital part of modern day living.  They are used is a large number of ways that help to simplify life.

They are one of the mainstays of many businesses, and are used for both verbal and written communication.  The apps provide opportunities for personal, business, educational, and medical services, all at your fingertips.

Some apps can actually save lives by assuring that help is at hand in cases of emergencies and some are purely for fun.

In either case, there’s a world of options at your fingertips. Enjoy!

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