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Organising a Contact List and Changing a Subscription Status on WIX

As a business owner, it’s important to know how to organise a contact list on your WIX website. It could be tempting to think of this as a potentially difficult task but WIX makes it very easy, allowing users to organise their contact list with very little technical knowledge. Whether you need to change the […]

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Adding Facebook Pixel and Yandex Metrica to WIX: Step by Step Guide

Why add Facebook Pixel and Yandex Metrica to WIX? Both of these are tools for analytics on your WIX site, an essential to keep track of how your site is performing. As a business owner, it’s important to know where your traffic comes from, and how your users behave. This allows you to direct investment […]

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How to Manage Your Tracking Tools in WIX + 3 Crucial Audience Insights

To run a successful site, it’s essential to know how to manage tracking tools in WIX. Tracking tools and analytics are essential features on any successful website. After all, without analytics you won’t know where your traffic comes from. Therefore, these tools are also crucial if you want to boost your traffic figures. That is, […]

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How to Add Music to Your WIX Website + Video Guide

If you’re like an increasing number of people, you probably want to know how to add music to your WIX website. A lot of people aren’t aware that websites can have audio within them and may not realise just how easy it is to add music or audio to their site. You may have noticed […]

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WIX Affiliate Advertising: How To Guide

Increasingly, people want to know how to set up affiliate advertising in WIX When it comes to affiliate advertising the first thing to know is that there are two different kinds: the first is affiliate marketing and the second is an affiliate shop. We’ll explore the differences and explain how to create these for your […]

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Adding a Font to WIX: Step by Step Essential Guide

Does adding a font to WIX need expert skills? The good news is what might feel like a specialist task is very possible. Indeed, the process for adding a font to WIX is actually fairly simple. Fonts are, of course, very important to the branding of our site and your company as a whole. In […]

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Wix Blog Tutorial: Adding a Blog and a Bookings Section

Today, we’re going to look at how it’s easier than ever to add a blog or a bookings section to your WIX website. These are incredibly important functionalities to add in terms of creating great experiences for your users. You’ll have noticed that many companies and organisations add a blog to their website as it […]

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WIX E-Commerce: Tutorial for Beginners

Why WIX E-Commerce? WIX is a superb web builder designed to help users build stunning websites. From blogs to shop sites, it can create the perfect site to suit your needs. And with the likes of the WIX Editor and the WIX ADI, it has never been as easy to build a website with no […]

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What is WIX ADI? Use WIX ADI to Build Your Website

If you run an online business, you may wonder what WIX ADI is. And more importantly, you probably want to know if it’s any good for creating a website for your business. Building a website has never been so easy. With the likes of WIX, WordPress and many others, amateur designers and web builders can […]

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AI Marketing: What is It and How Could It Help You?

If you’re in business or marketing, AI marketing is no less than a trend you simply need to know about. After all, some marketers consider that artificial intelligence has a huge future in marketing and in advertising. And marketers using advanced machine learning algorithms are already constructing AI solutions that could take over most of the […]

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Wix and MailChimp: Importing Contacts (PLUS Gmail contact list importing, labels and more)

Why take time to understand how to integrate Wix and MailChimp? Well, Wix offers so much potential and is so easy to use that it pays to ensure you get the most from this powerful tool. Almost anyone can use WIX, especially with help from the likes of YouTube tutorials and WIX support, such as […]

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What Is Ning? Ning Site Builder – Review and Video Guide

What is Ning? You might have heard the name Ning, but perhaps you aren’t aware of how it can benefit your business or organisation. Put simply, Ning is an superb online platform for both people and organisations to create custom social networks. A Brief History of Ning Ning has been around for over a decade. It […]

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Sentireal: Mixed Reality in Education with Founder Nuala Trainor

Stimulation during training or teaching can often be difficult to maintain. Long gone are typical classroom lessons – now, mixed reality is taking centre stage. Mixed reality in education could be one of the most exciting developments in learning for many years. Why? In our Business Leaders interview, Sentireal Co-Founder Nuala Trainor explains how mixed […]

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DJI Osmo Mobile 2 UK Review: What Can It Do For You?

Why have we produced our own DJI Osmo Mobile 2 UK Review? Well, here at ProfileTree (we’re a content marketing agency in Belfast – hi!) we do A LOT of video production and video marketing. We loved seeing smartphones become more and more powerful as video tools. We especially love seeing kit designed to make great video […]

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Using Business Intelligence Tools: Making the Right Choice

Why seek out the business intelligence tool available for your business? Well, business intelligence is a term which has grown in popularity particularly in the last decade. The goal here is basically to make smarter decisions for your company. In this age of information, every business action leaves breadcrumbs of data behind. How can you […]

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What Are Chatbots? QUICK READ Chatbot 101 for Business

One of the main challenges of modern business is finding new ways to cut costs and simplify processes using digital tools. This is the best way to stay ahead of your competitors. To help with this, today we’ll answer a simple question – what are chatbots? More importantly, an increasing number of business owners want […]

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Paid Online Surveys: Too Good to Be True?

Whenever you’re sitting around scrolling through TV channels, wasting time, you could be turning this time into money! Through online paid surveys, you can earn up to £200 on your computer. If you want to gain some extra pocket money, or if you’re a business owner looking at how you can improve your sales, you’ve […]

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How to Purchase Bitcoin: An Introduction to Bitcoin Digital Currency

For the last few years, Bitcoin has certainly been under the spotlight as the “currency of the future”. Bitcoin was created in 2009 in order to create a universal currency that may be used by anyone, everywhere independent of banks. But not everyone knows how to purchase Bitcoin. This virtual currency gained popularity due to […]

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Internet Training: A Glossary for Beginners Online

Thinking it is too late to go online? We don’t think so. It’s never too late to start. It might seem discouraging to start now, since almost everything has gone digital already, and it feels like you have missed the train. This is where internet training can help Technically, the Internet is a relatively new […]

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What Is Gmail? Google’s Own Competing Email Service

Google’s Gmail is one of the world’s leading email providers. It competes with the likes of Microsoft’s Outlook and Yahoo’s Yahoo Mail, as well as countless others. Gmail can be configured for personal, professional and enterprise level users. Today, Gmail is one of the most widely used email clients around the world, with almost a […]

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How to Use WordPress Themes? An Essential Guide

WordPress is the most popular way to build and manage a website. In large part, this is because it’s so easy to make a professional looking site. This is due to what are known as WordPress themes. These make it easy for even the worst techno-phobe to host a stunning website for their business. They’ve […]

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Pros and Cons of WordPress: Is It Right for You?

If you’re planning on building a website for your new business, you’ll need to know how to do it. The best platform to build a website is WordPress, but you’ll have to weigh your options. You need to know the pros and cons of WordPress; you need to further understand why you should use it […]

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How to Use Email: A Complete Guide

In this day and age, online communication is part of daily life. Sharing, planning and conversing has now become heavily reliant on online means of communication, and in the centre of it all is the email. Knowing how to use email is critical. This can serve several functions and fulfil several goals if it is […]

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Free Social Media Tools: A QUICK READ Overview

We all know that one person at the office who complains about the amount of work they have to do and the long hours. If you’re part of the marketing field, then you aren’t the complainer. You aren’t that person because your workload became visibly easier after the discovery of free social media tools. If […]

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Tools and Equipment Insight

For anyone in the marketing field, embracing the continuous usage of digital enhancements tools or equipment is necessary. Every single move must be pre-planned and useful in order to determine the type of audience and their needs to develop campaigns and tactics that work. There are a number of digital marketing tools on the market designed to assist the marketing team in organisations of every size. You must consider why you need the tool and how it will be used.

Having a clear vision of what these planner tools and project management represent is a must. First and foremost, you need to understand how these tools can be used to help give your website a boost in the search engine rankings and generally SEO. However, this isn’t the only thing the planner and management tools can be used for.

Websites rely on the traffic generated by the search engines to bring prospective clients in and increase the chances of a conversion. Using an effective tool is necessary to help you determine which parts will be easier to rank for and which ones will bring the amount of qualified traffic you need to increase your sales.

These tools are often free and are designed to make the job of ‘research and tracking’ much easier to manage, especially if you are unable to hire someone dedicated to your content marketing plan, which is the case for many smaller businesses with limited marketing budgets. Instead, you will be able to handle it on your own so you can get the results you need to survive in a competitive business world.